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Neil Patrick Harris Came Out In His Underwear Last Night, Was He Stuffin?

Neil Patrick Harris came out in nothing but shoes and his underwear at one point last night during the Oscars.

There is something very awkward about the photo though. noch 33 Wörter


'Birdman' takes flight at an Oscars punctuated by politics

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The long take of “Birdman” has stretched all the way to the Academy Awards, where the jazzy, surreal comedy about an actor fleeing his superhero past took Hollywood’s top honor in a ceremony punctuated by passionate pleas for equality. noch 1.339 Wörter


The Conflicting Inquiries of Plagerism

If reusing others works was illegal, what would the world be like. There would be no Twilight because Dracula came first, no Cars because Thomas the Train, and no Harry Potter because of all the medieval wizarding literature. noch 390 Wörter


The Copycat Culture

After reading Harris’ chapter titled Forwarding, and Lethem’s The Ecstasy of Influence, it became apparent that both authors can agree that artistic works, specifically those of the written variety, are the culmination of years of outside influences made upon the creator of the new piece. noch 483 Wörter


Issues with Cryptomnesia

When reading Jonathan Lethem’s Ecstasy of Influence and Joseph Harris’ chapter on Forwarding, I found both of there ideas very similar yet, in many ways, different. noch 485 Wörter


Columbine High School shooting

I’m going to start out with what I know best. I’ve researched and studied the shooting at Columbine high school for over a decade now and I know just about everything there is to know on a public level. noch 3.147 Wörter


Neil Patrick Harris’s Biggest Hosting Fear: Celebrities Getting Whacked In Head

Jimmy Kimmel Live

According to the WSJ, Neil Patrick Harris took a break from Oscar-hosting prep Wednesday to make an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where he recalled the worst moment in his awards-show-emcee career to date. noch 42 Wörter

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