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The Thrill is gone....

There are events that are life-changing, moments in history when everyone realizes right at the time that everything that comes afterwards will be different- the death of kings, the fall of an empire, the end of a war. noch 1.928 Wörter


New Video: There Must be More to Life than This

Willa:  Lisha McDuff recently shared with me a new video for the Freddie Mercury / Michael Jackson collaboration, “There Must be More to Life than This.” Directed by Dave LaChapelle and starring Sergei Polunin and Jessica Gomes, the video makes a powerful statement against the horrible human cost of war. noch 18 Wörter

Michael Jackson

Reminiscing about the Past

Remember the days of your childhood? When you had little to worry about and played each day, yet you were eager to grow up?

Let’s take a moment to remember the times of innocence with this song performed by ‘Larry Lurex’.

Video Posts

Video 2x1: I blame the kids.

Fragments of children’s songs made into rather profitable hits.

SupertrampDreamerCrime Of the Century (1974)

Queen – We Are The Champions – News Of the World (1977) noch 93 Wörter


Freddie's dead.

The second of two less-than-reverent commentaries inspired by the passing of B.B. King. The first one was better.

I was making burritos for the kids’ lunches early Friday morning. noch 528 Wörter

Freddie's Legacy

I’ve been meaning to write this blog entry for some time, and I think while all the hardcore Glamberts are recovering from the surprise appearance of Underground last night, it might be a good moment (I will be catching up on all matters Adam in the near future though, don’t worry). noch 1.791 Wörter


Supernatural: The Prisoner. Dean's Quick Surrender to The Mark.

For weeks now we’ve heard all about how Dean was out of control and needed to be cured and I’ve been saying that he seems totally normal. noch 1.244 Wörter