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Prospects for gold and silver brightening by the day

Gold Today –Gold closed in New York at $1,273.70 up from Thursday’s $1,268.50. On Monday morning in Asia it rose to $1,280, as the Yuan slipped further against the dollar, before the LBMA price setting in London. noch 521 Wörter

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Gold and Silver Bulls Risk Painful Whipsaw

Gold and silver have been on a tear, but there’s reason to be cautious. Here are some facts to consider before following the crowded trade: noch 513 Wörter

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If government trusts gold so much, shouldn’t you?

Gold Today –Gold closed in New York at $1,244.10 down from $1,256.00 on Monday. On Tuesday morning in Asia, ahead of London’s opening it was pushed higher to $1,258.00. noch 693 Wörter

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Gold and Silver Rally Stalled – What’s Next?

2016 has seen a renaissance for gold and silver. But just as the luster started to return (and investors piled back into the GLD ETF… noch 368 Wörter


Oil and Gold Update

Oil Update

The February 21 Profit Radar Report said the following about crude oil:

Crude oil filled the massive gap left by Wednesday spike and is sitting right atop trend line support. noch 414 Wörter

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Gold ETF Suspends Issuing Shares Due To "Surge" In Demand

Source: Gold Core, by Mark O’Byrne

Gold ETF, the iShares Gold Trust, had to stop issuing new shares in its $7.7 billion on Friday as a “surge” in investment demand for gold caught out the provider of the ETF and the world’s largest money manager, BlackRock Inc. noch 532 Wörter

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Gold keeps pushing higher - slowly but surely

Gold Today –Gold closed in New York at $1,268.00 up from $1,260.80 in New York on Monday. In Asia on Tuesday, it moved higher to $1,274 and then in London until the LBMA price setting was set at $1,274.10 up from $1,267.60 yesterday. noch 355 Wörter

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