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Iceland Pt 3: The Golden Circle

The reality of Iceland is that its difficult to capture the essence of this great nation. It does not lie in the cities and towns, nor in a neat package of sights to be toured in a day. noch 987 Wörter

This is not a travel blog(post)

This is not a travel blogpost. I’ll explain.

I am of course traveling, and the country I’m currently visiting is Iceland. Commonly known as a hot spot for tourists all over the world. noch 304 Wörter


Visiting Iceland

When we first arrived in Iceland, it looked like a zombie apocalypse had taken place. I couldn’t see any buildings or cars from the airplane window, and the landscape was flat and stark, with no trees or water. noch 687 Wörter

England Trip

The Wilds of Iceland

Toward the end of our week in Reykjavik, we rented a car in order to do some exploration of the Icelandic countryside. The laid back, urban atmosphere of the city was pleasant enough that I could have enjoyably spent the entire visit in Reykjavik’s cafes, clubs, museums and restaurants; but it would have been a shame to miss out on the spectacular natural scenery for which the country is so well known. noch 2.119 Wörter

Guest Post - Iceland

My lovely friend Hans went to Iceland and was kind enough to put together a guest post for me – enjoy! (I know I’ve been MIA lately, but I promise to start blogging again soon!) noch 642 Wörter


But I listened to that clever girl

But I listened to that clever girl

A kid timed it that morning
at seven minutes
between blows.

Adults gawped,
oblivious beyond spectacle;
but I listened to… noch 36 Wörter


Day 44: the Golden Circle

There isn’t too much nighttime in Iceland in early August. The sun sets late and rises early, which is what woke most of the people in our 12-bed room in the morning. noch 738 Wörter

Eurosprint 2015