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Siuslaw National Forest Available Positions

The Siuslaw National Forest, which runs from the Oregon coast to the Coast Range mountains, is advertising for a wide range of seasonal positions to be filled for 2016. noch 82 Wörter


Washington Sea Grant:Student Assistant Position

Student Assistant
Department: Washington Sea Grant
Date Available: Immediately
Application Deadline: First consideration will be given to applications received by Wednesday, December 2nd

Learn more about the position here:

WSG Student Assist_2015_OrcaBowl



Carnegie Junior Fellowship Program

Each year the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace offers 8-10 one-year fellowships to uniquely qualified graduating seniors (in 2015-16) and individuals who have graduated during the past academic year (2014-15). noch 521 Wörter


Life Update

So I’ve realized that I haven’t posted anything in about 9 months. Which is crazy. Then again, so has everything in the past 9 months been . noch 380 Wörter

Environmental Management Certificate Program

Please share this opportunity with graduate students in your program. Questions should be directed to Ana Wieman, or 206-616-2461.

Graduate students in the Environmental Management Certificate program from across the University collaborate to tackle real-world problems with profound policy, scientific and business ramifications. noch 347 Wörter


Grad Pictorial Anniversary!

As I was scrolling through the old photos I posted on my Facebook profile, I came across my old graduation photo. I set it as my cover photo two years ago, and as the date stamp, I was reminded that two years ago yesterday was the day I got my graduation photos taken. noch 131 Wörter


Dear Graduate Student

Today I wanted to say so much to someone, but sometimes it is best to not say a word and suck it up. Instead, I am going to write it in letter form here – I’m sorry that this is not an interesting post, I just wanted to let my feelings out and move on with my day. noch 209 Wörter