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What's Life but Pressure?

This is our lives under pressure

I personally love this song, so for this week’s quote I thought I would just include the entire song, …

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#30Days Song Challenge – Day 25.

Day 25: A Song By An Artist No Longer Living

I Was Born To Love You – Freddie Mercury

So, please, no one get teary eyed because actually there are so many who have left us in recent years and we could get into all sorts of infighting about who deserved a place here. noch 168 Wörter


Doing a "Mercury"

I’m about to do a “Mercury”
No one is on the periphery
It makes everything so easy
I’m aiming right at the head
The cold trigger just can’t wait… noch 222 Wörter


It was Bring-Freddie-to-Work-Day...

…which is why I am posting yet another one about him. He’s just too awesome not to over-share.

I mean, seriously:

And everybody around here loves him, too. noch 15 Wörter


freddie mercury ... **WHITE QUEEN by FREDDIE MERCURY with Camilla**

** My Freddie Mercury **

It’s My Blog dedicated to My Freddie,
the greatest rock legend and the best musician of all time. noch 209 Wörter

Freddie Mercury