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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchhu je sveti grad Inka (često nazivan i “Izgubljeni grad Inka”) smješten na navišem dijelu istočnih Andi u Peruu. Pretpostavlja se da je izgrađen oko 1300. noch 163 Wörter

čuda Novog Doba

From Newman to the Future

My 3-year year undergraduate journey has come to an end. This September I should be starting my primary PGCE course in order to pursue my career in teaching. noch 459 Wörter


Isabelle {High School Senior} Part 2

I met up with Isabelle and her family on her Prom day for some pictures of her in her Prom dress and with her family. She looked absolutely stunning and I loved that all of these pictures were captured in the yard she grew up in. noch 13 Wörter


Miss Movin On: High School

Twelve years of ones life, if they are “lucky” enough, is spent in school. Of course, mind my quotation marks. Truly, getting to go to school is a blessing…many do not get that luxury. noch 755 Wörter


Patrick - Wainwright Graduation Portraits

Congratulations on your graduation this past weekend Patrick! It was a pleasure working with you and hanging out during your grad session a couple of weeks ago. noch 18 Wörter


Make a Difference in Uganda - Join Our U.W. Volunteer/Internship Team

Tusubira-We Have Hope Inc. was founded by a group of UW students in 2006 following their trip to Uganda. Tusubira began by raising funds for an orphanage. noch 82 Wörter