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Columbus Day!

Columbus Day is a national holiday. Hmm.. Quite obvious isn’t it? Or is it? :)

Quick reminder:

When? Second Monday of October.

How? It varies across the US. noch 404 Wörter


Old Word Friday: Scurrilous

Scurrilous is an interesting sounding word. It’s a word used to describe something said or done unfairly to make people develop a bad opinion of someone. noch 15 Wörter


...and then BIG MAGIC happened to ME!

You may recall a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about BIG MAGIC. I never suspected that I was about to get some BIG MAGIC of my own that very same day! noch 377 Wörter


Routineous Interuptus

“Routineous Interuptus”, a.k.a., VACATION!  :-).  I had one recently. Twelve days in which I lived a five to six-hour difference in time from my mainstay; food that while may have matched my usual fare in appearance, dang sure didn’t match in terms of ingredients, how it was prepared, the quantities in which I normally consume it, nor… noch 431 Wörter

General Musings

An Orwellian World

It seems that the world appears darker and creepier everyday, but relax, I say this with a large smile on my face. Maybe the reason for my strange encounters are  due to the fact that I’ve been reading a lot of creepy stories supplied by one of my good friends. noch 673 Wörter

Switch on - Switch off

Recently, one of my friends moved to a new apartment. Her apartment was on the fourteenth floor.

Another mutual friend lives about half a kilometer from this friend’s house. noch 181 Wörter

Everyday Moments