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Ik 382 for July 2016 wp

IK 382
a good void

sorting through boxes
empty binders here, paper
there, bag magazines…

rebox the books; recycle,
shift the weight, until they’re gone… noch 124 Wörter


and it'll be gone in an instant

look at all these poets trying to win affection
through logic or argument.

‘does he give you X, will he Y for you, can he Z?’ noch 296 Wörter



Gone – spoof
Wind blew her out
He dragged her in – against the gale
Like a leaf bowing in the wind

Far, far away… noch 33 Wörter



I left some chocolate on my desk one day in the middle of summer then I got up and talked to you. And we talked about stories and fate and music, we talked about art and love and sports and everything two people can talk about. noch 180 Wörter


ever gone

before as its own so moving

and thought on the changing

and when it was the safe

and its own

and caught on the return… noch 45 Wörter


Target Leaving the Verizon IndyCar Series

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After 27 seasons in the sport, Target will no longer be sponsoring race cars for Chip Ganassi Racing in the Verizon IndyCar Series following the conclusion of the 2016 Verizon IndyCar Series championship. noch 335 Wörter