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Film Review: Magic Mike XXL. 💜

Heyyyy! Hope you’re good :)

I’m sure most of you have heard of the second movie of Magic Mike has just been released in the cinemas and I went to go see it! noch 158 Wörter


Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi

FIlm based on the graphic novel of Marjane Satrapi. More than half of the film’s effect is due to its striking visuals and aptly selected colour contrast. noch 35 Wörter

Bitter Moon, Roman Polanski

An English-French erotica, one of the lesser known films directed by Roman Polanski. Watch it if you like slow moving plots interspersed with dramatic scenes. Because it is an erotica, the film is full with explicit sex scenes and references that can be very graphic to most of us. noch 9 Wörter

June Favourites | 2015

This month has gone by so quickly it scares me.

So today you know why I’m here, it’s to do my monthly favourites and as you can probably guess, this one is for June :) noch 511 Wörter


That was way harsh Tai! The best quotes from classic teen movie Clueless

As nineties teen movies go, we can’t think of any that top Clueless.

Ok, so it’s a comedy about the antics of a really shallow rich girl who always gets what she wants, but she totally learns the error of her ways in the end and is hilariously loveable. noch 771 Wörter