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Hamas ready to pounce on weak Fatah in local elections, experts say

The Hamas terror group in control of the Gaza Strip is poised to make a power play using one of its most potent weapons — the ballot box. noch 888 Wörter

Daily News

Palestinians: The Fatah Mess

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas is once again facing insurrection — this time from the young guard in his ruling Fatah faction.

Even autocracy has its limits, and after many years of being gagged, Fatah’s young guard is finding its voice. noch 131 Wörter


Militärische Ehren für Terroristen


Der Anführer der terroristischen PLO besuchte Wien, die Hauptstadt des befreundeten Nahost-Staates Österreich, und wurde mit militärischen Ehren empfangen.
Österreich, das gerade durch den größten Wahlbetrug seiner Geschichte taumelt, empfängt einen Terroristen mit militärischen Ehren. noch 164 Wörter


Catching up: Egypt

I took a much-needed break from this blog back there in February and March, and while I’m back to regular posting these days, there are still some places I haven’t fully caught up on to the point where I feel comfortable writing about them. noch 1.792 Wörter


Gaza - grad koji nitko ne želi

U trenutku kada Palestinci obilježavaju 68. obljetnicu Nakbe („katastrofa“ na arapskom), kada je autohtoni narod Palestine otišao u progonstvo i kada je nastala država Izrael, odvija se nova Nakba. noch 724 Wörter


Three Killed, More Wounded in Shooting Attack in Central Tel Aviv

Breitbart, by Aaron Klein, June 8, 206:

TEL AVIV – At least three people were killed and five or more were seriously wounded in a suspected terrorist shooting attack in Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market, an upscale food and shopping center in the heart of central Tel Aviv. noch 250 Wörter

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