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More brick for your buck: Lego Movie spin-off The Billion Brick Race announced

Couldn’t get enough of The Lego Movie? Did the news of a sequel cause you to make a noise that only dogs could hear?

Prepare to get even more excited, as a spin-off has been announced. noch 233 Wörter


Warner Bros set to run 'The Billion Brick Race'!

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

And Warner Bros has added another brick to their growing LEGO film empire.

The studio has just signed Jason Segal and Drew Pearce to co-write and co-direct the next… noch 205 Wörter


A Short Vimeo Film About a TCK's Identity

Today’s post will be a video I found on Vimeo, directed and filmed by Adrian Bautista. Adrian is an entrepreneur who’s got part of his time devoted to film, among other things. noch 78 Wörter


Recensione "Stuck In Love"

Ciao ragazze/i!!! Oggi mi sono arrivati tre nuovi libri [(waa) *saltadigioia* HAHAHA va beh non sono noramale…] ovvero The Selection, The Elite e The One di Kiera Cass (quando li finirò vi metterò la recensione;) ), comuque… oggi volevo parlarvi di un film che ho visto pochi giorni fa di cui ho sentito parlare da una ragazza su YouTube e visto che c’erano tre attori che hanno film di cui sono innamorata l’ho guardato (gli attori sono Lily Collins, Nat Wolff, Liana Liberato e Logan Lerman; per chi non ha presente le facce: Lily=Clary (Shadowhunters) o Rosie (Scrivimi Ancora), Nat=Isaac (Colpa Delle Stelle) e futuro Quetin nel film di Città di Carta, Liana=Kim (Resta Anche Domani), Logan=Charlie (Noi Siamo Infinito)) noch 278 Wörter

Lovelace (2013 film)

Before I watched the film, I immediately thought that this is just going to fuel the stereotype that women in porn, or any other adult entertainment, have family issues or suffer from domestic violence and things like that..I feared people will think this is how the adult industry is and not care to see that… noch 211 Wörter


Steven Spielberg Drops his Quarter in for 'Ready Player One'!

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

It looks like director Steven Spielberg is headed back to Warner Bros after a 14 year hiatus. And he’s coming back to helm the movie adaptation of the hit sci-fi book… noch 303 Wörter