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Fatah och Hamas samarbetar i krig.

Om du tittar på en lista över israeliska terroroffer ser du att Hamas och Fatah ha tagit på sig ungfär liknande antal. Snälla moderata Abbas höhöhöhö. noch 565 Wörter

Make or Break Moment for Palestinian Violence

by Yaakov Lappin
Special to IPT News
April 21, 2016

The coming Passover holiday represents a make-or-break moment that could decide whether Palestinian violence and terrorism fizzles out, or escalates into a new and more dangerous phase. noch 985 Wörter

Counter Jihad Report

Palestinians Praise Jerusalem Bus Bombing Targeting Israelis

by IPT News  •  Apr 18, 2016

Palestinian factions from across the political spectrum are celebrating the latest terrorist bombing of a bus in Jerusalem on Monday afternoon. noch 328 Wörter

Counter Jihad Report

Islam Is Colonialism, 'Palestine' Is Colonialism

(By Daniel Greenfield,

Muslims invaded, conquered and settled Israel as they did in other places, like India, that had an indigenous population. Advocates for ‚Palestine‘ are not fighting colonialism, they are promoting it. noch 1.282 Wörter

Communism Helping Muslims & Islam to become the Master Race

If it is one thing communists like to claim they are against is the ideology of the Master Race theory which is something that has its origins to Madame Blavatsky’s Satanic Dream of an Aryan Brotherhood, to which this Idea was taken up by Hitler who was also involved in Occult Practices, to which it would’ve been by learning of the occult practices, that he would’ve read on Blavatsky’s Aryan Brotherhood of a Perfect Empire Of People. noch 389 Wörter

Islams Oppression Of The West

BBC report on assassination in Lebanon fails to provide context

April 12th saw the appearance of a short article titled „Lebanon car bombing kills Palestinian Fatah official“ on the BBC News website’s Middle East page. noch 271 Wörter


No BBC reporting of Abbas-PFLP row

The BBC’s profile of the PFLP informs audiences that:

„During the 1970s, the PFLP was the second largest faction in the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO)…“ noch 330 Wörter