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7 places in Hamburg to satisfy your sweet craving

It’s unlikely that you will travel without trying the local food — and we always have time for sweets. From ice cream lasagna to unicorn cupcakes, Hamburg has an incredible variety of sweet treats in cozy places that can turn your day into a joyful sugar haze. 646 weitere Wörter


Sinsaenum - Repulsion For Humanity Tour (Knust Hamburg)

Sometimes you might feel out of place at a concert because you don’t know the main act everyone else is excited for, for example when you came for the support act or when a friend brought you along. 531 weitere Wörter


Altered Expectations

I’m a forever summer kind of guy: give me sun, long days, and warm evenings. However, when you and the neighbors start joking about traveling to Miami to cool off, you know this historic heat wave gripping Europe has gotten to be a bit much. 893 weitere Wörter


Guest Post: Julien Delhez - The Third Hiob Ludolf Centre Summer School in Ethiopian and Eritrean Manuscripts Studies, Mekelle, Ethiopia, 24-29 September 2018

The last week of September, 33 graduate students and faculty members took part in the third summer school on Ethiopian and Eritrean manuscript studies organized by the Hiob Ludolf Centre for Ethiopian Studies (Hamburg). 389 weitere Wörter

Guest Post

Strickliebling 🧡

Herbst ist, wenn Männer rumlaufen als wäre Sommer und Frauen als wäre Winter…

…der Übergang eben! Aber dieser goldene Herbst ist doch traumhaft schön, oder? Ich freue mich richtig auf diese Jahreszeit, denn…

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