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MMWUC: Real Skifi goes skiing and plays soccer, Samurai slices shrimp at 130 km/hr, more

This week in skiing, watch Real Skifi go skiing and play soccer, Stan Rey goes full-throttle in three different sports, an awesome entry for GoPro’s Line of the Winter, and more. noch 23 Wörter

103 - Tomorrowland

What’s the best teaser trailer of all time? We’ll fight about it in a new segment we call Movie Melees. Also, we discuss our first look at Matt Damon in THE MARTIAN, speculate on Mary Kate & Ashley not returning to FULLER HOUSE, and more! noch 15 Wörter


102 - Mad Max: Fury Road

What’s SUPERGIRL’s biggest nemesis? Progress, apparently. We divulge on the trailer, talk about 28 MONTHS LATER, and pick our ideal cast for THE CRAFT remake. In our newest segment, Just The Tip, we review MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and all the spoilers that ensue. noch 18 Wörter