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There’s a thin line between Love and Hate, but a great divide before you reach Indifference.

Sadly, it takes a lot of anguish and pain to get there. 149 weitere Wörter

Seymour Street - 900 block east side

Back in 1981 this was yet another Downtown gas station, this one run in conjunction with Dominion U-Drive, and a B F Goodrich Tire dealership. (Gas was 34 cents a litre, and you could collect the free tumblers as well!) Ford dealer Dominion Motors occupied much of the rest of the block, with the… 218 weitere Wörter


Harta Paling Berharga

Nasehat Ibnu Habirah kepada muridnya, Ibnu Jauzi:

„Sebenarnya waktu adalah harta termahal yang seharusnya kamu pelihara dengan benar-benar. Namun, saya lihat, waktu bagimu adalah sesuatu yang paling mudah untuk sirna.“ 34 weitere Wörter


RBD - Gone

Anahí | Dulce María | Maite Perroni
Alfonso Herrera | Christian Chávez | Christopher Uckermann

What you see’s not what you get
With you there’s just no measurement… 340 weitere Wörter

Color Coded Lyrics

The Balrog (part 2)

With so many things going on, I headed down into the dark places – as I tend to do when there are a lot of things I don’t understand or a lot of stress or other such things that impact the mind. 172 weitere Wörter

Ello Posts


Side by side, we walked,
father and son,
we shared,
we laughed,
about nothing, and everything.

Though he slipped through my hands,
at a time I needed him most, 59 weitere Wörter


Eroding State of trust from the Public to the Media

Within the past year, there has been a clear decline of trust for the media. This distrust has seemed to come from a majority of republicans because of the 2016 presidential election. 255 weitere Wörter