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ABEA Day 2: Social Media

So the choice of today’s ABEA topic came down to either visual expressions or social media. Frankly, social media is right up my alley and I have plenty of experience and use with it. noch 246 Wörter


2001: A Space Odyssey Explained Perfectly

This read-a-long book is a perfect and succinct summery of exactly what occurs in Kubrick’s 2001. As one of the comments says, if you’ve ever run into someone who just didn’t “get” the movie, point them here. noch 7 Wörter


Summer 2015 List of Ideas

Like I said in the post before (Summer 2015 Boredom & Such) I will not waste my time during the summer watching mindless television. And for all of you who are bored like me we can find things to do during the summer. noch 605 Wörter


Insane surfing video!!! Assisted by a bomb!!!

I browsed through very old files a few days ago. Lokk what I’ve found. I’ve no idea were I get it from.


thursday favorites.

Oh wow this week has me all messed up – I forgot it was actually Thursday! Hope you’ve been having a great week and hopefully enjoying some sun! noch 338 Wörter

Weston Super-mare x

Dear Blog,

What a great day!

Today started with a nine o’clock alarm ringing in my ear. It wasn’t my happiest moment; however it was worth it. noch 174 Wörter

A Day In The Life