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Introducing Unit One: Ancient Philosophy

An official post by the High Parliament, on behalf of the Superior Jonas VI.

In the UIPE Philosophy Digest, philosophical discourse will be explored in a chronological manner. 256 weitere Wörter


UoT Opera's Orpheus in the Underworld

French operetta is notoriously difficult to get right.  The genre treacherously combines a kind of humour that doesn’t always translate well in time or language, difficult music to sing and a need to be as „naughty“ as the original seemed without being crass.   505 weitere Wörter

Performance Review - Miscellaneous


October 9, 2016

This morning the beds were very cozy with the warm duvets and the room was chilly, so we didn’t get up too early. 1.345 weitere Wörter


Wildlife Photography by Thomas Harris

Wildlife photography by Thomas Harris. A blog and portfolio containing quality images of nature and wildlife across the UK and Ireland.

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Modern Moderates

Today I will briefly discuss the Christian bible and The Koran. I’ll save everyone an intense dig into the specifics of both, for I tend to structure my ideas so that everyone can participate. 1.030 weitere Wörter

First Response to Sam Harris: on Modern Religion

At first a difficult topic to approach, the analyzing of Christianity is an inevitable step to higher learning. Even the thought of discussing its myths is enough to make some hearts flutter, for it is at root sometimes unacceptable for a Christian to consider. 1.019 weitere Wörter