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Ask our Members of Congress to sponsor legislation getting Mr. Bannon off the NSC

Before looking at why Steve Bannon is unsuited for his position, let’s look at what his position exactly is. Mr. Bannon started as the chief strategist for the President and has since been elevated by Mr. 799 weitere Wörter


Harris, citing confrontations on Obamacare, will hold off on town hall meetings for now

Rep. Andy Harris said that people showing up at town hall meetings across the nation to voice concern over the repeal of Obamacare are „organized“ and funded by national interests, and said he would not conduct such meetings until Republicans release a plan to replace the law. 22 weitere Wörter

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Applications for military headstones, pt. 1.

  • John Melton

In the 1900 census of Black Creek township, Wilson County: John Melton, 42, wife Lucy, 45, sons John, 16, and  711 weitere Wörter

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Week Three Progress - Harris

We have had little progress from the end of week two, due to sports. We are still trying to figure out a schedule that works for us both. 246 weitere Wörter


Conflict Of Interest? County Emergency Radio Project Manager Married To Employee Of Winning Bidder

Late last week, Broward County admitted the project manager assigned to the public safety radio project is married to an employee of Motorola, the company with the winning bid. 360 weitere Wörter


Background Info on Opposing the Cabinet Nominees

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions – He has been an outspoken critic of the Voting Rights Act and is understood to be against voting rights and civil liberties. 1.451 weitere Wörter