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Moved Away

A room once echoed with laughter

bad dreams and calls for dad

Big bear the protector, always was there

Grew and learned to count

one, two, three… noch 401 Wörter


Gone by Micheal Grant

Gone by

Micheal Grant

Gone is a story about a town full of kids that suddenly find themselves without adults when some strange unexplainable event makes all of them disappear. noch 235 Wörter


save gone

only it  was the  making

only it  was the loaf of dry bread

why are the same questions repeated

and thrown into  the sky

and played over and over… noch 45 Wörter


Erica Mena Announces Her Official Departure From 'Love & Hip Hop'

Love & Hip hop star Erica Mena has officially announced that she will no longer be a member of the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast. She broke the news on her instagram. noch 26 Wörter

Brian's World

115 Water Street

Here’s two pictures of the same company’s premises – one is Rainsford and Company in the building they occupied in 1903, and the contemporary image shows the building the company had constructed twenty years later. noch 614 Wörter


IMR | Please Let There Be No Pig Heads On Spikes

I’ve recently picked up the Gone series by Michael Grant. I actually don’t know much about the books, except I hear they’re very good.

I’m barely ten pages into the first book and there’s already a very strong… noch 358 Wörter

In Medias Res (IMR)

Music Monday! A Song As Old as The Phil Factor

This was the number 1 song in the U.S. this week in 2005. Why did I pick this? Because I love Kelly Clarkson? No! I chose it because this week in 2005 was when I launched The Phil Factor. noch 43 Wörter

The Phil Factor