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Golden Circle

Friday, August 25, 2017

Driving in this country is absolutely nuts because every single street name is completely unpronounceable.  When either Mom or I would try to help the other navigate by saying things like “Look for the street that starts with H and has a ‘gata’ at the end,” it wound up being but only so productive.   1.133 weitere Wörter

Where's Your Inner Viking?

The Wonder of Iceland

An otherworldly landscape of seemingly endless nooks and crannies to explore, Iceland is sure to ignite your child’s sense of adventure.


After a three hour flight and a short bus ride through moss covered lava fields, we arrived in Reykjavik, the northern most capital in the world. 783 weitere Wörter


Chilling the light fantastic: Iceland 2017

Unfortunately we did not manage to see the famed northern lights during our 3 day visit to Iceland in November but there was something special about the light there, especially when reflecting off the snow be it in daylight or by moonlight. 1.124 weitere Wörter


Nordicaa: Travels in the Nordic Lands Suðurland and Reykjanes

Crepuscular light creeps over the ridge from the North American plate to the Eurasian. It bounces gently across the lapping waves, catching the crests. All colours can be found here, in this crisp, cold sky. 1.176 weitere Wörter


Iceland here we come!

One trip that we have definitely got planned in is one to Iceland over the Christmas holidays. Well, I have it planned in – the others don’t yet know what I’m up to. 1.132 weitere Wörter

Into the Icelandic wild

Day 2 of our Iceland adventure began with sleeping in and getting ready for our 24 hour Golden Circle Bubble Tour. We had a quick breakfast with the food we’d purchased the night before at a local grocery store. 334 weitere Wörter