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Book Review: Feeding Hannibal

Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur’s Cookbook
By Janice Poon
Published by Titan Books, 2016. 240 pages.

Okay…am I really reviewing a cookbook here on the Krypt? As a matter of fact, I am. 322 weitere Wörter

Reviews: Horror Reference Book

In The Wild

Part I

The speed with which medical conventions can domesticate the most outlandish requests, or re-frame even grotesquely violent behaviors, is an under-appreciated marvel of modern social life. 2.114 weitere Wörter

Oh, Sherlock...

2017.5: Sherlock Season 4 (BBC HD)

Oh dear. Sherlock was such fun, once.

What a nonsensical, self-indulgent mess this was. Perhaps it just became too big to fail and with nowhere to go, went up its own arse instead. 469 weitere Wörter


Just Visiting the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane!

Here’s a little bit of shameless self promotion, as I’ve submitted my first artwork onto the platform provided by Redbubble, so that you can get the ID badge that I recreated for the… 73 weitere Wörter


Hannibal Lecter and Dumb People

People should judge themselves on how long Hannibal Lecter would keep them alive before eating them. The more mentally ill and therefore interesting you are, the longer he toys with you before dinner. 56 weitere Wörter


Blogmas #16 : Red Dragon by Thomas Harris


Title: Red Dragon

Author: Thomas Harris

Page count: 369

Genre: Crime, Horror fiction, Thriller, Psychological horror 417 weitere Wörter