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Anatomy of an Information Trap, Part II: Setting Up and Sharing Google Alerts

Hi! This is part two of a three-part series on monitoring the Internet for information about a topic, going from almost no knowledge to a steady stream of information sourced from all over the Web. noch 2.870 Wörter


Blasty: a free book anti-piracy tool that notifies users of copyright infringement

My author friend, D.G. Kaye, mentioned a new site called Blasty . This is a new site still in beta. It’s created for writers and artists… noch 55 Wörter


Anatomy of an Information Trap, Part I: Starting From Scratch

EDIT: Leo asked me to define Information Trap. So here goes: it’s a trap for information. HA! No, seriously, an „information trap“ is a monitor placed on the Web in general or on specific Web site or network to grab new or updated information. noch 3.660 Wörter


Top 5 Free Social Media Listening Tools of 2016.

Every social media marketing guy’s first and foremost job on his daily checklist is to track his company’s mention on web. To formulate content marketing strategy, tracking mentions and his company’s reputation online forms an essential part of plan. noch 501 Wörter

Digital Marketing

How to get notified by google whenever your name is mentioned over the Web ?

You’ve saw the mention feature of Facebook where if someone wants to mention you in a post or a comment then Facebook makes a link of your name and links it to your profile. noch 498 Wörter


Google Alerts

For my Google Alerts, I chose several topics that interest me personally, but are also relevant to my international study session. Firstly, I chose to follow… noch 548 Wörter

Back In The Office. Now What?

You all saw the #12Days1Duffle hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.  You were able to keep up with Desirée and me on The Reader.  But now, I’m back and work is a real place that people have to go to when they return from vacation.   noch 585 Wörter

Navigating The Office