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A Jinn In My Ear

being the writes of a story reader

Today there was a jinn in my ear telling me all sorts of wonderful stories. I have half a mind to plagiarise them but I’m not sure if that would be honourable or disrespectful. 216 weitere Wörter



Day 1

I’ve heard so much about this beautiful, fairy tale city, I was SO excited to finally explore the capital of the Czech Republic. And, we get to check off another country! 2.636 weitere Wörter

Interview: David Fairs and Anna Marsland, Tomorrow Creeps

GOLEM! is a Shakespeare theatre company with a difference. Last year their second production I Know You Of Old took the text of Much Ado About Nothing… 1.208 weitere Wörter

London Theatre

BMMI Episode 042: Resolution

Man, it sure is hard to keep those New Year’s resolutions. Am I right? What if I told you that you could build yourself a speechless pal whose mission is to help you fulfill those self set goals? 52 weitere Wörter


Altcoins under $1 for 2K18

Craze of crypto-currency is increasing day by day. I saw many people who wants to invest in crypto but they have fear in mind that may be they will incurred loss and wants to invest in crypto having low value. 544 weitere Wörter




Regirock is a solid Rock addition to the Pokemon GO meta game. It has access to powerful moves that benefit from STAB… 226 weitere Wörter


Magazine: Strange Horizons

Strange Horizons is not a magazine in the traditional sense, with monthly or quarterly issues.  It’s a website with weekly issues, each containing one short story along with other types of content, such as poetry, articles, and reviews.  274 weitere Wörter

Science Fiction