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How about stacking? by rajuphoto

” There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.”– Pablo Picasso

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Beyond the Darkside: 30-10 to 14

“You did what?” Evan’s eye grew wide to the point of looking as though they spring from their sockets.

“Tripped an alarm.” Hanse looked around them. noch 599 Wörter


The History of Bergen, Norway - The Hanse in Norway (week 3)

Even though Bergen is not even 1000 years old it has a rich history, especially in relation to fishing and trade. Today it is still an international centre for ‘aquaculture and shipping’ … noch 1.222 Wörter


Beyond the Darkside: 30-7 to 9

Hanse led Evan through a twisting path of shelves and racks until they came to a long line of cages that surrounded a central building that stood well above the rest of the wire and steel structures that dominated the large, cathedral-like space. noch 389 Wörter


Beyond the Darkside: 30-5 to 6

The box chirped and squealed as it sorted through the possible codes until it found what it was looking for. With a muted clang, the door latch slid open. noch 272 Wörter