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EXCLUSIVE: Grandmaster Melle Mel Addresses His Issues With Grandmaster Flash

(AllHipHop News) One of the most celebrated Hip Hop groups of all time is currently in the midst of a war of words and a battle over legacy.  noch 334 Wörter


Melle Mel: Of Grandmaster Flash, Money and Men

Grandmaster Melle Mel is unapologetic. The consummate legend and his partner-in-rhyme Scorpio have waged a war of sorts on Grandmaster Flash, another one of the pillars of Hip-Hop. noch 2.456 Wörter


Grandmaster Flash Joins 1970's Themed Netflix Series "The Get Down"

(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash is joining the production team for the upcoming Netflix show The Get Down. The 57-year-old legendary DJ will serve as an associate producer and adviser for the Baz Luhrmann helmed drama. noch 236 Wörter


Grandmaster Flash Close To The Edge In Baz Luhrmann's 'The Get Down'

Hip-hop icon Grandmaster Flash is set as an associate producer and adviser on The Get Down, Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming Netflix series about the 1970 NYC music scene and the birth of rap.  noch 258 Wörter

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Hip-Hop Spotlight: Professor DaddyO on Melle Mel's claim that Grandmaster Flash is the Milli Vanilli of Hip-Hop

Professor Daddy-O of the legendary Hip-Hop group Stetsasonic addresses claims that Hip-Hop pioneer DJ, Grandmaster Flash is the Milli Vanilli of Hip-Hop by former group-mates including the legendary emcee Melle Mel (who just turned 54 on May 15th). noch 916 Wörter


Grandmaster Flash is the "Milli Vanilli of Hip Hop", Scorpio Says

In a recent interview with, Scorpio of the legendary hip hop group, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, stated that the Grandmaster Flash himself was the “Milli Vanilli of Hip Hop”. noch 102 Wörter


The Message - Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five

Widely recognised as one of the greatest ever Hip-Hop tracks (it is number 1 on Rolling Stones list of Top 50 Hip-Hop Songs), The Message has earned Grandmaster Flash musical immortality and even made him the first rap artist to make the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. noch 92 Wörter

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