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The Game Penis Photos: Going, Going... Soon to Be Gone

Very sad news today out of the world of entertainment:
By the time you read this, Instagram may have removed photos of The Game’s penis from the rapper’s scantily-clad account. noch 17 Wörter

Sara: A Dream Faded

Her hands glistened like glass, though they took on the image as if shattered. The cracks spread throughout the skin, fissures imparting the harassment of sanitizing gel she slathered over her fingers more often than necessary. noch 482 Wörter

Short Fiction

The Girl I'm Going To Miss.

She was one of a kind,

Although not all could see,

The beauty within

Their adventure begins,

She made it seem so easy.

She’d run through time… noch 287 Wörter


Stars and Satelite

When I was a child

My father and I

Used to sit outside

Our home at night,

And just gaze at the infinite skies.

He puffed away his cigarettes and I, noch 487 Wörter


Gone, Remains , Next

“Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what remains & look forward to what’s coming next.”

Heart Transplant