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Super Bowl 50.

I told my wife it was too soon for me to write this post, but here I am, doing it anyway. As you have probably heard by now, my beloved Carolina Panthers lost in Super Bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos 24-10. noch 369 Wörter


Wish we could turn back time to the good ol’ days...

Sunday is Valentine’s Day {insert groan here for all the V-Day haters}. I went through a V-Day bashing myself not too long ago and I’m still working through it.   noch 1.412 Wörter


Second try at this post...

You know, this is how I work actually. I do through a system and FULLY understand how it works before using it.

Im also dynamic in that i can learn how it works while i use it. noch 11 Wörter

Recharging the Soul, Putting a Little Gravel in my Travel to the Colorado River

It was time to put a little gravel in my travel!

One of my really good friends had purchased an Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt and was dying to try it out. noch 1.889 Wörter


Bad Mama: I Lost My Child

I feel I should be reprimanded in some way, and really feel it. I hate myself for the fucking fail that was me.

I think for me, this was {so far} the biggest parenting fail. noch 670 Wörter



Few days ago, I was picking my kids up from a play date.

“Mom, can we sleepover next time” asks my daughter.

“Ummm, we’ll talk about it later. noch 527 Wörter


Climbing has found me...

It’s not really something you do now and then honestly. It’s a lifestyle, there is a lot more that happens then the picture shows. All you see is someone hanging onto a rock. noch 148 Wörter