Schlagwörter » Gone

day 100 . blood, sweat, tears. part III.

more liquid destruction.

i feel the pumping heart inside my chest.

a kind of a dub step rhythm.

loud gulp echoes inside.

dark past tries to interfere again. 70 weitere Wörter


day 99 . blood, sweat, tears. part II.

white corridors blinking

on both sides of

my peripheral vision.

i can feel every blink of

the fluorescents that

stare daggers into my eyes. 34 weitere Wörter


First Post At The End Of The Rope

I have no followers right now. No one to even read this, but I don’t care. If I don’t get these emotions out I don’t know if I will continue this journey. 503 weitere Wörter


Horror Movie Review: Don't Blink (2014)

Don’t Blink has an really interesting premise, one that will leave you feeling a tad uncomfortable as you try to comprehend just what it would be like to be in the situation the characters here find themselves in. 499 weitere Wörter

Horror Movie Reviews

day 98 . blood, sweat, tears. part I.

squeaky chair.

crooked table.

hovering sounds.

brown liquid resembling fresh sewage.

other name for it in this mental cage: conscience.

fuck it. i guzzle it like there’s no tomorrow. 30 weitere Wörter


Beyond Repair

You can’t fix her,
No one can.
It’s not your fault
You’re just one man.

She tried to play,
Tried to pretend
The damage is done… 42 weitere Wörter

A Piece Of My Heart

day 95 . delicious you

selling my soul to the devil
signing the consent
eternal condemnation
absolutely worth it
just so I can spend
one breathtaking day
with delicious
gorgeous you