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Cleaning… Cleaner? A Checklist For A Healthy Home

Spring cleaning time – greener time! Always looking for eco-friendly products and methods for „greener“ cleaning, I want all the effects and no toxic side-effects. noch 787 Wörter



Da ich gerade bei einer Yogamarke als Grafikerin arbeite habe ich einen Flyer für diese gestaltet.

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Stachelschwein was a little porcupine who had just been informed by his Biology teacher he was a rodent. Blurrgh! Indignantly, he exploded, ‘Rodents are uggghy rats, I’m not one of them!’ and stormed out of class. noch 850 Wörter

Once Upon A

Making the Switch: Starting with Eco-Friendly, Natural Cleansers

Looking to make the switch to natural cleaning products but not sure where to begin? Afraid that natural products won’t have the same results? Not sure which brands to trust? noch 370 Wörter