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Trapped (2/10/2016)

Down with the wind,
And out with the stars.
All gone without a trace.
But now they are so far.
So far away.
Gone forever with no return. noch 22 Wörter


Lemons & Avenue: Part 2

I can’t stop writing about these people.
Here is part two Lemons_ave2,
once again feedback is more than welcome, I want to hear outside thoughts! noch 23 Wörter

First Crush

Just know

When does the pain end,
And the happiness begin,
Living life trying to be Christian,
But all I’ve ever know was sin,
Trying to find the light, noch 77 Wörter


I need to talk to you, please. It’s too bad you’ve gone and lost my tongue. What’s a girl to do with a thread that’s loose in the fabric of the sky in your eyes? noch 137 Wörter

Gone - movie review 5/52

This particular movie came out in 2012? Should have been my first sign that I didn’t miss anything special. It stars that girl that reminds me of someone else but I can’t think of who. noch 173 Wörter



I rewatch a lot of shows and came across the HIMYM episode Hopeless. Barney is having a talk with his dad and says: “How did you become this? noch 324 Wörter