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Calvin Harris Gets In Horrible Accident! #Kmarie

So Calvin Harris just canceled a performance he had due to injuries he suffered in a horrible car accident. Calvin was hospitalized Friday night when a VW bug driven by a 16-year-old girl crossed the center line and collided with his vehicle.    noch 45 Wörter


Watch this only if you aren’t afraid to lose your faith

Christians, if they would only pull their indoctrinated heads out of their backsides and objectively listen to opposing thoughts, would drop Jesus like a bad habit and free themselves from the shackles of religion. noch 6 Wörter


Harris proposals create opportunities for small businesses, youth

SPRINGFIELD- Small businesses may soon have better opportunities at acquiring and maintaining contracts with the Illinois Department of Transportation, and more young people could soon find employment thanks to two proposals recently approved in committee. noch 148 Wörter

Press Release

Aunt Julia

I imagine this blackhouse belonging to Aunt Julia, she was buckets and water flouncing into them, she was winds pouring wetly round house-ends.  I keep bumping into her, this time in the prologue to Robert MacFarlane’s LandMarks – … noch 158 Wörter


Harris trial's key players (Can't tell the players without a program!)

When and if the People of Georgia v. Justin Ross Harris gets underway in Marietta, there are some key players that you need to know about and that’s just before the opening arguments are even started. noch 840 Wörter