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exploring germany: luebeck

In February I travelled to the north of Germany to spend two days in the city of Lübeck.

The main reason for going was to see a specialist for my back problem and I was sufficiently desperate to undertake a 6-hour-trip across the country to see him. noch 153 Wörter


Hanse Komfort Hotel An

The reconquest of the Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen, helped by forces from Sweden and from the city of Bremen, was completed by May 10, 1632. John Frederick was back in his office, only to realise what Swedish supremacy meant. noch 342 Wörter


How autopilot took me off autopilot

Three months ago I was bobbing up and down on the Atlantic ocean in a 37 foot sailing yacht with my partner Emma, a (difficult) skipper and a (brilliant) first mate. noch 575 Wörter