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Can this Gold Rally Stick?

Gold is the best performing asset of 2016, up 15% since December 3, 2015.

For many this must come as surprise, at least that’s what we can surmise based on various sentiment gauges and headlines at the December low. noch 355 Wörter


Gold touches $1200 in dramatic surge

Despite the Chinese market being closed for the Chinese New Year, the gold price has opened this week very strongly.  After a small dip overnight down to the mid $1,160s, it rapidly recovered any lost ground from Friday’s close, and then surged upwards through what many considered to be a key resistance level at $1,180.   noch 518 Wörter

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gold ETF GLD finds massive new gold deposits

Source: TF Metals Report, by Turd Ferguson

Even without speculating whether or not the GLD actually holds all of the gold that it claims, the remarkable additions to “inventory” over the past month are certainly noteworthy. noch 284 Wörter

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Your Comprehensive Guide To Investing In Gold

Indians nurture an intense affection for gold to this day. Look around and you will find most of the Indian families nurturing an undying passion for acquiring new gold jewellery or simply purchasing gold bars. noch 618 Wörter

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GLD gold ETF inflows year to date 21.8 tonnes

After outflows of 66.6 tonnes over the whole of 2015 – admittedly encompassing some sharp ups and downs before reaching the year end – the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), the world’s largest gold ETF, has already clawed back around one third of this in the first three weeks of the current year.  noch 85 Wörter

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Gold Overcomes 3-year Old Price Barrier

After a number of failed attempts, gold surpassed red trend line resistance going back to October 2011.

The weekly bar chart below highlights this fledgling technical breakout. noch 279 Wörter


Gold Seasonality Projects Higher Gold Prices

As far as indicators go, gold seasonality has been on fire.

Gold seasonality projected a top in late January. The January 25 Profit Radar Report warned that: “ noch 311 Wörter

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