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This Friday (3/6): Grad Student Symposium!

If you’d like a full breakdown of the events for the Graduate Student Symposium this Friday—including the speaker schedule and presentation abstracts—attached is the official program!

2015 GSS Program.pdf


Different Directions

I’ve mentioned on here I wanted to make my blog more inclusive to writing about a variety of topics and that is why the blog has undergone a little makeover in light on this transition. noch 197 Wörter


School Supplies - This is how you survive?

I like the survivor-type shows, like “Naked and Afraid” which give people who will be stranded in the wilderness, an item or two and then watch them make-do with what they have. noch 817 Wörter


Week 9, Day 1

Back to the daily grind! Monday wasn’t so bad. Usually Monday hits me like a train and I am not expecting the rush or the homework that I forgot about and everything else that goes along with Monday. noch 379 Wörter

Interpersonal Theory

Dear Students: A Compliment and a Confession

Last Thursday I was asked to sub in for a class for a colleague. Being the only one assigned to the class who actually knew the materials as the other TA was in another discipline, I consented. noch 525 Wörter

My Happy (幸せ/Shiawase) Moments

This Friday (3/6): Grad Student Symposium!

The 12th annual Graduate Student Symposium is coming up this Friday, March 6, so get ready for an outstanding showcase of student research and scholarship! noch 105 Wörter