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A resilient lot

While prepairing for a workshop next week, about tulips and their growing culture,i cam across this resilient lot. Remainders of some previous year which apparantly were forgotten and left behind.


TAKETWO.PL nieśmiało powraca ...

Lubię focić, oj lubię!  Kiedyś robiłam to nawet zawodowo. Jednakże w obecnych czasach, bez worka pieniędzy, a przy postępie techniki trudno jest być na topie, tzn. noch 156 Wörter


Yet another to end....

In present years a long list of retailer’s names have disapeared from the Dutch shopping streets. Here’s yet another one which will probably be gone soon.


Tenderness on a French Terrace

Sometimes a picture can tell more then a thousand words, like here in Honfleur France


No more Rain ?

The optimistic is a sort of human which can be found everywhere. Apparently one just passed by here in the vicinity of Naarden. Possibly it was even a “she” ?


A Day on the Water

36 meter long steel piles are being rammed into the ground at the buildingsite of the new Westermeerwind turbine park which is being realized in the Noordoostpolder at the moment.