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Baumann and Burch Conversations, #3: The Worst Greatest Thing

In the following talk, Tim and Matt discuss a concept that’s been floating around their conversation for a while: „the worst greatest thing.“ Matt gives his bands takes, Tim gives his movies takes, and both weigh in on novelists. 13.647 weitere Wörter



This is a poem I revisited tonight, that was written in the middle of the night January 3rd, 2018 whilst I was living in Chicago. A very real sadness. 46 weitere Wörter

Remember Who You Are: Shakespeare’s Lion King

Simba, son of the strongest lion king of the animal kingdom Mufasa and his wife Sarabi, will inherit the Kingship of the Pride Lands. But his jealous uncle Scar wants to take away from him what is rightfully his—his family, his kingdom, his pride. 751 weitere Wörter


Language in Media

I speak one language, though I have tried and failed to learn many over the last few years. But last week we were watching Black Panther for like the 40th time since we bought it on Blu-Ray and I got to thinking: These characters are switching between the made-up language (Xhosa) and English a lot. 450 weitere Wörter

Movie Talk

Apollo's Girl


Cinema Village, NYC; Laemmle, LA
(national venues: )

You don’t have to be a filmmaker to gorge on the feast that is Filmworker and still hope for seconds… 786 weitere Wörter