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The Beauty Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Eileidh for nominating me for The Beauty Blogger Award! I love these little awards and I think they are a great way to bring the community together! noch 585 Wörter


How to tame pizza cravings ? 

1. Watch Matt Kahn youtube videos

2. Eat a big bowl of salty beans.

It works 😀😁😂😃🙏🌺❤️


2015, Aug. 30 Owly Quote - Sarcasm

Sarcasm: just one of the many services I offer.



I absolutely love this guacamole recipe as it tastes delicious and goes well with so many dishes. Avocado has so many health benefits as it is filled with healthy fats, potassium, fibre and antioxidants, so this guacamole recipe is so good for you! noch 107 Wörter

Teachers Need to Talk to Learn

Whoever does the talking, does the learning. So who talks in your staff meetings, professional development, and classrooms? Ever since the really cool invention of projectors, there has been a serious and sad condition called, “Death by PowerPoint” in staff meetings worldwide. noch 530 Wörter