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The Unique Blogger Award + The Versatile Blogger Award 

Hello! I am doing 2 awards today, so yeah. Let’s jump into it.

Rules :

Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you (wait for it) 435 weitere Wörter


Bob rules. Wait, who's Bob? (revisited)

It’s true,

I really am a sucker for shiny.

The projected kind, that is.

Those little humans, the ones over there,

thoughtlessly shooting out

the sparkly ties that find. 35 weitere Wörter


The Girl with the Tattoo

At first sight beauty is blinding but breathe. She can hurt just like you. Be reminded, her pants come on and off same as everyone else. 171 weitere Wörter


Favorite Christmas Songs

At the Marsh house, we are big into music in general and Tyson and I both love Christmas music. So we are making you a playlist of all our favorite Christmas songs! 286 weitere Wörter


What I Love about Summer Holidays

Easy mornings with Christmas music playing.

One on one time with my big girl when the boys are napping.

The smell of sunscreen mixed with sweat on our skin. 79 weitere Wörter

Eight Stress Relieving Exercises

Throughout the year, times can be stressful. The holiday season is no exception. Here are some suggestions of what could relieve stress.

  1. Yoga/Exercising – Burn excess energy that was going towards stress.
  2. 200 weitere Wörter