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300 West Hastings Street

We saw the Inns of Court building that once stood here in an earlier post. From the 1890s offices for lawyers were here because… 144 weitere Wörter


Book Review: Gone

Gone is a heartfelt memoir where Min Kym describes her life as a childhood prodigy from the early age of six.  Her first violin was tiny, harsh, factory-made and her first piece was „Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.“ With each successive instrument, increasing in size and importance, she mastered her technique and expanded her repertoire. 73 weitere Wörter


I'm Gone

Gone as the wind blowing through the trees
Gone as the moon shining over the seas
Gone as the night-time once it turns to-day
Gone is the word that describes me the right way… 138 weitere Wörter



What a queer sight to witness! A dark, murky, yet elegant spectrum of colours frolicking with the sunset, as if they playing hide-and-seek. I was imagining myself as the strutting peacock formed by the sporadic clouds, seeking pride from all places, quizzaciously belittling my surroundings, reckoning that I, only I reigned supreme over all creations. 251 weitere Wörter



So, I’ve been absent for a few days. Honestly, I haven’t wanted to do much because I don’t have a computer to type with, just my mobile phone. 752 weitere Wörter

Going, Going, GONE

I honestly remember the moment I found out as if it was yesterday. On April 29, 2016, it was almost 5pm when I finished setting up a banquet for my job. 785 weitere Wörter


The Jacket

A jacket.
Brown, beautiful.
his favourite,
hers too.

He wore it
every single day
except the times
when she did

She loved his feeling,
it was always there. 56 weitere Wörter