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Geysir, Iceland

The first destination after we got our rental car is Geysir. Geysir is a famous tourist spot in Iceland, people around the world would come and witness the mud pits and exploding geysers, and one of them – … noch 63 Wörter


Does my Kanken look big in this?

We have returned from a mind blowing and highly active week in Iceland, admittedly knackered at six months pregnant, but wouldn’t change a thing.

Joining Joshua, Ruben and I was my father Voz, which was fab. noch 774 Wörter

Iceland's Golden Circle

After two days in Reykjavik, we picked up our lovely SADcar in the city center and hit the road. From Reykjavik it is only about 30-45 minutes to the first stop on the famous  noch 416 Wörter



So, I thought I was going to keep blogging throughout my trip to Iceland…that didn’t happen. In hindsight, I think that was a good thing as it meant I could relax and enjoy the holiday without the pressure of sorting through my many photo’s and writing up a post. noch 897 Wörter


We stood in the cold, scouting out the best view to capture Geysir erupting. I had both my phone and my Canon out to try to get the action on both of them. noch 135 Wörter


Iceland Day 7 - The Golden Circle

Day 7 was another beautiful looking day, with blue skies and slightly cooler temperatures.  Today we were heading out to see the most touristy attractions that Icelandic nature has to offer.  noch 1.102 Wörter



Yesterday morning, we arrived at Keflavik airport, south of Reykjavik at about 0645.  The arrival itself was a bit drawn out because, for some reason, European regulations require all passengers arriving from anywhere but the US and Europe to go through secondary security screening which took quite a while.  noch 531 Wörter