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The Jetty @ Omaha II

Just could not resist, and i get lyrical every time again when i see the results of my Fuji X-T1 in colour and sharpness. With it’s new smaller brother coming soon, having the same sensor, Fuji is really becoming a power to recon with for the future of photography !!


The Jetty @ Omaha Beach

Not far from Omaha beach, where 71 years ago parts of the landings happened which eventually meant the end of WWII. Now a quiet place called Vierville s/ Mer.



Lilly, Hundi, Putzi, Süße, Maus, Motte,
Sweetie, Lillbär, Lillchen and Hillbilly.
So many names for one dog. Good that she is
clever and knows who is meant…


S p r i n g

Resurrected ‖ Reincarnated 

I always find this time of the year incredibly refreshing – my mood is so much lighter. The sun is awake longer and the nights are less dark, as are my thoughts. noch 166 Wörter


Breton Dunes

If we Dutch always think we have something special with our Dunes, we are wrong ! I found them on the Breton coast as well !


Walking the Bay of Mont Saint Michel

Walking the bay of Mont Saint Michel at low tide, it is supposed to be a very special experience. Dont do it by yourselve however, The incoming tide can very rapidly surprise and it can be live-taking !!


Immersed in the Word

And what word? Bible, Koran, Shaastra, Talmoed ? Does it make any difference? as long as one lives according them and does not abuse their meaning and intention.