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Frog's perspective - kikkerperspectief

This frog was sunbathing on the edge of our pond. To take his picture I was going as low on the ground as I could, flat on my belly, so I could see him straight in the eye. 69 weitere Wörter


Tiny bee

Finally we have some nice hot weather and I can just walk into the garden with my macro lens attached to my camera and shoot away. 97 weitere Wörter


Green-veined white - Klein geaderd witje

I captured these butterflies numerous times already, but this one was posing for me so nicely I could not resist.

Ik heb deze vlindersoort al talloze malen op de kiek gezet, maar deze zat zo mooi te poseren dat ik hem niet kon weerstaan.



a Squirrel is sitting there, holding a nut and waiting for the camera’s click



Art is the elimination of the unnecessary. Pablo Picasso

Order and simplification are the first steps towards the mastery of a subject.  Thomas Mann

Kein anderer Beruf ist im Stande, das Herz mit einer solchen göttlichen Genugtuung zu lohnen, als das Künstlertum. 28 weitere Wörter

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