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Agile 2016: The First 12 1/2 minutes

I might be going a bit overboard on Agile this week with blogs, primarily because I’m at Agile2016, one of the largest gathering of us weirdo, hippie agilists – along side some still buttoned up folks – in the United States. noch 175 Wörter


#ElenaOfAvalor Princess Party #Ad

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMeMedia and Disney Channel. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

My daughter and I anxiously awaited for July 22nd to get here so we could see Disney’s first ever Latina Princess Elena Of Avalor premiere on the Disney Channel. noch 346 Wörter

What's Going On?

Baltimore Pride

We had a lot of fun on this day. We went to the Baltimore Pride parade (apparently the biggest the city has every had). Got some beads, got some candy, and „danced“ to some music. noch 136 Wörter


Have U tried Cryotherapy yet?👈

Today wellness is a part of our lifestyle as staying fit and eating healthy have become top priorities. So we are constantly evolving to look at newer ways of de-stressing our body and mind. noch 284 Wörter


Remember to embrace the FLUFF (an acronym when talking about sexual whishes)

General Sexuality


I am kinda afraid to talk to my lover about the kinky things I find hot. How do I start that conversation about my fetishes? noch 493 Wörter



Over the last few weeks I have received a number of questions, both serious and silly! So today’s post will be dedicated to them, some questions such as „what made you start your blog?“ won’t be answered as I plan on making a separate post on that! noch 295 Wörter