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River's Faux Pas

We have two akitas, River and Ocean. We got Ocean to help our overly-anxious bullmastiff, Lobo. When Lobo passed away, my lovely hubby decided Ocean was lonely and needed a buddy (side note: He’s a therapist. noch 199 Wörter


MPD Psycho (2000) - "An audience purely on the lookout for sadistic thrills."

Film 2000’s DVD box set of Miike’s TV series Multiple Personality Detective Psycho / Tajuu jinkaku tantei saiko – Amamiya Kazuhiko no kikan (2000), a mildly violent, often beautiful work, proudly displays the critical sound bite,

noch 1.399 Wörter

Musings: On Hannibal The Cannibal

Okay, so first things first. When I talk about Hannibal I mean the TV and Movie Hannibal. I haven’t read the books. That said, proceed! noch 1.012 Wörter

Growing As A Writer

Hannibal Lecter

Siapa tak kenal Hannibal Lecter, Dokter sadis dalam tetralogi film yang diangkat dari novel karya Thomas Harris ini seakan melebur dalam diri Anthoni Hopkins. Dan, saya jatuh cinta padanya. noch 275 Wörter

Simple Me

Manners cost nothing.

As much as I’d prefer to use something other than that old clichéd saying as a title for this post, a) I can’t think of anything better and b) It’s a pretty damn good and true saying. noch 1.382 Wörter

Jack the Ripper and Ryanism.

Ryan chatters about a lot of things. Constantly. I try my best to listen to most of them, and engage in educational discourses about them. Although sometimes I just say ‘uh huh’ ‘uh huh’ not really hearing a word. noch 588 Wörter


The Rise And Fall Of Hannibal Lecter

We all love a good villain.One who inspires fear,dread and awe.One who we secretly root for and love being portrayed on screen.One of the most iconic to emerge in the last 30 years is none other than  Dr. noch 1.028 Wörter