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Brighton is a tourist hot spot, and the Royal Pavilion its brightest star

Ostensibly our visit to Brighton yesterday was to visit the Royal Pavilion. We did, however, get time to wander around Brighton.

It’s a tourist hotspot, evidenced by the large number of school and other parties. noch 58 Wörter


Kelly and Alec are getting married!

Everyone here at right on the line would like to wish our Account Manager Kelly and  her husband to be Alec all the best for their wedding day! noch 16 Wörter


Space love

Hello my friends,
I’ve been gone for quite a while and the reasons for that are university and a new game that came into my life. noch 147 Wörter


Evenings & Independence | May Photography // Creativity and Joy

I don’t know who these people are…but I thought I would take a picture of it anyways. It’s not the greatest picture, but its content was worth posting in my personal opinion. noch 203 Wörter

How much fun it is to get drunk?

Scientists have figured out exactly how much fun it is to get drunk

Public health discussions about drug and alcohol use tend to be dour, humorless affairs… noch 993 Wörter



One of the mind twisting moments of our vacation happened on the second day there.  That was when I just gave up and went along with the fact that I was wearing a plug under my skirt and stopped moving oh so carefully, trying to keep that secret. noch 930 Wörter