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50 films: #9. Pete's Dragon (Don Chaffey, 1977)

My early relationship with films is hazy. These days, any respectable child has assimilated Frozen by the age of four, having watched their DVD of it a hundred times, but we didn’t own a VCR until I was six so that wasn’t an option. noch 1.718 Wörter


BMS Movie Review: Sharknado (2013)

Figured it was about time we got to this one. Hope you enjoy. If you like it, Subscribe to us on YouTube and/or drop us a Like on Facebook (HERE).

10 Word Review - Ebertfest - A Bronx Tale

Family. Atmosphere. Coming. Of. Age. Cast. Direction. Dialog. Story. Yes.

In My Opinion

A Year in Champagne

After a tough day tasting at the Vintage Festival, I thought the only way to recover was a film and pizza at home (no wine as my taste buds were obliterated). noch 190 Wörter

On my approach to writing a film review, and the structure of my film reviews

While finishing up my first reviews and opinion piece for ‘Keeping Minty’ this week, I had a thought – one of two. I considered that I haven’t yet explained my reviews policy for films, or the structure of my film reviews. noch 767 Wörter


Konkurs / Open call

Festival malih i nezavisnih filmskih produkcija Filmski Front

28-31. oktobar 2015.

Novi Sad

Samo što nije otvoren konkurs za Filmski Front!

Independent and short festival Film Front… noch 13 Wörter


the longest ride (2015)

So I had a sudden craving to go to the movie theatre the other day, and honestly didn’t know of any of the films currently being shown in theatres. noch 735 Wörter