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163 West Cordova Street

This retail location is seen in 1897 when it was the offices of the British Columbia Electric Railway Co. That was the year the company took over existing streetcar and interurban lines in southwestern British Columbia in 1897, and operated the electric railway systems in the region until the last interurban service was discontinued in 1958. noch 388 Wörter


Plague - Michael Grant

Plague – Michael Grant – 5/5 Stars

This whole review is a spoiler, so don’t read it if you don’t want to know what happens! noch 360 Wörter



I loved with a love deeper than the ocean,

Lived a sorrow bigger than the waves.

Thought I knew what we were meant for,

but you were nothing ,just a phase. noch 76 Wörter



Why are you telling me you love me…
After you know that I’ve moved on?
You missed chances to tell me before.
You waited until I walked out the door. noch 30 Wörter



The children had gone to bed. The breeze had that hint of dampness to it that only a February evening can have and the mosquitoes had already begun to bite. noch 227 Wörter


That I be gone with the wind

Oh that I could go
where the wind blows.
My first stop would be to spy
on the moon at lunchtime;
perhaps I’ll catch what… noch 127 Wörter


it’s amazing how easily I can go numb now. I used to start crying and couldn’t stop for like 30 minutes. Now I even sense the hint of feeling and I shut down and go completely numb. I kinda like it