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Mommie Queerest

In 1995 Faye Dunaway sat across from James Lipton on the set of Inside The Actor’s Studio embodying all the composure, reserve, and glamour of classic Hollywood actresses. noch 1.292 Wörter

Pop Culture

"The Adventures of Pepper and Paula" Interview

WRA interviews the Directors of “The Adventures of Pepper and Paula”


The Joker

Haven’t you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?


Power of God | Micro Film "Experiencing the Tribulations, I Was Accompanied by God's Love"

She is a retired worker. For most of her life, she labored hard for her work and family. Due to the heavy burden of life, she often got worn out and felt lonely and helpless, unable to find any value or meaning of living. noch 262 Wörter


VIFF: 24 September 2015

I was fortunate to be in Vancouver for the first three days of the Vancouver International Film Festival last month, and I saw a couple movies each day. noch 484 Wörter

Super Size, Super Size the American Way

Jag gillar mat, men vem gör inte det? Jag gillar även att se på dokumentärer om mat. Ett av mina favoritprogram på TV är matlagningstävlingen Masterchef. noch 905 Wörter

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31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: The Fly (1958)

Day 5

The classic sci-fi horror film by genre director Kurt Neumann and co-starring genre fave Vincent Price. The film follows a story that a widow tells her brother-in-law about the death of his brother. noch 329 Wörter