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Poem: You

Remember me? I haven’t gone much of anywhere.

I told you I was in my own world, I didn’t mean it.

The things we say that have no meaning, that are taken literally, too literally. noch 196 Wörter


But now it's none...

You just did not kiss me,

But you kissed my soul,

Every time when you touched my hair,

When you embraced me,

It gave me goose pimples, noch 43 Wörter


to that guy.

If I were to delete all that reminds me of you, the first thing I’d have to delete is all my writings.

To the guy who’s the cause of this,

noch 359 Wörter

I'd like to

I’d like to think we’re on the same page for once in this entire thing. I’d like to think that my name is still prominent in your vocabulary and isn’t coated with hate. noch 259 Wörter


Dear readers,

I am so sorry I haven’t been posting. I just started my freshman year in highschool and have been getting used to it. I have been trying to focus on getting stabilized there getting a routine down. noch 114 Wörter

My Style

On Forever

Dear Daniel,

I think one of the hardest things for me to think about and accept is the idea that you are gone. That you’re never coming back. noch 22 Wörter