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Dog Vacay

Come and stay with me! I’m on DogVacay now for dogwalks, doggie daycare, and overnight care. First-timers customers save $20 here:

Taco Bell: A Revelation

I recently found myself at an all time low and I’m not talking about the scene band formed in 2003. No disrespect. No, I mean I seriously found myself at rock bottom and not the type of turn of the century… 735 weitere Wörter


A Howlin' Good Time

My parents live near a small town named Coulterville in California’s gold country in the foothills of Sierra Nevada. Once per year the town has a Coyote Festival. 72 weitere Wörter

Lake Bababu Philippines

The Lake Bababu is situated between Melgar in Basila, Dinagat Islands, and Puerto Princesa. Locals believed that the lake is sacred and it has healing powers. 313 weitere Wörter


Good Neighbor Day

This Wednesday, September 28th is Good Neighbor Day.  I had never heard of Good Neighbor Day or Mad Hatter’s Day or National Candy Corn day until I was introduced to the website… 293 weitere Wörter


Foodie at Heart


My name is Amber Newman and I, like most humans love food. People claim it’s important to  spend money on experiences instead of things. That is the exact thing I plan to do by trying out different restaurants in the Central Texas area. 154 weitere Wörter