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the imprints you left
on my bedroom walls
and undotted
there was never a chance to say it
but you did anyway… 46 weitere Wörter


Book Club - Gone Girl 2

Hi guys! Happy book club Thursday!  I am so so so excited to continue this lovely Thursday book club tradition it’s gonna be fuuuun.  Anyways, if you don’t know what I’m talking about go ahead and visit my last 2 posts about my book club to catch up with us before you spoil the book for yourself. 484 weitere Wörter


Still In Mourning :-(

When „social“ media begins to feel less „social“.

Simple Minds

day 115 . dead to me



rotten corp turning to dust

dancing on your grave

the fun has just begun

rage leads the way

a formidable dancer

motivated and focused… 57 weitere Wörter


day 114 . last joy

the building across mine glitters today

as the sunshine splashes her hands all over it

i can almost feel the warmth penetrating deep

as i stand in the cold shadows across… 66 weitere Wörter


Tearing Down Walls While Building Barriers

Yesterday the visitor wall seemed to…well, I was about to say „disappear“. Maybe not quite the right wording, but certainly all the content that was ever posted to the SMO FB visitor wall has gone! 431 weitere Wörter

Simple Minds