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The Hitman beta goes real-time tomorrow

Below are a couple of things worth noting.

The Hit man beta go for 10am on Friday, 12th February on PlayStation 4 and afterwards on COMPUTER a week later (as formerly announced, the beta isn’t involving Xbox One). noch 19 Wörter


MUST WATCH : Maine Mendoza Responds to her Bashers Goes Viral !

MUST WATCH : Maine Mendoza Responds to her Bashers Goes Viral !


MUST WATCH : Maine Mendoza Responds to her Bashers Goes Viral ! noch 21 Wörter

Phillips Phunny: Sticker Kid Goes Viral

“Sticker Kid” went viral after Hillary Clinton’s Iowa caucus speech.

A student at Drake University in Iowa blew up on Twitter Monday night, because he stood behind Hillary Clinton while she gave her speech after the Iowa caucuses . noch 45 Wörter


Freaky Vampire Footage Of A Man Without A Reflection In The Mirror Goes Viral!

Many people are questioning the existence of other creatures such as ghosts and vampires because of the lack of evidences that can prove that they do exist. noch 25 Wörter

Erwan Heussaff And Jasmine Curtis' Controversial Photos Kissing Goes Viral on Social Media!

Erwan Heussaff is a hot celebrity known to be a longtime partner of Anne Curtis. He also made his name known by being a chef and creating delicious and sumptuous food in the social media. noch 20 Wörter

Shamcey Supsup's New Born Baby Girl Goes Viral ! Find Out Why!

One of the Miss Universe-Philippines who represented our country was Ms. Shamcey Supsup that is now has been crowned by her husband Lloyd as his Mrs. noch 27 Wörter

Women Who Post Snapchats From Anywhere Goes Out of Hand!

Snapchat is the new phone application wherein you can easily communicate or socialize with your friends by creating or edit different photos or videos to publish online.There are a lot of people who are using this application since it was established online because the it has a very fun…