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3 years ago today...

Was the beginning of the rest of our lives. Well… I thought it was.

Memory Box

Looking back,
Seeing your own track,
Where you strayed,
Where you stayed,
Where you never came back,

Scraping off mould,
Emotions of old,
Deep inside, 22 weitere Wörter


Love triangle 

Throwing tantrums across the room

At the top of my voice shouting

Just how much I loved him

Wasn’t strong enough to keep him

Still out of the door he walked out… 12 weitere Wörter


For me it will be comfort food for inauguration day

Lol, I was thinking this word, „deplorables“ means

„die zu deportierenden“.

Sometimes, when there are new words for me, I assess for myself what it could mean, before I open a dictionary. 140 weitere Wörter


gotten and gone

held on as the other surface


and its own switch

and making

and for the weary

and its own water

and those of the  meaning of the sounds… 44 weitere Wörter




The clock ticks by as I frantically scribble down what little information I know. I drop my pencil and stare at my test with a blank expression. 162 weitere Wörter