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Song Of The Week: "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang

Welcome to the greatest bassline in the history of the world.

Bach?  Bach schmach.

McCartney?  Mc-who-now?

Bootsy? Oooh, so close.

It’s the mind and fingers of Bernard Edwards who brought forth from the ether the funkiest of notes to this corporeal plane for Chic’s 1977 classic „Good Times.“ It has formed the basis ( 421 weitere Wörter

Song Of The Week

The GrandMaster Descends On Spain For The "I Love Music Festival

The GrandMaster descends on Spain for the *I Love Music Fest* Hollerrrrrr!!!!!   April 14, 2017

The GrandMaster descends on Spain for the *I Love Music Fest* Hollerrrrrr!!!!!

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Live Cultured

Radio Days - DV#4

A guest mix from DJ Hoodwink, a Mattafix special. Who could ask for more. Enjoy DV#4 and your Sunday.


Ghostface Killah / Be Easy… 86 weitere Wörter


This Season Marc Jacobs Was Inspired by the History of Hip-Hop

Footsteps echoed through the Park Avenue Armory as the crowd at Marc Jacobs found their seats. These weren’t cushy seats, but exactly 326 metal folding chairs, arranged in two parallel rows that flanked the runway, which was actually just the unfinished wood floor of the ancient building. 830 weitere Wörter


It's lazy playlist day: let's party!

Wait, my party is not like a techno-party or kitsch-party (the italian way). I like to slight party, you know, with some fancy music you can listen to and also dance with sketchy moves. 121 weitere Wörter


Tupac To Be Inducted Into Rock& Roll Hall Of Fame

Tupac is the first solo Hip-Hop artist to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 255 weitere Wörter