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The Last Orphans - N.W.Harris

The adults are dying. Animals are creeping out and killing them all one by one as terrified children look on, unable to comprehend what’s happening. In a science lab a researcher sends out on final message asking the surviving children for help, who will take up this call? 529 weitere Wörter

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Smiles no more!

A Snake with broad smile of it

Has no reason to sway,

When all it does is rest and prey

With no seasons of way. 81 weitere Wörter


You were gone

It was a fleeting moment

a second, no more

Then, like the wind

You were gone

You didn’t say goodbye

Coz you didn’t know

This would be the last time… 64 weitere Wörter



Shoved from comfort,

Left to drop,

Falling fast,

Falling in no-one-knows-what time.

Waiting to hit the ground,

The inevitable stop.
The hard embrace,

The cold dead stop. 51 weitere Wörter

Gone #NaPoWriMo #amwriting


I dreamed of you planning for next year, a dream of chaos and darkness, but you stood firm, your dark eyes laughed, your voice kindled with throaty joy, but when my eyes opened you were still gone and my thoughts circled: if only.

end 4/20/2017

S. Darlington


My Empty Mother 

My mother’s eyes

Were empty parking spaces.

There seemed to be

A world entirely her own

Painted on the white living room walls.

She was a whisper… 12 weitere Wörter


Three Suddenly Gone (2017)

1. Season.

2. Week.

3. Entire Jehovah’s Witness Religion..


Freedom of religion not to sport-

Via The Russian Supreme Court.

Three By M.E./Rhymes Of The Times 2017