Schlagwörter » Gone


A thing lost, dropped into
leaves and slowly buried
to be found, perhaps, awaiting
some far-fated chance encounter
the voice of crunching footsteps, and
a hand to lend it form… noch 59 Wörter


Oneplus no more invites!!

Its finally official!! Oneplus have finally ditched the invite system that was needed to purchase a oneplus one phone The phone, which costs little under £300 with top range specs is definitely a flagship killer! noch 10 Wörter


Gone Girl

Rolling down a dusty path,
Wind in my hair, sand in my eyes,
Thoughts muddled;
like those of a confused elephant,
Don’t have anywhere to be, noch 187 Wörter



Is it okay to miss someone even after you’re no longer together? I means it’s weird I’m feeling all these emotions; anger, disappointment, hate, depression and all these feelings I can’t define and the funniest part is he’s the only one I want to talk to them about. noch 427 Wörter


It's always times like these

One of those days when you channel almost every bit of your energy and try so. darn. hard. to maintain positive thoughts and try to generate them continuously…only to get each hammered down by a greater strength…like the arcade machine of hitting those little things that pop up yknow? noch 109 Wörter

Where I found, Myself....Alone

Kaaterskill Falls…Flood…April 18th 2015…Be who you are…..Believe in yourself…You may find yourself alone, as I did…When you see people who you care about…Don’t believe in you..


Another Drink (Song)

Maybe maybe
This is all a dream
And maybe maybe
You’ll come back to me
I’ll sit out in this rain
Waiting for you to hopeful come back to me… noch 327 Wörter