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Spooktacular Art for The Spirit Room

There’s some cool promo art coming out for The Spirit Room, which I worked on last October.

Here’s me as the character Peggy Wiley!  Can’t wait to share this amazing short with you!


The Quintessential Ozu: Late Spring (1949)

„I always tell people that I don’t make anything besides tofu, and that is because I am strictly a tofu-dealer,“ Yasujirô Ozu said of his work while promoting… 2.242 weitere Wörter


I'm A Writer

It is getting to a point where my plan, frighteningly, is actually beginning to work. There is still some way to go and I have not quite gotten to the point of no return – I know myself, like exercise or a diet, there is always a chance it could abruptly…pause – but I am committed to the path, at least for now. 672 weitere Wörter


Lady Snowblood (1973)

This was originally written for The Black List’s „Essential Martial Arts Films“ series. See here

Born in a female prison on a snowy winter’s night, Yuki Kashima is told by her mother, “You will live your life carrying out my vendetta.” The child has no choice in the matter. 439 weitere Wörter


CLOSURE now in post production

Closure, a dark comedy/daytime noir feature film was shot in April in Los Angeles. Written and directed by Alex Goldberg, the movie is now in post production. 21 weitere Wörter

Top 10: Video Game Franchises That Deserve a Netflix Series

Written By: Shane Pelletier of Planet Buster!

Video games are fun. Movies and television are also fun. One would think that combining the two fun worlds would form some kind of multimedia Voltron to punch boredom in the face, but there has yet to be a perfect union of the platforms. 1.821 weitere Wörter

Video Games

Spider-man : Homecoming - New Trailer

The newest and final trailer for Spider-man Homecoming dropped today including lots of new footage to browse through…

What do you all think? Do we like that his suit has some kind of Stark AI embedded? 44 weitere Wörter