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Israel behind Paris?

Understandably, there has been a lot of distress, confusion, and soul-searching following the recent Paris attacks, but one thing is clear: Israel (along with the PA and western democracies) is behind Paris, not behind the Paris attacks. noch 943 Wörter


Leave it to Israel's partner in peace, the Palestinian Authority, to bring clarity to the Paris terror story

Palestinian Authority Compares Israel to ISIS, Publishes Article Blaming Mossad for Paris Attacks
by Shiryn Ghermezian
November 15, 2015

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Fatah movement of PA president Mahmoud Abbas responded to Friday’s terror attacks in Paris by drawing a false comparison between Israel and ISIS, and publishing an article blaming the Jewish state for the mass slaughter, watchdog  noch 69 Wörter

Israel & Middle East

Fatah posts German anti-Semitic book cover to social media

The Palestinian faction of PA President Mahmoud Abbas posted on its Facebook and Twitter accounts last week the cover of a German book from 1936 that warns against trusting Jews. noch 27 Wörter

Daily News

Fatah Posts Nazi Children's Book Cover on Facebook: Don’t Trust a Fox or a Jew

Same as it ever was.  Click here.

Also, click here for a Palestinian Media Watch Special Report from 2014 titled “Holocaust imagery and terminology used by the Palestinian Authority during the Gaza War.”


Abbas Fatah och Hamas träffas i Beirut för att diskutera hur de ska mörda fler judar.

Abbas, “fredsfurste” , som har ägnat sitt liv åt att mörda judar och doktorerat om det, fortsätter med det helt öppet. Inte för att svenska politiker har en aaaaaning, de bara betalar som alltid – det är ju inte deras egna pengar de använder utan snor från de svenskar som har minst. noch 471 Wörter

Hamas - Terrorizing Israel from Within Her Own Borders

Welcome back!  Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to digest the facts about Hezbollah that you discovered yesterday.  Today, we’ll take a look at Hamas.

Unlike Hezbollah, who is based primarily outside Israel’s borders, Hamas has literally set up shop in Israel’s backyard.  noch 511 Wörter