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Guys and Gowns

I’m a late to the parade on this one, but last month, my younger brother graduated high school. It was the same high school I went to so being at his graduation ceremony brought back so many memories from my own high school graduation. noch 785 Wörter



I’ve read enough books to know that every protagonist, sooner or later, will experience their own personal tragedy. It is at this turning point that the character will grow as an individual, and their lives will be altered forever. noch 188 Wörter


How we roll

Hello n00bs. Welcome to the detailed and semi-exaggerated documentation of my research life. Details may not be up to scale (you may assume the presence of a  Spanish-drama like filter on certain event descriptions) so don’t get your bloomers in a bunch and doubt my sincerity as you read into the succulent details of my incredibly interesting life as a young aspiring… noch 989 Wörter


Been Awhile! Update #1

Hey All!

It’s been quite awhile since my last post. So, I figure that I’d spend a few blog posts on updating.

As of right now, I’ve graduated college and gotten a job! noch 128 Wörter


Makeup Find: Who doesn't love a good Nude {Lipstick} 

Hiiii Babes,

I was browsing around on Pinterest and found this Wet N’ Wild “Bare it All” lipstick- Shade 902c for $1.99 at CVS annnd immediately went out and got it. noch 70 Wörter


"Tell yourself you can." A guest lesson by Kandace Florence.

Chasing your dreams can be an exciting, terrifying, and insanely complicated task.

The toughest battle I had to fight was trusting myself. You can’t be persuaded by outside opinion, whether that be friends, family, or even your significant other. noch 150 Wörter

Life Advice

Lake Bled • You beauty

Bled your are absolutely amazing and wonderful! I know we say this about everywhere we go! But it’s true!! All these places we go to are stunning! noch 284 Wörter