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A common misconception of genealogy places 18th century ancestors in such places as Virginia and Carolina as descendants of very early settlers, when, in fact, emigration from England was a continuous process, and it is as likely as not that an ancestor was kin of the original ‚pathfinder‘, if they shared the same connection to other families, that is. noch 5.013 Wörter

Conservation is key

Ever wondered how artifacts looking so immaculate and pristine, well you can thank the condition checkers. The Harris museum is currently holding a beautiful exhibition on Michael Foreman, a British author and illustrator of children’s books, the exhibition is touring so it has just come from Newcastle’s Seven Stories museum. noch 116 Wörter


Bringing Greece to Preston

The Ancient Greeks were a game-changing civilisation, from art to artitecture the Greeks were always inventing new methods. The Harris Museum have captured these innovations by modelled the museum on the Parthenon in Athens, as the columns use entasis and the pediment is filled in a similar style to the east pediment on the Parthenon itself. noch 64 Wörter


In the vault

The Harris Museum holds secret treasures underneath its grand exterior, I recently got the opportunity to go down and help Caroline who is in charge of the costume audit. noch 216 Wörter


Behind the Lens: Celebrating the Liebster Award

A couple of weeks ago marked my two year anniversary with WordPress. There has been much to celebrate along the way, including my new look website launched in November; a feature on… noch 2.136 Wörter


BLOG | Bromley Vs Millwall Preview - Football Is Back!

It comes and goes so quickly, tomorrow will be the first opportunity of the summer for us fans to see our Millwall play a game of football. noch 596 Wörter


Nets, Harris Reach Contract Agreement


The Brooklyn Nets and shooting guard Joe Harris have agreed to a 2-year, $2 million contract.

Harris, 24, has been in the NBA for 2 seasons, both with the Cleveland Cavaliers. noch 98 Wörter