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On a wing and a prayer

‘On a wing and a prayer’. That was us heading to Iceland. We decided when to go based on meeting up with friends. We decided how long to stay by allocating a week to walk the La-ha-ha-ha trail ( 1.792 weitere Wörter

2016 Trip

Geysir - Iceland 2016

I recently published pictures of Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik and I thought tonight was a good time for some landscape pictures.

This is the site where Geysir is and from the top of the mount at the back of the first picture, we had an amazing view on a valley with streams and colourful grounds. 18 weitere Wörter



The geysir Strokkur erupts at regular, frequent intervals. And yet, the wait can seem endless and full of anxiety. What if this is the time the geysir fails?

1000 Words

Geysir-2, Iceland...

Geothermal spring eruption in Geyser…goes off every 4-6 min. Geothermal energy provides 85% of the energy needed in Iceland…electricity and heating is provided free to the citizens of Ireland…


Icelandic Saga- the journey...(Golden circle)

​Fear not the road,

For it is your home.

Bring in a sense of belonging,

The journey will only be sweeter.

On a regular evening, I get an unexpected message- „Are you still up for Iceland?

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Four days in and around Reykjavik

We arrived in Reykjavik, the third destination on our honeymoon, with the sun shining. For somewhere that was grey for 99% of the time we were there, this was quite a good start. 674 weitere Wörter



In 2015, I visited Iceland. The trip was short, and cold, but I managed to visit several incredibly beautiful geysirs. Geysir, in Icelandic, or geyser in English, means “gusher”. 320 weitere Wörter