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The Matthew and Tempie Ann Harris family.

Tempie Ann and Matthew Harris.

Nathan, Hattie, Novella, Emma, Oliver and Sidney Harris, circa 1920.

Sidney Harris with Model T Ford.

Alus, Martha and Ada Harris. 681 weitere Wörter


The Lesser of Two Evils

If Christopher Hitchens was alive today, what would he think about the current U.S. presidential election? I can only imagine the colorful and articulate insight he would have provided us- shredding apart both candidates with their blatant hypocrisy. 1.040 weitere Wörter


Poem: Lights Tonight

Lights Tonight

The lights this evening are not denied their time
farther away from Harris Avenue the brighter they become
Lemon juice irritates the cut on my thumb… 91 weitere Wörter

Madrona Grove


The Walton family of Brunswick County, Virginia, resided in the Glastonbury area of Somerset, England. They took their name from the village of Walton, which is 3¼ miles (N. 1.972 weitere Wörter

Heartwarming but Troublesome; a Radio Film Review

About half of all people killed by police are disabled. Most of these people are labeled as having a mental illness and therefore are being blamed for their own deaths. 1.927 weitere Wörter