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April 24th - National Pigs In A Blanket Day

Great news everyone! I finally bought a cookie sheet. That is going to make my life SO MUCH easier. Today was a return of the Crescent rolls that were super helpful in a lot of celebrations back in August/September when I was in Ohio. noch 175 Wörter

Daily Celebration

Pork Casserole

If you’ve heard a stereotype about Minnesotans, it’s probably that we eat a lot of Casserole (or as many of us call it “Hot Dish”) Well with this post I do nothing to combat that stereotype! noch 448 Wörter


Recent discoveries: My stupidity with drugs and food

They are serious when they say: ONE COUGH DROP.
I didn’t think overdosing in cough drops would give me a stomach ache, shortness of breathe, and red eyes like I got high. noch 117 Wörter

C'est Le Vie

Saute Cook & Fryer/Pantry Cook (potrero hill)

Skool is is seeking an experienced Saute cook for our weekday lunches. We are also seeking a fryer/pantry station cook to work in our kitchen on nights and weekend brunch. noch 19 Wörter

San Francisco

Finger Lickin' Good

The Search for General Tso

“Finger-lickin’ good. A culinary ‘Searching for Sugarman'” — Scott Foundas, Variety

Captivate. Cultivate. Celebrate.

Sundance Selects

Alexander Valley Film Society


living by the golden rule

“treat others like you want to be treated”, we’re all told this in elementary school but I guess I took this more literally than others. I had a massive breakdown tonight after another let down from one of my closest friends…and let me tell you why. noch 313 Wörter


i'm a little [rusty] at trying new things

Safe. Boring. Comfortable. Previously.

These words describe what I migrate toward. I am that person who sticks to things they know. I do not have too many adventurous bones in my body and trying new things sort of freaks me out. noch 341 Wörter