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Sometimes You Have to Cheat the System

Sometimes you have to take matters into your hands, and make sure you control the results. Watch as I tell how I decided the outcome of the food for employee appreciation day at my job.

We Keep This Lunch In A Photograph

When Cherise pulled out ‚photo date,‘ I literally had no idea what to do for it. Also, due to a bunch of lame excuses (I started a new job, I’m lazy…etc), I didn’t get around to thinking about what I could actually do for the date until late on Saturday night/early Sunday morning. 1.204 weitere Wörter

SPRING - NOWRUZ Dinner - March 23, 2018

Aditi was home on a short suddenly planned trip – came on Wednesday night, left early Saturday morning. We decided to celebrate it by going to dinner at this downtown restaurant. 674 weitere Wörter


March Groceries

There’s a small country market approximately 20 minutes from my house, and it’s the closest place I can buy yogurt and half & half in returnable glass. 167 weitere Wörter

Zero Waste

What is halloumi?

If you’ve not been chowing down on some delicious halloumi, where on earth have you been?

Nando’s has got halloumi fries launching on the menu… 364 weitere Wörter


what time does Wetherspoons do breakfast

A Sunday lunch down the pub has always be a tradition but now Wetherspoons seems to have locked down the market on breakfast.

For those of us who don’t want to spend £40 on some avocado toast (since it’s the only thing keeping us off the property ladder) Wetherspoon’s Sunday brunch options have plenty of hearty fare to tuck into without breaking the bank. 350 weitere Wörter