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Gotz Aly: Hitler's Beneficiaries

This is not an easy read, but it’s a very enlightening book.

I can’t really see economics as a science: the various theories I’ve read enough about exist and can seem to make sense within their own hermetic little worlds, but once outside these and subject to real world scrutiny, they tend to dissolve in a cloud of contradictions and fairy dust. noch 497 Wörter


Complicity Part Two

This article appeared in Ceylon Today on Tuesday February 17 2015.

Were those Germans unique?

Last week, I raised the question of how ordinary working class middle-aged men and women could embark on employment that involved the hands-on dirty work required by a programme of sterilisation, torture, shooting at close range and gassing of children, women, elderly people, disabled people,  Gypsies, homosexuals and Jews. noch 1.877 Wörter

Ceylon Today

The Perils of Serious Reading

Here’s how a workplace conversation went for me a few months ago:

“Hey, what’s that? Oh…a book about the Warsaw Ghetto?”

“Um…yeah. You know, just a little light summer reading.” noch 463 Wörter