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Iceland's Golden Circle (2/3)

Part One – Exploring Iceland (1/3)
Part Two –  Iceland’s Golden Circle (2/3)
Part Three – Not Finished with Iceland (3/3)

So on Friday night we arrived in Iceland, Saturday arvo we Blue Lagoon-ed and then on Saturday evening we hit the town for plenty of food and drink. 1.289 weitere Wörter

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Chasing The Northern Lights & Golden Circle Tour

Back to our LOOOOONNGGGG first day which included arriving in Iceland after an 8-9 hr flight from Los Angeles, we booked ourselves to go on a tour of the Northern Lights. 970 weitere Wörter

In search of Aurora

Seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) has long been on my bucket list.  I’ve followed a handful of pages on Facebook for a few years and have several websites bookmarked which give forecasts and alerts of upcoming Aurora events.   1.035 weitere Wörter

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Golden Circle Tour - Iceland's Tourist Tra(ck/p)

Thousands of tourists to Iceland have done the Golden Circle tour. On paper, it is a decent day trip, especially for those who want a taste of Iceland in a short layover to see some pretty amazing places. 960 weitere Wörter


Iceland 2017

The last five days have been busy. Real busy. My boyfriend and I took a quick trip to Iceland and tried to pack in as many sights, smells, foods, and feels as possible. 182 weitere Wörter