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Nutrition program

This year, we decided to enroll Mischa in the school’s nutrition program. Supposedly, it is designed to address the nutritional deficiencies of kids by creating a well-balanced menu for the whole school year. noch 107 Wörter


My Body Story: An Introduction

This weekend I attended a Body Trust retreat hosted by an amazing pair of women just down the street from my apartment. The location is one of those coincidences that I just can’t help but think was fated. noch 1.656 Wörter



The famous Panookie. What is this, well it is a giant coookie topped with all sorts of delicious items. A gem among desserts.A child’s dream, an adults secret pleasure. noch 199 Wörter


An Oldie, but Foodie

Ah the donut. While it may not be the only deep-fried goodie in America, it certainly is however one of the older favorites.

While the donuts have been around for centuries, there is actually a legend about how the iconic „hole-in-the-middle“ came to be.  noch 161 Wörter


Lemon Caper Chicken

This is an older recipe of mine, I had it posted back on my original blog and wanted to bring it to the new blog format. noch 594 Wörter

Main Meal

I Can't Stop Eating!

“ I think I might just be obsessed with food

I’ve been using this line for so long that I’ve actually started to believe it. noch 282 Wörter

Taiwan (Western Part) - 9 days Free n Easy Journey; Day 3 (2)

Hi!! You have reached Cigu Salt Mountain, or Qigu Yanshan which is the last stop for the tourist bus before it heads back to town. noch 280 Wörter