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Easy Games to teach tenses

Today I received a question on how to teach tenses using my games, and here is my response to the teacher.


For a student to learn to use tenses correctly he or she needs to understand them, learn them by heart and practise using them in context, but this can be boring! noch 295 Wörter

A fun and enjoyable Cinco de Mayo!

Tonight we are hosting family and friends to a food filled „Cinco de Mayo“ get together. Lots of wonderful foods (see my last 3 posts for some original recipes), swimming and fun! noch 18 Wörter

What's New?

May is the month of memory

After the disappointment of trying to learn Capoeira in April only to get an injury which made it impossible in the timescale I have moved onto memory techniques. noch 65 Wörter


You are special AF.

So I finally have a gap to sit down and write this blog. A few weeks ago I asked the question  „What makes YOU special?“ noch 618 Wörter


May 5 - National Enchilada Day

Happy National Enchilada Day!

Five Food Finds about Enchiladas:

  1. The enchilada is one of the dishes mentioned in Mexico’s first cookbook in 1831.
  2. Enchilada is the past participle of Spanish enchilar, „to add chile pepper to“, literally to „season (or decorate) with chile.“
  3. noch 273 Wörter

Mr. Fred Knoseyman and Little Johnny’s Secret.

Mr. Fred Knoseyman and Little Johnny’s Secret.

It was a warm summer afternoon that day.  The kind of warm that’s almost hot, but not too hot.  noch 764 Wörter