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Splash Zone: Visiting Strokkur (Geysir) in Iceland

While in Iceland, one must make sure to visit the sites on the Golden Circle which includes: Gullfoss, Geysir (Strokkur) and Thingvellir. I wouldn’t recommend seeing all three in one day as there is a lot to see, especially at Thingvellir, but when I was in Iceland I was able to see both Gullfoss and Strokkur the same day before heading to my next stop—Vik. noch 498 Wörter

Fire, Ice and Mountains

It’s hard to say what kind of a country Iceland is. It’s almost Scandinavian, having been settled by Norwegian Vikings, and with a language that’s very similar to the Nordic ones. noch 841 Wörter

Iceland’s Ring Road, Part 2

From the north we headed southeast to see Iceland’s magnificent Eastern Fjords. We had viewed what seemed like hundreds of waterfalls already along the Ring Road, but as we neared the fjords the falls grew even more impressive. noch 930 Wörter


Exploring Iceland's Golden Circle

With DC currently getting wrecked by the Snowpocalypse/Snowzilla/Chersnowbyl disaster, and my right arm less-than-functional after I slipped spectacularly on some ice earlier this week, it feels like the right time to recap my quick trip to Iceland. noch 789 Wörter


Geysers - as if volcanoes and glacier caves are not enough

I’m planing to visit Geysir in Haukadalur. This geysir is, in a way, The Geyser of the world because it was the first known geyser to modern Europeans and the one that all the others got a name after. noch 315 Wörter


Mietin mikä olisi all time favourite-matkakohteeni… Islanti tuli ensimmäisenä mieleeni, vaikkei vastaus toki ihan niin yksiselitteinen olekaan. Fantastinen kohde kuitenkin, ja olisin valmis lähtemään sinne milloin vain uudestaan, jota en voi sanoa kovin monesta paikasta niin kauan kuin uusia vaihtoehtoja on tarjolla! noch 784 Wörter


Travel: Visit the Golden Circle, Iceland 

Beautiful views – a great day out!

In some ways I enjoyed the driving of the Golden Circle route more than stopping off to see the places of interest. noch 340 Wörter

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