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Street Fighter

Street Fighter

Today’s feature is a classic video game movie adaptation, starring Raul Julia and Jean-Claude Van Damme: 1994’s Street Fighter.

Street Fighter was written and directed by Steven E. noch 1.306 Wörter


Roman Polanski wins another legal battle

If California Gov. Jerry Brown had a lick of common sense, he’d pardon Roman Polanski and end a wrong-headed and probably illegal campaign by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office to drag the world famous director back to the U.S. noch 677 Wörter


Ride (2014)


A hard working single mom lives in New York with her son Angelo. His dream is to become a writer and are soon suppose to begin collage, near his mom. noch 246 Wörter


Ridley Scott reveals new 'complex' Alien prequel triology was inspired by Star Wars

Ridley Scott has revealed more details about his three upcoming Alien prequels – and explained that Star Wars made him keen to do sequels for the first time ever. noch 517 Wörter