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Below 1,000 or Above 1,400? 2017 Gold Outlook

Despite a dismal second half, gold finished 2016 up 8.7% gain, the biggest annual gain since 2011.

The chart below shows gold’s performance since the December 2, 2015 low at 1,045.70. 493 weitere Wörter


How did gold and silver really do in 2016 and where are they headed this year?

Musings on what is likely to happen with precious metals in the year ahead and a look at how they actually performed in 2016 – very much a year of two halves.   1.634 weitere Wörter

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One way of investing in Gold - SPDR Gold Shares [O87]

***Please note that this does not constitute a stock recommendation for buy or sell. This is purely my own analysis and is to be taken as my own personal opinion and not to be taken as correct. 1.439 weitere Wörter

Investment Analysis

Are Gold and Silver Setting up for a Slingshot Move?

Gold and silver have been stuck in their respective trading range for three months.

How long the yawning continues remains to be seen, but a slingshot move would be a welcome change of pace. 518 weitere Wörter


POW :: How to fit Sovereign Gold Bonds in your financial plan

By Sunil Dhawan | ECONOMICTIMES.COM | Jul 20, 2016, 02.53 PM IST

Gold in its physical form — jewellery or ornaments — has always been popular among Indians, especially women. 951 weitere Wörter

Asset Allocation

8 reasons to not miss Sovereign Gold Bonds!!

Of all the precious metals, gold is most popular as an investment and is fancied from times immemorial.

Before delving further let us understand why should one invest in Gold. 621 weitere Wörter


Surprise sale from GLD and strong U.S. jobs report knocks gold price back

Gold Today –Gold closed in New York at $1,359.10 on Thursday after Wednesday’s close at $1,364.00.  In Asia the gold price also fell slightly further as you can see below   734 weitere Wörter

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