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Dead Island 2 has actually gone away from Heavy steam

It has not been smooth cruising for Dead Island 2. In April of 2015 it was postponed considerably, which is not all that horribly unusual, yet after that publisher Deep Silver offered the boot to Yager Advancement, which most certainly was. noch 13 Wörter


You Don't Change The Road I'm On.

I wish for you to be gone from my life-

To be ever bending and ever moving-

To stay away and from that path-never stray. noch 115 Wörter

Homer Street - 500 block east side

We’ve looked at the two buildings in the foreground of this 1981 image before. Just showing on the left is the Labour Temple, now known by its address, 411 Dunsmuir Street. noch 309 Wörter



That’s the thing with death- it never comes when you actually want it to, when you’ve got your bags packed and affairs in order, waiting to depart from the train station of life. noch 132 Wörter

never again

Regrets mistakes misgivings
I can sweep aside
It’s the beauty I’ve held
but will never again
that tears at me inside


I lost my job

On September 17th 2015, I began my first ever full time job in a shop. At first it was pleasant. I enjoyed going to work and thought it would be a long lasting job. noch 633 Wörter

Prewitt Spurr

1905 Bucket and Wooden Ware Manufacturers apparently

Nashville TN