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Here's Amazon's Best Deal Ever On Extra Joy-Con

Nintendo Joy-Con | $63 | Amazon

The Nintendo Switch is better with friends, and you can add an extra player (or two, for certain games) by picking up an extra set of Joy-Con. 39 weitere Wörter


Nioh Statue Costs Nearly $1,000

Japan’s Prime 1 Studio has crafted a 24-inch statue of Nioh hero William. It’s nice! And expensive.

The deluxe version statue, which is limited to only 750 pieces, costs 105,900 yen ($984). 70 weitere Wörter


20 Questions

Hi everyone!

It is 8:45pm right now and I am sitting on my bed (eating honey soy chips of course) contemplating about what I should do with my blog and I realized just now that first we should get to know each other a bit.  409 weitere Wörter


Clatter - Weekly Update

Thursday – Off
Friday – Off

More „new player experience“ shit this week, trying to ease players in more smoothly and with an easier difficulty curve. 309 weitere Wörter


MMO #3

Found and fixed a pretty big bug that was causing performance with lots of moving entities to be worse than it should.

Here’s 150 networked entities moving around in a small space, it’s much better than my previous test of just 50. 134 weitere Wörter


Game Time

New post on Maximus Octavian.

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This Isn't Just A Cat Cafe, It's Like A Cat Theme Park 

If you’re going to pick one cat cafe in Tokyo, this one seems nice.

Last fall, a new area opened around the cafe called Kichijouji Petit Mura… 291 weitere Wörter