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Tastes So Good

So enticed by the sugar, vibrant colors and chemical flavors
my palate no longer in tune
with the taste of natural foods I once savored… 39 weitere Wörter


Cooking blog

I have just started back to cooking but as I mentioned my children have really grown in that area. It is so much fun seeing them experiment and then pass new ideas on to me! 31 weitere Wörter

Pushing & Pampering

I know from experience that early sobriety is a time to be easy on yourself. But with the newfound clarity and awareness of everything, it’s hard not to be hard on oneself.  322 weitere Wörter


Spaghetti Squash Stir Fry

Growing up the only spaghetti I consumed was that made by my mother. In an Italian-Canadian household, you did not dare say you could make spaghetti out of squash (my parents still are getting used to zoodles). 643 weitere Wörter


Girls night at Backyard Cinema and Florentine.

There’s literally nothing that puts me in a good mood more than girly time (except a good brunch, so if the two are combined that’s even better) There’s just something about chats, cocktails and good food with the girls that makes you feel great. 746 weitere Wörter


Slow Cooker Chicken with Mushroom Gravy

So, the picture is a bit strange on this dish but my kids both liked it. I needed a quick dish to drop in the slow cooker so that we could eat in shifts and I could be out the door quickly. 259 weitere Wörter


Leftover Dough - Cinnamon Buns

In my kitchen, I try my best to make no waste. Basically everything can have an alternative purpose, and finding those make me a better cook and human. 371 weitere Wörter