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Portrait | Kelsey

Grad portrait session | Point Pleasant Park | September 2016


I'm Bridget Thompson and I Am Not Going to Grad School

Do you ever feel the pressures of society bearing down on you so hard that it literally haunts you? Yeah. I feel that way about a lot of things but recently one thing has stuck out. 536 weitere Wörter

Dam Safety Paper competition Deadline Feb 1, 2017

The deadline is in February, but this might be a nice project after the Elwha class or for students with an interest in this topic… 16 weitere Wörter


Accepting a job that you're 'overqualified' for?

It’s common to have to take a job straight out of university that you probably feel a bit overqualified for. Usually, it’s a necessity to accept any job that is willing to take you on. 331 weitere Wörter