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I can tell from your faces that you probably are just as shocked as I am after reading this title. Believe me it is true. noch 131 Wörter


7th October: The Golden Circle, Iceland’s Hit List of Scenic Sights

Tuesday 07/10/2014
Andie writing


We set our alarms for 8:30 am as we wanted to be up and off as there was lots and lots to see. noch 1.687 Wörter


The word geyser comes from Geysir – the name of the first described geyser known to European scientists and explorers.

Much of what we know about Geysir in Iceland, and about geysers in general, comes from work carried out by Robert Bunsen in 1846. noch 95 Wörter

Have Science Will Travel

Ice, Fire, and Vikings – A Trip To Middle Earth Part Two

I know that after part one, I said part two would be coming shortly. I didn’t intend for it to take this long. Sometimes you need to step away so that you can see what’s important. noch 867 Wörter


Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle

As we soon found out, enjoying the sun one moment and snow the next one is not at all uncommon in Iceland. Being our first trip to Iceland, we also visited the touristic places like Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle. noch 309 Wörter


Strokkur and Geysir - the Boiling Caldrons that Erupt!

Let me show you something interesting. :D

Other than waterfalls, you could bump into a geyser pretty easily in Iceland, too! There are only 4 other countries where these amazing hydrogeological phenomena could be found (USA, Chile, New Zealand and Russia). noch 308 Wörter