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Cruisin' on the Sunshine Part One

The long awaited blog! I’m a couple weeks late in writing this but here it is :) Let me start off first by saying, thank you Connor for going with me on this trip! 923 weitere Wörter

Vision, Passsion and Errthang In Between

So I had realized like I am a visionary..I come up with so many ideas, that sometimes I mistake a vision or an idea for my passion. 342 weitere Wörter

Healing Energy

1 Year Anniversary Pt.1 : Intern , Body, and Summer Goals

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first of 3 blog posts this summer, 1 Year Anniversary Pt.1 : Intern , Body, and Summer Goals. First off I would like to recognize this month being the 1 year anniversary since I started my weight loss journey with the jeans. 1.567 weitere Wörter


My Terrible Horrible No good Very bad Dinner Day

I sit now at 2 am in the morning texting away. Its not every day that I write or talk about an incident when it has just happened (Unbelievable right? 893 weitere Wörter



Party at Ibiza Lounge Saturday in Duluth, GA! Everyone in free  all night with my name but suite up because this place is exclusive! Just say you’re… 82 weitere Wörter


In The Dragon's Gloom

Uncertain of what’s to come,
Careful eyes watch out,
Wary of the searing flames,
Which burst from dragon’s snout.

Is it time to take a stand? 153 weitere Wörter