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SQL Database Administrator (SQL Server and Postgres)

Arts Alliance Media

Location: Hammersmith
Hours: 40 (9am-6pm)
Job Type: Contract (rolling)

Company Overview

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) is a global leader in digital cinema software and services. noch 810 Wörter

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Inside Out | Review | Film

It’s hard to ignore the voices inside your head, whether you’re struggling to not to laugh as your dad asks you what an Instagram is for the 18th time, or trying to resist procrastinating on a Friday afternoon.  noch 419 Wörter

This Is Entertainment

TMP Recommends: Five Films on TCM, July 29 - 31

Welcome to this week’s installment of TMP Recommends, the series where I usually share five films you should keep an eye out for on TCM over the next seven days. noch 336 Wörter


Southpaw Review

Movie transformations are usually impressive, whether it’s Christian Bale’s for The Machinistor Charlize Theron’s for Monster. Jake Gyllenhaal’s transformation to play champion boxer Billy Hope in… noch 521 Wörter