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Chocolate Cake

Super tasty chocolatey. I so love this cake that I made ♥♥♥ So goood. Requested by my bro. Thanks bro! Needed a practice again cuz I was bummed out of the first cake. 22 weitere Wörter

coconut scone(egg, dairy free)

finally Friday, i’ve been longing for weekend. as soon as i got back from work, i made my kitty’s food(roasted chicken) and keep half in the freezer and half in the fridge to feed him. 227 weitere Wörter



A #girl needs #goals.

‚Nuff said.



Getting out of LA: 9 Days in Croatia

Last month, I was finally able to check off Europe from my bucket-list! 5 cities in less than 2 weeks seems like a lot (and it was), but there’s so much to see in Croatia that I couldn’t just stay in once place. 810 weitere Wörter

Couscous - A Versatile and Healthy Grain

Based in Massachusetts, Noah Springer has a background in real estate sales and holds National Personal Training Institute certification. Also a culinary enthusiast and vegetarian, Noah Springer enjoys sampling creative plant-based fare. 151 weitere Wörter

Noah Springer

Brands You Need to Know - Going Gaga for Goldsheep

If you’re hoping to stand out in a herd of black Lululemon leggings, sporting a pair of Goldsheep Clothing’s taxi print capris ought to do the trick.  202 weitere Wörter