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"Providence Rag" Nominated for the Barry Award!

I’m honored that Providence Rag, the third book in my hardboiled crime series, is one of six finalists for this year’s Barry Award in the “best novel” category. noch 189 Wörter

achievements, memories and aspirations in hardcover

i want to say we have too many books. but can you ever have too many books?! i often envy Modern Ms. Darcy for having a job that revolves around books. noch 1.311 Wörter


We're back!

Hi Friends! We’re so sorry for being MIA for a while. We went on an epic trip to Russia, Finland, Poland, Denmark and France, worked on some projects, and mourned the unexpected death of our beloved dog, Bentley. noch 56 Wörter


Dog Days of Summer Reading: August

Hello all! I am so sorry for the lack of updates – I got married on Saturday in my hometown of Sacramento, CA! We journeyed back to Sacramento on the 14th, and it was a whirlwind week of bachelor/bachelorette parties, lots and lots of errands and last minute tasks, visiting family, MAKING A LIFETIME PROMISE TO MY HUSBAND, seeing friends from near and far… whew, it was magical and amazing and I’m a little sad to be back in my normal life again. noch 621 Wörter



Sometimes, it’s just amazing when you stumble upon a good paragraph across a book when you least expect it. One of those great quotes is… noch 336 Wörter


Author Highlight: Greg Iles

I’m a fan of suspenseful novels that have me turning page-after-page for “just one more chapter” at 3 AM. When it comes to a read that is engaging and exciting, I can always count on Mr. noch 316 Wörter


Look Who's Reading "A Scourge of Vipers." It's Thriller Writer Greg Iles.

Greg Iles, a New York Times best-selling author, is one of the best thriller writers in the business. You can find our more about him and his work… noch 70 Wörter