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Understanding "Taking An Approach"

Here is what you came up with as a class about what it means to take another author’s approach. Big thanks to @tstraub2015 Taylor for capturing the discussion!


What your general election candidates would like you to know

Last month we contacted each of the candidates looking for your vote in May and gave them the same offer – just 300 words to tell you what they would do for you if elected as your MP. noch 108 Wörter


What election candidate John Harris (Lib Dem) says to constituents

If elected my first priority will be to represent, advise and assist my constituents irrespective of their political affiliation.

I will campaign for a stronger regional economy, dualling of remaining sections of the A66 and more affordable housing.

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Can Washington Return With the Same Spirit?

Hello, Spirit fans. I know you have questions, I do too. So, come sit next to me and let’s talk about this. We’ve had two seasons so far in the NWSL and they’ve been night and day for the Spirit haven’t they? noch 891 Wörter


Nicone - Releasedate verschoben

Nicone hat das Releasedate seines neuen Albums verschoben. “Seelenfrieden” erscheint also nicht wie geplant am Freitag sondern am 05. Juni. Das Album wird über Distri veröffentlicht. noch 133 Wörter

Guest Post: Social Media Forever Changes The Way We Explore History

Social media forever changes how we explore history.  That statement, while innocent enough, has profound implications for future generations.

I grew up learning history from textbooks and memorizing the exploits of explorers like  noch 600 Wörter