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Nicone - "Junge aus den 90ern" (Video)

Nicone hat heute einen neuen Song aus seinem bald erscheinenden Album “Seelenfrieden” veröffentlicht. Der Song heißt “Junge aus den 90ern”. Das Album erscheint am 05. Juni über Distri. noch 205 Wörter

God: See me after class. Must try harder.

For a change this isn’t about Scuba Diving.

It’s been a little while coming. Years in fact. But I’m finally, briefly, going to have a little critical look at religion. noch 2.097 Wörter


He gave this boy his pass.


RANAWAY from the Subscribe, living in Orange County, N.C., on the 4th inst. a Negro man named SAM. He is about 30 or 32 year of age, about five ten inches in height, rather chunky made, no particular marks except a dimple or scar on the side of his under jaw, not recollected which side, occasioned by a rising from a tooth. noch 132 Wörter


Learning for Life

As I am sure most of my classmates will say, this class has definitely changed my way of thinking about plagiarism and copyright laws. Although I never truly thought either of these things were a big deal, I did not realize the good things that can come out of “plagiarizing” someone else’s work, and the major reform needed for copyright laws. noch 369 Wörter

One Hawk Lent - On Love, Grief and Loss

“I’ll lend you, for a little while, a bird of mine,” He said.
“For you to love while he lives, and mourn when he is dead. noch 1.258 Wörter