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A Family Gives Up The California Dream For A Bigger One


One couple had the California Dream firmly in hand: A beautiful home in tidy suburbs north of Los Angeles, steady careers in Hollywood and in education, and two children on track to replicate their steady and predictable lives. 452 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

An unfinished story

On our first night in Berlin, The Family and I decided to go down to Alexanderplatz. We didn’t have much planned for the night, so we bought tickets to go up to the top of the Television tower. 252 weitere Wörter


Book review: Messerschmitt Bf 109

Messerschmitt Bf 109: The Early Years – Poland, The Fall of France And The Battle Of Britain

By: Chris Goss
Publisher: Frontline Books
Pages: 178… 226 weitere Wörter


The Best of Germany

Porta Nigra

  • Roman city gate constructed in 170 AD
  • One of the oldest buildings in the world
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site

Aula Palatina


Anniversary Albums: Kraftwerk "The Man-Machine" (1978)

Episode Info:

On this episode of anniversary albums, we take a look at the seventh studio album from German Krautrock band Kraftwerk „The Man-Machine.“ Released in 1978, this album ended a great streak of albums for them in the 70s which saw them pioneer electronic music which would influence artists for decades to come. 18 weitere Wörter

Normal back then

While contemporary Western, especially Anglophone countries seem dumbfounded by either cynophobes or actual dog haters in other places like Cameroon and Uganda as well as in eighteenth century Europe, it would’ve been normal to be wary of dogs for whatever reason. 331 weitere Wörter