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Selfie gone wrong fells 126-year-old statue of Portuguese king


LISBON: A young man’s attempt to take a selfie snapshot with the statue of a 16th century Portuguese king ended badly when the 126-year-old statue crashed to the ground and shattered, police said on Wednesday. noch 157 Wörter

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He Was Gone By The Time He Passed His Bar Exams But His Dreams Will Live On Forever!

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A tragic accident happened to Bryan Anthony when he got into a vehicular accident few weeks back. After he passed away, the results of the bar exam were shown and he is one of the bar passers. noch 9 Wörter

Why do people leave?

It’s very difficult for me to get close to people. Friendships and relationships alike may be something I struggle with the most. The only reason I can even begin to ponder is because of my past. noch 477 Wörter


Confirmation of Hell

We received a note via a new email account from our Jon that said,

“Mom, Dad, Rick and Lindsey,
Jeremy and Jenny got in touch with me earlier today. noch 170 Wörter

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