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September 26, 2017 (a)

the same scent
this autumn as last

the dust behind me
swirls into nothing


2017, August 31 - 2767 - autumn 24

once the dust settles (5)
I can reflect on summer (7)
like a warm whirlwind (5)


600 Main Street

Wayfoong House was built in 1996, and was home for 20 years for the Chinatown branch of the HSBC Bank. They recently moved across Main street, and it now looks as if VanCity Credit Union will take some of their space over. 530 weitere Wörter



Dari seluruh ruang kosong yang ku punya di pikiran dan hati

Namamu jelas terpatri

Sosokmu jelas menempati

Bayangmu selalu menemani

Tapi dirimu tak dapat ku miliki.

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String Of Word

The Gone Series Review

In less than a month, Michael Grant’s follow up to the epic Gone series, Monster will hit the shelves.
The six part Gone series is my favourite book series of all time and consists of the books Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear and Light. 1.995 weitere Wörter


Declaring confidently my sin is gone

Last week in church a member gave her testimony and the song that meant so much to her in her walk was “And can it be” written by Charles Wesley.  275 weitere Wörter


All the time gone
To moments waiting for the next
That never comes

©Heather Coldstream

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