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Post grad life stereotype: Living with your parents in the basement

I did this and I’m not ashamed.  In fact, I feel blessed.  Getting the chance to live with my parents right after graduation was a great way for me to get a fresh start on life.   noch 128 Wörter


Have a Grad, need some glamour?

Congratulations!!! Gotta lovely grad (any grade)  in need of something a little different?

Included with your session is:

a 30 minute photo shoot with me… noch 64 Wörter

Edmonton Photographer

Preparing for Graduate School - GRDSCH 200

GRDSCH 200, Preparing for Graduate Education. 2 Credits
CR/NC class
Just one day per week: Monday 1:10-3:20
Summer Quarter – full term

They offer this all year-round, but in the summer quarter especially it gives students a tremendous head start on the graduate school application process that will otherwise hit them with a big THUD come the start of autumn quarter! noch 104 Wörter


I graduated!! Finally...

Sorry this is such a late post but I finally graduated college after 4 years of hard work and dedication. I am so grateful that I got to share the day with loving family and friends. noch 181 Wörter

Evans School Summer Courses

A Term (June 20 to July 20)

PBAF 583: Science and Technology Policy (4 credits)
Instructor: Howard McCurdy Meets: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:50-8:30 pm; A-term, June 20-July 20… noch 420 Wörter


Зашто нацрти Одлука града Београда нису јавни? Зато што...

…се Одлуке пишу тако да буду отворене за евентуалне коруптивне поступке и/или сукоб интереса.

Видевши најаву да ће се 28.04.2016. одржати 29. седница градске скупштине на којој ће се наћи и …


Successful poly grads are not news


by Daniel Yap

I’M A polytechnic graduate. I don’t have a degree. And as much as congratulations are in order for Mr Rayden Chia, the poly grad that… noch 450 Wörter

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