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Iceland Trip // Blogmas #6-9 (oops)

I really did have the intention of these all going up on their respective days, but a 21 hour delay completely fucked up our trip and just didn’t allow for the free time to sleep, never mind get these up. 1.053 weitere Wörter


Icelandic Diaries Day 3 - The Golden Circle



The alarm went off at 6am and our day was starting again. Pitch black outside and you could hear the rain battering the window. 1.019 weitere Wörter


Around Iceland's Golden Circle - A Day Trip from Reykjavik

If you don’t have much time in Iceland but still want to see some sights outside of the capital, Iceland’s Golden Circle is the perfect day trip from Reykjavik! 452 weitere Wörter


Iceland - Day 2

On the second day we awoke an went downstairs to our hotels breakfast spread. This was a usual European continental breakfast but with the added addition of a waffle machine! 467 weitere Wörter


London Diary – Aurora Borealis Remains a Mystery!

Nov 16 – 20, 2016 Iceland

I set my heart on the Northern Lights and we put in an intense effort searching for it, out every night for four consecutive nights and up to 2am in grueling chill each night, a broken wide-angle-lens to boot. 1.479 weitere Wörter


Iceland - Geysir - Boiling water from the ground. Fancy a cup of tea? (Day 3)

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The Ring Road: Northstar Guesthouse to Reykjavik (Day 6)

Days: 448 (16 September 2015)

Total distance travelled: 117,968.5 kilometres (73,272.34 miles)

Our final day on the road lay ahead, and it was a big one, with close to four hundred kilometres for us to cover before we could finally put the feet up in… 1.974 weitere Wörter