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Learning goes beyond the classroom


Inspired by one of her favourite novels, Percy Jackson, Mika Cheah and her teammates decided to incorporate their favourite characters to create a toy as part of their Science project. 410 weitere Wörter

Current Affairs

Racist Daily Stormer goes down again as CloudFlare drops support


All week, the infamous hate site Daily Stormer has been battling to stay online in the face of a concerted social media campaign to shut it down. 514 weitere Wörter


NY goes back in time with revival of hand-painted ads


Once outdated relics in a digital world, painted advertisements are flourishing once again in New York, putting a dose of hip attitude into 21st century commercial art in the city that never sleeps. 569 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

'Journalist goes missing after taking private submarine ride'

Inventor Peter Madsen is being held by police in Denmark after journalist Kim Wall was last seen leaving port on his private submarine.

Politics And Society

Aliwal Arts Night Crawl celebrates art of wayang kulit, street goes car-free


Artists reinvent and celebrate the art of wayang kulit at the Aliwal Arts Night Crawl: Rasa Wayang this Saturday. It is the fifth edition of Aliwal Arts Centre’s free annual arts festival, which goes car-free in a big way for the first time. 697 weitere Wörter

Current Affairs

Angelina Jolie goes shopping with her daughter first time, since 'stalling Brad Pitt divorce'

It’s been claimed she and Brad Pitt have ’stalled‘ their divorce proceedings as they attempt to move on from their bitter split in September 2016. 68 weitere Wörter

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