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I Got to Run with my Favorite Running Friend in Minneapolis Today!

Every Thursday morning, I host a Meetup run.  In winter, I’ll often score zero RSVP’s, or maybe there will be one or two but then the person doesn’t show.  383 weitere Wörter

General Happiness

Pizza, pints & pinochle.

We met up with Doray & Tom for dinner and cards last night at Pinthouse Pizza.  Cheers!


Get the boat , Jack and never come back no more 😊

Wonderful escape I had, discovered the Eden beauty of Maldives. Spending a week of relax, reading a book and enjoying life. Guys ,I swear everyone can find the own inner balance in such a magical place. 78 weitere Wörter


I went walking

I went for a walk after walking T to school this morning. It was crisp and quiet. As I walked along listening to the silence I realized that I was looking forward and upward. 29 weitere Wörter


The Crab Catching Place: A Childhood Adventure-Part 1

As an adult of forty-three, at the start of 2018, I will write, of an adventure with a little less darkness or sappy romance. Instead, I will share an experience of childhood excitement. 2.227 weitere Wörter

How To Have A Great Spring Break

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been waiting for the start of Spring Break since the beginning of the year. School life can easily get stressful and busy, so a nice break is long awaited. 886 weitere Wörter


Come Vote In "Jane Austen Madness"

Welcome to „Jane Austen Madness,“ our take on the „March Madness“ basketball craze which takes over the internet every March here in the USA.

Last week we randomly paired up 64 of Jane Austen’s characters and began voting. 120 weitere Wörter