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Brian May Calls Sacha Baron Cohen's Involvement In Freddie Mercury Biopic A Joke

While murmurs of Sacha Baron Cohen’s portrayal of Freddie Mercury in a biopic have been around for sometime, they’ve died down ever since Baron Cohen left the project in 2013 over the direction the film was taking. noch 85 Wörter


Sacha Baron Cohen isn't playing Queen's Freddie Mercury in biopic after all

If you were excited to hear the latest Freddie Mercury biopic news, we’re sorry but we have to disappoint you.

Queen’s manager raised hopes that the film was finally back in production after ‘confirming’ that Sacha Baron Cohen was back on board to star as the late rock star. noch 274 Wörter


Brian May says Freddie Mercury biopic announcement was merely a joke

It was announced yesterday that Sacha Baron Cohen had rejoined the long in the making biopic about Freddie Mercury and would be the writer, director and star in the film. noch 227 Wörter

Now Sacha Baron Cohen Isn't Returning To The Freddie Mercury Biopic

Yesterday’s widely reported story about Queen manager Jim Beach’s confirmation that Sacha Baron Cohen had returned to the Freddie Mercury biopic as writer, director, and star has come undone. noch 231 Wörter


Sacha Baron Cohen Won't Star in Freddie Mercury Biopic

UPDATE: It appears we might have gotten excited over nothing—Queen guitarist Brian May posted on his website that the band’s manager Jim Beach was just throwing in “a small joke” when he claimed that Sacha Baron Cohen had officially signed on to the long-delayed project. noch 278 Wörter

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Update: Sacha Baron Cohen will not write, direct,  and star in new Freddie Mercury biopic

The on-and-off again biopic about Freddie Mercury starring Sacha Baron Cohen seems to be back in progress. Cohen, last year, had reportedly left the project… noch 243 Wörter

Killer Queen: Sacha Baron Cohen to Write, Direct, and Star in Freddie Mercury Biopic

The band was interested in a PG-version of the rock star’s life, while Cohen had hopes for a gritty R-rated tell-all.

A biopic starring Sacha Baron Cohen… noch 279 Wörter