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No BBC coverage of Abbas' PLO resignation

Even for an organization which serially avoids serious coverage of internal Palestinian affairs, the BBC’s failure to report on a recent story coming out of Ramallah is remarkable – especially as it is obviously aware of events. noch 308 Wörter



The International Crisis Group’s depressing new report confirms that without a fundamental shake-up, either from regional shifts or the emergence of a broad-based popular movement in the occupied territories, things are hopeless for Gaza and for Palestine. noch 1.024 Wörter


Clashes At Palestinian Camp In Lebanon Kill Two

At least two people have been killed, following clashes, between hardline Islamists and the mainstream Palestinian faction, Fatah, at a Palestinian refugee camp, in Lebanon. noch 137 Wörter


Hamas tweets cartoon of Jew raping woman ("West Bank") then forced to apologize as cartoon depicts woman unwilling to fight the Jew

by Itamar Marcus
August 23, 2015

Cartoonist’s replacement image shows Jew stabbed and killed by “West Bank” Hamas woman

Hamas publicized on its twitter account this cartoon depicting a long nosed Jew raping a woman in yellow, the color of Fatah, who is named “West Bank.” noch 144 Wörter

Israel & Middle East

Media Roundup: Beachwashing, Holy Land Tour, and Israeli Dictation



This first post – Beachwashing? – previously appeared as an article on the blog titled Apartheid Sur Seine. It is being republished here as part of the Media Roundup.  noch 4.558 Wörter


Myth: Israel Caused Terrorism

Another myth has been making the rounds recently, and it is a persistent one. It is the claim that because of Israel’s occupations, Palestinians have been encouraged towards terrorism. noch 1.731 Wörter