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Virtual Vultures

The lamb only learns when it is loved from a distance

When cradled in arms, feeling cranky to calm

-Zyklon B to embalmed-

It forgets that it knows it ever existed in an instant… 205 weitere Wörter


I needed you today

I needed you today.
I needed you when my head hit a friend’s kitchen floor and when my blustery vision finally steadied itself, the faces I saw did not match yours. 825 weitere Wörter


My Everything

„You’re my everything and my only one .“

Whenever he told me that sentence . I wonder . So , it means that I’m not his last or his first .My mind starting to feel uneasy . 135 weitere Wörter


Why you are gone

There must be a good reason why you’re gone

And a part of me wants to know and understand.

And the other part of me don’t want to know. 26 weitere Wörter


Time To Be Gone

Gone, gone, gone
Like a rain drop
poured out
on the roof and
absorbed by the soil,
you are gone.

Though I see you,
you are invisible. 125 weitere Wörter

Chapter 1

As I sit writing this post, I am wearing a shirt that says „Pretty good with bad decisions“. I admit, I have felt low before, but never quite like this. 450 weitere Wörter


Empty words

​“I love you „she said

And stood there waiting for a response that never came

„Did you hear me“, she asked

This time feeling the need to push… 43 weitere Wörter