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What Games Are the Phaeacians Good At?

Homer Odyssey 8.97-103

“Hear me, leaders and chiefs of the Phaeacians.
We have already sated our desire for the righteous feast
And the lyre which is the companion to a bountiful meal. 213 weitere Wörter


Japan Is Good At Snow Sculptures

This week, Tokyo was hit with heavy snow. And like every time it snows in Tokyo or other parts of the country, people go outside and make snow sculptures based on video game, movie and animated characters. 208 weitere Wörter


What are we under for January 24, 2018

Last Wednesday the following numbers played. ( tip ) Some gamblers use these numbers to help choose their numbers for this day. 

Play Whe

Play Whe

First Blog Post

This is my first blog post, I am looking into making video games mainly specializing in First Person Shooters. I have always been a fan on Shooter games because they can be addictive and you always feel like you are progressing with skill levels and getting better. 148 weitere Wörter

Japanese TV Show Talks Online Gaming Addiction, Explains First-Person Shooters 

Recently Japan’s AbemaTV did a report on “net game addicts,” discussing those who are racking up long hours online.

AbemaTV is an internet television network, which… 626 weitere Wörter


Accessing Japanese Nintendo eShop with Switch

Yesterday I went through the process of adding my Japanese Nintendo account to my Switch and buying one game from the Japanese eShop. Just gaining access to the Japanese eShop is rather easy, but buying stuff gets more complicated. 496 weitere Wörter