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Interview: Documentary film producer reflects on Israel's imprisonment of Palestinian children

One facet of the occupation that has largely remained hidden from the public’s critical eye is the systematic abuse of children at the hands of Israeli soldiers and prison officials. noch 1.645 Wörter


Birdman (2014)

Is there a more disingenuous film than Birdman?

A 119 minute trick shot that rallies against effects laden blockbusters.

A cry against criticism that looks down on popular cinema. noch 9 Wörter


Film Review: Aloha

It’s weird feeling empty after watching a Cameron Crowe film. His name alone conjures up sensations of joy and excitement — exuberance, even! For over three decades, he’s filled theaters worldwide with laughter and tears and good vibes, from the rock ‘n’ roll ecstasy of… noch 908 Wörter


Cameron Crowe Seriously Misses the Mark with Messy "Aloha"

Former Sony film chief Amy Pascal was right, after all, in her evaluation of Cameron Crowe’s now-titled “Aloha.” Although I wouldn’t go as far as calling it “ridiculous” like she did in one of the emails released after Sony’s email servers were hacked, I would agree with her assessment that “it never not ever once ever works.” And even after Crowe went back to the editing room to fine-tune it early this year, “Aloha” still doesn’t work. noch 773 Wörter