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Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 2

Everything Has a Cost
To Bring Silence
Philosophical Metrics, Pt. 1

The staff at the hospital had performed admirably in the preparations for Evran. For one thing, the Head Medician had not only found two patients perfect for Evran’s study — Qen, and the comatose man whose energies Evran would use — he had contacted the Tenner family to ensure that Evran would be receiving monetary recompense should his procedure meet with success. 4.133 weitere Wörter

Short Story

Flash Fiction: The Creation

I pat down the last of the grave soil, and light seven candles with dirty hands. The figure is more mound than man: a failed Adam. 41 weitere Wörter


Tom Grauer: armchair psychiatrist hour

armchair psychiatrist hour: large parts of moldbug’s ideology come from hatred for his father

armchair psychiatrist hour: large parts of moldbug’s ideology come from hatred for his father… 1.334 weitere Wörter


The Golem's Eye: Book Summary

Two years after the events of the first book, John Mandrake is an apprentice to Jessica Whitwell, the Minister for Security.

He works in the Ministry of Internal Affairs where his goal is to find and crush the Resistance, a group of commoners with magical resistance who are trying to fight the magicians. 1.960 weitere Wörter


Putting a New Stone on the Grave: Sjón Brings the Golem to Iceland

Adam Morgan | Longreads | September 2018 | 10 minutes (2,560 words)

In the summer of 1990, an Icelandic writer named Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson traveled to Czechoslovakia with his friend, the singer-songwriter Björk. 2.664 weitere Wörter

Starfall Dungeon - Crispy Goods Notes

I’m still chugging along at this! Slowly and with a lurking sense of shame, but chugging.

It’s the return of Crispy Goods, one of the bosses of that platformer I was plugging away at, combined with an idea for one of the playable characters. 73 weitere Wörter

Fairy Tale Friday: Clay and Blood Blog Tour Sign Up

I’ve got another blog tour opportunity for you friends of the fae this week. Though be warned, Rebekah Jonesy’s books in the Mab’s Doll series are much more Grimm and than Disney in their tone. 178 weitere Wörter