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Check out this video of the acid house scene in Hamburg in 1988... [December 1988]

Think ‚acid house in the late 80s‘ and you inevitably think of clubs like The Hacienda or Shoom.

But Hamburg, Germany, also played host to a blossoming acid house scene, as this video, taken from German TV in 1988, illustrates. 168 weitere Wörter


Day two here, Hamburg today

Wie wird das Wetter heute in Hamburg?

Die Sonne ist heute so gut wie nicht zu sehen…


Rubber Boots in Hamburg Are...

A necessity? Another important step towards becoming local, after getting wet in the rain, eating Labskaus and taking a harbour boat trip on the HVV ferry? 176 weitere Wörter


Hamburg, Germany

Cycling around in a beautiful city

Quite spontaneously I booked a last minute ticket to Hamburg with one my best friends for two nights and one full day in hope to inspire you a little bit if you’ll ever plan to go this city. 863 weitere Wörter

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Cities Take Back Power

Power to the City

VPRO (2014)

Film Review

This documentary argues for shifting major political power away from countries to cities, in part due to the current paralysis national governments face in enacting legislation and in part to the greater likelihood of bottom-up democratic participation in decisions that are made locally. 164 weitere Wörter

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

A night in Reeperbahn.

Do you ever look back on your life and think, “how am I alive?” I find myself saying this phrase almost daily. It’s not that I actively go out and look for trouble, trouble just seems to find me. 950 weitere Wörter



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