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Fairy Tail 425: Sabretooth X792 Chapter Assessment

Finally! This is one of those chapters where we say, “Now, we’re on to something!” When Natsu Dragneel visits the Sabretooth guild and goes looking for Rogue Cheney and says that he must not trust Gray Fullbuster at this time, I was brought back to the Dragon King Festival / Future Rogue arc. noch 434 Wörter

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So Many Cats in Fairy Tail, Which is Your Favorite?

Cats are very important characters in Fairy Tail. Every of them has a particular personality. They are magicians’ best friends, followers and companions. I really love these little but brave creatures. noch 269 Wörter


Frosch's Way Back Home - Fairy Tail 202

Fairy Tail 202 follows the journey of Frosch as he slowly makes his way back home to the Sabertooth guild hall. Rogue, Sting, Yukino and Lector follow behind as Frosch meets many different people in his journey alone to get back home, it’s both inspiring and awesome. noch 475 Wörter

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