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Iceland | Geysir | 12 . 2017

21. 12 . 2017

And again. The road was covered with snow. As u can see it’s more like a one narrow lane road but it’s actually a two-lane road. 600 weitere Wörter

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冰島間歇泉 Geysir

另一個在冰島黃金圈(Golden Circle)的有名景點是"間歇泉"(Geysir), 英文的Geyser(噴泉)就是從這個字發展出來的.

在這個叫做Haukadalur的地熱區有大大小小的熱泉, 最有名的兩個就是Geysir跟Strokkur.  現在Geysir已沒有在活動了, 所以只有Strokkur還在噴水.

這個就是Strokkur地熱噴泉, 可以看到一堆人很專注的拿著攝影機或照相機對著它. 其實一開始它是很規律的七分鐘噴水一次, 但是經過幾次大地震以後, 它的底部被震壞了, 所以時間就不太規律.

雖然說不規律了, 但其實在旁邊看著會發現它快要噴水時會有一堆大泡泡先冒出來, 其實這才是比較有趣的時候, 但不好拍到的原因是熱氣很多.

另外一頭則是Geysir, 但它現在不噴水 所以沒很多人理它

另外還有一堆大大小小的地熱泉, 可是它們就是頂多冒些泡泡…

冰島觀光局很幽默的告示牌: 不要往熱泉裡丟錢, 大自然不需要你的錢, 丟錢下去只會汙染泉水跟環境, 如果你想把錢給需要幫助的人, 請給吧~

P.S. 冰島地震可是非常多的, 一天就有可能上百次, 只是大部分時候是無感地震

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Two Views of Nature in Iceland

Nature today is the process of waiting around for a moment of surprise. This hour at Geysir, is a good example.

The jolt of excitement it gives (essentially the breaking of your self-imposed exile from self in the act of waiting) especially if viewed in a crowd against which you can measure your response, is then called the power of the natural world. 93 weitere Wörter


Trip to Iceland

Warning: This trip was not planned beforehand. The tickets were purchased two weeks before departure and car rental was purchased the day of departure. Risky, I know.  797 weitere Wörter


Much to my regret, I haven’t yet travelled much of the world in my youth. However, last summer my boyfriend and I decided to save up and take our annual holiday in Iceland! 380 weitere Wörter



One of our trips that were unplanned nor well prepared of. Going to Iceland was one of our most awaited and most looked forward trip as a couple but we didn’t jump into the excitement right away since there were a lot of things to consider. 335 weitere Wörter


Christmas at Geysir

If you are in Iceland and preparing your Christmas celebrations, chances are that you are currently on the hunt for the perfect gift for a special someone (actually – it’s overwhelmingly likely. 603 weitere Wörter