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Flashback Review: Hank. - Pinched.

Artist: Hank.
Album: Pinched.
Release: July 27, 2013
Our Take: “Buy It”

I don’t particularly like the term “math rock” when it comes to describing music that’s rhythmically or compositionally complex. noch 421 Wörter

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Flashback Review: Sun Stereo - Rogue Satellite

Artist: Sun Stereo
Album: Rogue Satellite
Release: May 24, 2012
Our Take: “Buy it”

With the scrupulous recording, you’d like to turn the volume as loud as possible to immerse yourself into Sun Stereo’s 2012 release… noch 369 Wörter

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Flashback Review: The Arms of Someone New - Susan Sleepwalking

This article is part of a series where we review old albums from Champaign-Urbana’s past.

Artist: The Arms of Someone New
Album: Susan Sleepwalking
Release: noch 397 Wörter

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#915 - Flashback Review: Galaxy Quest

Almost a year ago to the day, readers Mickey and Mike called me out for never having seen Galaxy Quest. As a Star Trek fan it seemed only natural that I would have seen a movie that both pokes fun at and honors Gene Roddenberry’s wagon train to the stars. noch 670 Wörter