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Little 4 week update!

Hello everyone and first of all I must say thank you all for ready cannot quite believe the traffic we’re getting and for those of you that have been commenting keep it coming we love reading your comments and makes us not miss you all quite as much!!! 258 weitere Wörter

Cheeky Tunes: An Anthology of Guilty Pleasures

Confession time: I’m currently obsessed with Queen. I’m not even entirely sure whether that’s embarrassing or not but I just thought I’d cover my tracks just in case. 123 weitere Wörter


6 Websites made just for guys

Guys, are you making use of the huge array of websites geared towards you? The ease of making a website nowadays means everyone is online, and many are sharing their ideas when it comes to fashion, sports, food, travel, and more. 346 weitere Wörter


The Art of Translation

Some wonderful signs in English seen around the world where something vital has been lost in translation …

Norway cocktail lounge: Ladies are requested not to have children in the bar. 249 weitere Wörter

After a lull

There’s something about the quiet

soothing like a drug, calming yet deafening

It’s a cocoon, but like a tunnel

it’s going to end, and there is noise… 99 weitere Wörter