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Flashback Review: Pontow - Pontow

Artist: Pontow
Album: Pontow
Release: June 16, 2008
Our Take: “Buy It”

Pontow is as cute as cotton candy in a dream. It’s fancy, it’s sweet, and it’s colorful. noch 325 Wörter

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Flashback Review: Plastic Thomas & the Papaya/St Pauls Voltage Parade - Together Apart

Artist: Plastic Thomas & the Papaya / St Pauls Voltage Parade
Album: Together Apart
Release: March 01, 2012
Our Take: “Buy it”

The Champaign-Urbana music scene has always grown rapidly. noch 332 Wörter

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Flashback Review: ACKER - Sea Songs

Artist: ACKER
Album: Sea Songs
Release: January 1, 2015
Our take: „Stream it“

ACKER’s album art depicts the mystery and unpredictability in their music. Although ACKER labels itself as a rock band, the combination of guitars, percussion and cello, plus the creative and ingenious application of pedals destine the band’s extraordinarines far past rock ’n‘ roll. noch 295 Wörter

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Flashback Review: Dave Coresh - ARTAPE

Artist: Dave Coresh
Release: 2012
Our Take: „Stream It“

Anyone involved in hip-hop in Champaign-Urbana will tell you the scene is inexplicably marginalized to the point of near non-existence. noch 666 Wörter

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