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I see you, half hidden in shadow;

A glimmer of shade

Out of the corner of my eye.

Something That Comes Is As It Should Be Gone

All that come into our lives will not be eternal, all it will go one by one slowly. it all depends on how we react to it, whether we can accept it, or we can not accept it and get angry with the situation. 151 weitere Wörter


Fiction: Leaving Roses (99 words)

She left him a rose on his pillow. She took a lot of stuff, some of it hers, some of it his. She left behind a lot more. 73 weitere Wörter



I miss the smell of stale cigarette smoke.

Oh yes, secondhand smoke is evil and bad and it was outlawed for a reason and all that.   380 weitere Wörter



I’m sorry

For what

Not being good enough
for you
No matter how much
I tried
And I did
I tried so…
I’m just…


Gone by Blair Gaulton 

​Newspaper pillows wall;
head turtling in;
he’s gone into sleep’s song.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Dec 2016


And All It Took...

Jump aboard let’s set sail

Off to nowhere, off to everywhere

Take a camera, take a hat

Backpack it all and take the map

All you have to do… 10 weitere Wörter