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Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

-Mother Teresa

Mommy Moments

the song series: next time, the arrows

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Started out this Sunday
On my face again pushing in
And wasn’t it MC Hammer who said: “We have to pray just to make it through the day” noch 486 Wörter


Go Forth

Go forth
As the warm glow.
Invisible force
Seeping soft and slow.
Go forth
To all you can see.
Stay the course.
Act the work of belief. noch 15 Wörter


Jokes Aside

Don’t make jokes of my mistakes

Going down with a fist of fury

Tell your enemy’s to move aside

Choose wisely, the battles that are worth fighting… noch 119 Wörter


Why Is It So Hard to Speak Up and Share Christ?

Why Is It So Hard to Speak Up and Share Christ?

There are many excuses we use as to why we don’t bring up the topic of Christ and share His message. noch 1.387 Wörter

Christian Concepts From My Perspective