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christmas carnivals !

because it’s that time of year ,sorry i’m kinda obsessed with that Christmas song.

so babes i actually went to a christmas carnival for the first time ,yes i know how idiotic that is but yes this is my first time because i always have something else to attend or so . 271 weitere Wörter


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Playlist: The Playlist: Black Thought Freestyles for 10 Minutes and 11 More New Songs

Hear the most notable new music out this week, from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamildrops team-up with the Decemberists to a Thelonious Monk reissue.

from NYT > Arts

Ian Bagley

Little Things To Look Forward To

Everybody has little things that make every day a little easier to get through. Whether it’s coffee, sugar, wine, or the feeling of getting a great deal on a pair of shoes, there are a million small things that make life just a little more bearable. 984 weitere Wörter

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Curryramenland: Part 2 Harasen

Curry ramen was originally created for the working man, a dish to feed the hungry factory workers of Sanjo at lunchtime. Already a hearty meal, the addition of katsu (pork cutlet) on top of the noodles and thick, filling, spicy soup might seem a tad extreme. 691 weitere Wörter


Eat. Marinated feta cheese [Recipe]

What’s to do for year end if you’re not after crazy parties with lots of alcohol? What’s about an afternoon tea with cheese, crackers, bread and the easy-to-get-addicted marinated feta cheese??? 313 weitere Wörter