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Grad Spirit Graduation 2012 Square Banquet Dinner Plates Picking

much higher averagepower of best beam quality. Compared to bulk lasers, fiber lasers feature higher wall-plugefficiency, rugged and compact design, and nearly maintenance-freeoperation. Fiber lasers are appropriate for generating high averagepowers with good beam quality. noch 207 Wörter


Sign of old times

The time that was and it will never be. This is an old water fountain that was build in time of former Yugoslavia. It is located in village of Baraci – Bosnia and Herzegovina. noch 45 Wörter


Anna & Amber

Some preview of Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) grads Anna and Amber’s post-grad shoot at Assiniboine Park.

Will post a link to Flickr when I finish uploading the album…

Adelaide based law firm to charge new lawyers $22,000.00 for legal supervision

A few months ago, I wrote this post speculating on the proposal by a new Adelaide based law firm, Adlawgroup to charge newly admitted Lawyers $22,000.00 for a job. noch 529 Wörter

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