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As a Flower Grows

Saturday, July 7, 2008   10:30 a.m.

Dear Diary,

We just came from a funeral. When one looks back at a person’s life, what does one see? 257 weitere Wörter

A Daily Diary

Forever wasn’t yours to have.

I found you and it was like I found a piece of me that was missing. I felt whole for the first time. You came and you took the weight off my shoulders and dried every tear. 307 weitere Wörter


Lost love

Nothing I tried could contain her,

she was slipping through my fingers.
My heart was breaking, shattering piece by tiny little piece.

Each like a dagger piercing my very being. 89 weitere Wörter


Days Gone

Nothing stays still for long,

And I have a constant nostalgia

For a past

That has just passed.


Daily Prompt: Gate

every gate after you

leads me to hell

cause your love lit my gates

and heaven I knew with you

now that you are gone… 24 weitere Wörter


RIP Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington

So very sad to see such things in the news. Of course death is a natural part of life, the next step on our spiritual/ consciousness journeys, but when someone takes their own life it seems even harder for some to accept. 279 weitere Wörter