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Emma Thompson dedicates her Evening Standard Film Award to 'dearest Alan Rickman'

Emma Thompson dedicated her Evening Standard Film Award to ‘dearest Alan Rickman’ who passed away in January.

Picking up the award for Comedy, for playing a 78-year-old chain-smoking prostitute in The Legend of Barney Thomson, Emma told the audience that she would like to commit this moment in time to dearest Alan Rickman who many of us are dearly missing tonight’. noch 291 Wörter


Day 5: The Witness

And today brings us to a different country, but same movie! Well, sort of…

The fifth film in the challenge is The Witness, a Chinese remake of the Korean thriller  noch 775 Wörter

30 Day Film Challenge

Spent a few hours getting lost and trying to find my friends here last year.


Drawcard - A Moment with Monica

When Monica Hyde began working at Rotor Studios at 19 years of age, she had no idea of the path she was about to embark on. noch 367 Wörter