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Great tool: Google Alerts!

Dear Reader,

To be honest, I never check news website regularly as there are too many information and a lot of them are very boring to me. noch 483 Wörter




Receiving Google Alerts daily in my email has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, in my ‘Theater’ google alert, I was expecting news or information about the latest plays that are on going or workshops that are commencing but instead, I have only received information on what’s happening in the theater places around Australia. noch 151 Wörter


The Interpreter's house 1: Google alerts

I  have always been a huge fan of Google. Every single software, application or electronic product, be it Gmail, Google Drive,  Google Sync, etc. etc., I have ever used somehow links back to Google. noch 133 Wörter

The Interpreter's house 1: Google Alerts

Today, I have received an email from Google Alerts(Music), it shows the most popular news from Music world recently. Here is the title : One Direction Wins The Favorite Music Group At Kids Choice Awards After Zayn Malik Exit. noch 172 Wörter


The Interpreter's house 1: Google alerts

Cinderella (2015 film)

I read an article from Google Alert (Entertainment) is about a newest Disney fantasy film Cinderella. Bunbury nattated some stories behind the scenes. noch 327 Wörter

Google Alerts

Google Alert 1:  Sports – Basketball

I’m a big fan of the NBA and constantly find myself browsing through youtube/sport sites’ videos of basketball highlights of the games of the days. noch 316 Wörter

Google Alerts

It's a Numbers Game

This week we took a deeper dive into social media analytic tools. For companies that are just getting their feet wet with social media, using free tools to justify your program is a great way to get started. noch 572 Wörter