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This 1986 cult classic by Michael Mann is one of the most stylish adaptations of the Thomas Harris novels. Based on his early thriller Red Dragon, the film focuses on Will Graham (William Peterson), a criminal profiler is called out of early retirement to investigate a case. noch 1.069 Wörter


Top 5 Serial Killers

Though it is a joyous occasion, Mettel Ray’s big birthday bash starts off the Top 5 week with a rather bloody topic – serial killers! noch 531 Wörter


Hannibal Catchup

When Hannibal hit the small screen I was skeptical at best. Anthony Hopkins had done such an amazing job with the character that I thought topping it would be near impossible. noch 168 Wörter


Celebrate 'Hannibal's Legacy In This New Promo For Season 3

We have just a little over a month before Hannibal returns for its third season and NBC is eager to whet your appetite with this wonderfully gory promo that seeks to explore Hannibal Lecter’s legacy. noch 88 Wörter


If Hannibal Lecter ran a 4.3, we’d probably diagnose it as an eating disorder.

Steve Keim, General Manager Arizona Cardinals

2015 NFL Draft: What if Hannibal Lecter Ran a 4.3 40?

We’re eight days away from the 2015 NFL draft and the madness is beginning to settle in. Crazy talk is reaching a crescendo, and it’ll stay there for awhile: Would the Jets draft Todd Gurley 6th, asks Todd McShay? noch 149 Wörter


Book Review-Red Dragon


Red Dragon is the first book in the Hannibal stories, and it’s where NBC’s Hannibal draws its character inspiration. I was looking forward to reading this one the most out of all of the books. noch 462 Wörter

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