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Charter Jet Booking Platform JetSmarter Debuts Pay-As-You-Go Plan

Private aviation firm JetSmarter has introduced a new pay-as-you-go program that it hopes will attract an even wider pool of fliers to chartered air travel. Since its debut in 2012, the company’s mobile flight booking service was membership based, with customers paying a one-time initiation fee along with an additional annual fee. 255 weitere Wörter


Naturschutzgebiet Höltigbaum

Yesterday the weather was really nice, so friendly and calm. I decided to get my cam and go for a ride. I fixed my bike sometime ago, thinking that I might need it in one of the coming days. 86 weitere Wörter


City canoeing in Hamburg

Not the Elbe – the Alster

The 56km Alster river joins the Elbe in the centre of Hamburg, and the Canoe Club (click here) is so old that the German word kanu didn’t even exist when it was founded in 1905. 456 weitere Wörter