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Glastonbury, Day 1, 2015

Friday morning in Glastonbury is so perfect, energy levels are high, the main stages have opened and the crowd are really, really, ready for it. Catfish and the Bottlemen were first up on a long (and completely impossible to complete) list of gigs to experience over the weekend. noch 774 Wörter

Ronson's Funked Up Performance At Glastonbury With Special Guests

This past weekend, the Glastonbury Music Festival was full of stars and surprise performances.  Mark Ronson’s set was no different.  He closed out the show with hit, “Uptown Funk,” but Bruno Mars didn’t make an appearance.   noch 49 Wörter

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Blissfields 2015

This week sees Blissfields 2015 kick off, and Dirt Cheap Mag will be there to cover the festivities, enjoy the vibes and (hopefully) the good weather! noch 159 Wörter


The History of Hip-Hop: Part I

The classic block party: a time when the whole neighborhood comes together to turn up. It was in this atmosphere that Hip Hop was born. noch 351 Wörter

beat street re-union in black and white

Its been 30 years since the film beat street emerged.. Hip hop was a new concept. The bronx was burning. Poverty was everywhere.Out of the rubble rose the culture of hip hop. noch 256 Wörter


The Blueprint

The political history of Hip Hop is rooted in class struggle and racial conflict.

From Grandmaster Flash writing one of the first politically conscious Hip Hop songs… noch 53 Wörter