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Intelligence Data and Terrorism: The Inherent Problem

   The primary entity within the United States Government responsible for collecting and organizing intelligence data concerning national and international counterterrorism efforts is the National Counterterrorism Center… 944 weitere Wörter

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Alvaro Bedoya: Who owns your face? In more than half of the states, it might not be you

If you grew up in the United States, you probably remember the day you got your driver’s licence. You went to the department of motor vehicles, took a driving test, stood for a photograph and then got your licence. 662 weitere Wörter


CREDO and Cloudflare argue against national security letter gag orders

Earlier this week, the FBI finally allowed Cloudflare and CREDO Mobile to identify themselves as recipients of national security letters, which allow the agency to secretly order tech companies to hand over customer data. 815 weitere Wörter


Eli Lake: An FBI director is now the most powerful man in Washington. Worried yet?

One of the most important things we learned Monday from the House Intelligence Committee hearings on Russian influence of the 2016 elections was that the hackers may have wanted to get caught. 935 weitere Wörter

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Israel’s chief of staff says Hezbollah killed its own commander in Syria

An Israeli military official has repeated claims in the Arab media that the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah killed its own military commander in Syria, following a dispute with Iran. 380 weitere Wörter

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