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VICTON: Remember Me Review

Oh, my. What to do with VICTON. These guys constantly either hit or miss, and there’s never an in-between. It’s hard to watch because knowing that VICTON are capable of greatness, I always look forward to their releases, but they can’t manage to keep up any form of consistency. 871 weitere Wörter


If you're in the Caribbean, help this family find Dove II-

I would love to start murmuration (the act of murmuring) throughout the Caribbean with these posts to create a strong lookout for Dove II,,,,as she WILL eventually show up somewhere off the Caribbean or South American shoreline,,,,someone just has to remember or care who she belongs to. 706 weitere Wörter


Naked Hanse

Not sure how this will translate to you, but to me, a sailboat out of water is NAKED, missing that one thing that covers its important parts,,,,water. 427 weitere Wörter


Will you help this Sailing Family?

Do you want your blogging voice heard loud and clear in order to help a sailing family with two young children ?

On or about 19 Dec 2016 a young British family with a 7 and 10-year-old on board lost their sailboat rudder in the middle of the Atlantic on the way to the Caribbean, forcing them to drift for three days until rescue on the 21st of Dec 2016.   594 weitere Wörter