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Third Space - between?

One of the places in Berlin thats history moved me so much is Friedrichstraße railway station, which used to be called “A station of Tears”. During the time when Berlin was split into East and West this was a station on a boarder with an access only to the East. noch 436 Wörter

I was thinking I have not seen any sexy girls this time in Berlin

I was thinking I have not seen any sexy girls this time in Berlin, but my god, they all came out today. Pretty, beautiful, sexy, mindblowing, they were all around me today, especially on the bus journey back from Friedrichstraße to Zoo. noch 64 Wörter

Bring on Berlin!

An exclusive luxury package in Berlin puts you in the driver’s seat.

If you want to experience Berlin in style, taking in the tradition and culture of the city, then check out this extravagant package from the five-star… noch 370 Wörter

Girl's Getaway

Familienportrait - "Trauma und Traum" / Die Liebe in Zeiten des Krieges Teil Eins / 1942 / von Marcus Kluge



17 Stunden Dienst im Schützengraben. Als endlich die Ablösung kommt, kann Helmut kaum laufen. Ihm wird ein Schlafplatz zugewiesen, ein letzter Handgriff, wie immer an der Front, schiebt er die drei Goethe-Bände unter den Kopf, als Kopfkissen. noch 778 Wörter