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Colour and landscape: Harris Tweed

A long break between posts here; my degree course has been dominant for a while.  But I was browsing back issues of Selvedge and returned to some photography that blew my mind the first time I saw them. 65 weitere Wörter


Science is Sexist

Naturally when speaking of atheism, one must invariably address the innate sexism which plagues and indeed may be the downfall of the bubblegum atheism movement. As I’ve researched for this post, reading through many accounts of misogyny conducted by atheists and their elites, I found plenty of evidence supporting the sexist tendencies of atheists but never a reason as to why. 591 weitere Wörter


#1 Trump

The thing about Trump is that people are targeting him for the hateful comments he says. This one man has the power to divide the world through a tweet or single line in a speech. 295 weitere Wörter


Countdown to Camp: Filling a Void, Filling the Net

The Spruce Grove Saints open up camp this Friday, and the AJHL’s defending North Division Champions have taken some shape but there’s still many questions left to be answered. 610 weitere Wörter

Spruce Grove Saints

Track 2  Calvin Harris.       #This Is What You Came For 

The soundtrack to #Amsterdam pride.  Loved this song all summer and danced to it all pride weekend.

YouTube: You Tube Link click here 10 weitere Wörter


Irumugan Music Review - Harris Jayaraj

The moment oh Maya starts, you know nothing has changed in Harris, a done to death tune by the composer itself. Kannai vittu has the same problem, the tune is so familiar to invoke any kind of feeling towards it.The aalap and techno arrangement doesn’t really make an impact.Irumuga settai sees Harris gushing over showkali without much effect and Face off follows the ‚theme‘ template to the tee and is adequate. 34 weitere Wörter

Music Review