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Iceland: The Pearl

High on a hill in Reykjavik stands an odd building. The Pearl – Perlan – is a collection of hot water tanks, which store the hot water for the city, topped with a glass dome. noch 1.523 Wörter


Iceland part 1 - The Golden Circle

Having been to Copenhagen in November and falling in love with the place we set off on our next Scandinavian adventure with high expectations – Iceland didn’t let us down! noch 372 Wörter

Wordless Wednesday 3

Geysir – Eruption of a geyser in Iceland

“is that a video? yeahhh….”

Impatient? Skip to 1.25


Relaxation with the Hot Golden Circle

Tour-time again on Saturday, this time I would be going on the Hot Golden Circle tour. The Golden Circle is the most popular tour in Iceland, and every touring company has their own variation of this tour, which features Iceland’s most important tourist attractions. noch 1.159 Wörter

Friday the 13th: Icelandic Edition

We’ve arrived in snowy Iceland! We touched down yesterday around 3:30pm, and were met in the airport by Johnny, the extremely attractive Icelandic man we were renting our car from. noch 1.168 Wörter

Photo Gallery - Bleak and Beautiful Iceland

The Iceberg lake



The great Geyser

Surveying the landscape


The Lights!!

Þingvellir – between the plates


My first Glacier!

Þingvellir lakes… noch 10 Wörter


Icelandic adventure

Hello everyone. I’ve been off the radar for the last few days as I was on a wintry adventure in Iceland. This is the second time I am writing this post. noch 1.053 Wörter