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Beyond the Golden Circle: Reykjavik to Skaftafell

After returning to Reykjavik, a celebration to mark the end of the six day Laugavegur trek was in order. We decided to have a couple of drinks with the other members of our group at  a craft beer bar called Mikeller & Friends, one point of a trio of establishments known by locals as the Barmuda Triangle (because you will inevitably lose track of your friends as you hop between the three on a night out). noch 1.573 Wörter


Making Friends with Dogs in West Iceland.

Happy Monday, dear Friend.

We’re in the middle of the hottest season here in Dubai, and it feels great to look back at the pictures of Iceland trying to cool down. noch 843 Wörter


Day 6: The Golden Circle

On day 6, we headed back into the countryside for one of Iceland’s essentials, The Golden Circle. Briefly, the Golden Circle is a roughly 300-km loop that takes its travelers from Reykjavík into the heart of Iceland and back again. noch 1.447 Wörter

#MyStopover in Iceland

For two summers in a row, we did not leave Canada, and how it generally works with us is that the longer we don’t travel long distances, the more land we want to cover once we actually do have an opportunity to travel. noch 831 Wörter


The Golden Circle. Hella.

Before I describe our journey along Iceland’s Ring Road, I missed a part of our Reykjavik adventure in yesterday’s post: The National Gallery of Iceland… noch 976 Wörter