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Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

So I was thinking today while I was doing some yardwork.  I do my best thinking in the yard, bee-tee-dubs.  I know some people like to think in the shower, but I don’t have that much hot water.  noch 738 Wörter


On Adventures

There’s a whole world out there.

It’s is simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying of prospects. The magnitude of the world is impossible to comprehend, and my travel wishlist gets longer every week. noch 387 Wörter


Spring Fever

It seems that we have not escaped the deadly bought of spring fever this year.  Most of our team is down with this disease, and we are hoping that the large amounts of sunshine and green pastures will quickly restore them. noch 248 Wörter


Artsyfartsy: Live a little

Like it? Buy this amazing cartoon at Society6 as artprint, framed cartoon print, tote bag or watch. Thanks for stopping by. :) noch 22 Wörter


Get to Know "The Crafty Shark"

HELLO, EVERYONE! If you can’t tell, we are REALLY excited to join the WordPress community as a crafting blog. Below is some information about us that you may want to know. noch 147 Wörter


Catherine Bussiere: Susan and Regina

Two German ladies showed up one evening while the hotel was vacant.
I looked at them walk in wandering for a second what they wanted. We didn’t expect any guest for a couple days and I must have forgotten that we were indeed a hotel providing rooms. noch 1.234 Wörter

Guest Writers

Jokes of the Day: Week of March 24-27, 2015

This was our first week back from Spring Break!  After a day off for students on Monday, we got back into the swing of things on Tuesday and were moving and grooving really quickly.  noch 162 Wörter