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113 - August 3, 2015 (Sarah Argens)

Is James Bond truly the greatest spy to ever exist? Find out if he’s included in our debates of the best spy film ever and the worst sequel of all time. noch 48 Wörter


Just The Tip: The Departed


Is THE DEPARTED one of the greatest crime dramas of all time? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe f*** yourself.
Our rating: 8/10.

Follow us: … noch 19 Wörter


Just The Games: 101 - JT Kelly

It’s our first installment of Just The Games! Every Wednesday, we’ll play a series of movie trivia games with a special guest. This week, JT Kelly joins in on the fun. noch 19 Wörter


112 - July 27, 2015 (JT Kelly)

Rob McElhenney (Mac of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA) is directing the Minecraft movie! Plus, we reflect on KEY & PEELE as it enters its last season, the SPECTRE trailer, and the best Scorsese movie of all time with special guest JT Kelly. noch 18 Wörter


Psychologists Figured Out the Three Reasons Your Office Goes Crazy For Free Food

If you don’t work at a fast food joint or at a restaurant –  then you may have noticed that there’s one thing that’s consistent at your job: noch 190 Wörter


Watch This 22-Year-Old Go Off On President Obama

Meet Tomi Lahren, she went off on President Obama the other day.

She is only 22-years-old, and had a lot to say.

I’m sure she will be on Fox News very soon.