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Wiping the crud out of my eyes this morning, I woke up to being nuzzled by a furry, purring face reminding me that it was time to get up and feed him. 823 weitere Wörter

Laboring in Academe

Amidst the discussion of both the alleged mismanagement and abuses of Hau’s editor-in-chief in particular and the power dynamics of the discipline of anthropology more broadly, currently ongoing under the hashtag… 1.345 weitere Wörter

Higher Education

Congrats Grads!

Congratulations to the Class of 2018! You are now Therapy Assistants!

Two years ago, 42 strangers gathered in a classroom for orientation day!  How can it be that it feels like it was only yesterday, but also so long ago? 224 weitere Wörter


Spring Grad Session| Hailey

I photographed this absolutely stunning young lady at the end of May just in time for graduation. Her dress is so beautiful but her amazing soul makes it that much more gorgeous! 20 weitere Wörter


Archaeology Adventures in Athens

Hello again, loyal (and new!) followers. I realized that for some reason I have been accruing more and more followers over the weeks, and decided that it was quite possibly time for an update and perhaps an updated introduction. 580 weitere Wörter


Unpopular Opinion: Graduation

Who really likes high school?

Oh shit, me.

People have SUFFERED through these years while maybe you were like me and floated by. Not that I was anything special, I was just blessed with good friends and (to a degree) pretty cool teachers. 296 weitere Wörter

nephew's graduation.

I am so proud of my nephew!

He is so amazing! He is going on and doing things that I wish I had done at his age. 204 weitere Wörter