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PA National Security Forces and PA Presidential Guards: All of Israel is "Palestine"

PMW Bulletins: 

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik ~

The Palestinian Authority National Security Forces keep presenting all of Israel as “Palestine” in different posts on their official Facebook page.  noch 508 Wörter



In which Ron Ben-Yishai plays soldier with the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in Qalandiya refugee camp:

The operation had three objectives. The first was what the military calls ‘mowing the lawn’ – detention of suspected terrorists and seizure of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

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Dignity, Fifty Shades of Government, Good News, and 80%

Here are some more photos with which to re-educate yourself and prove to your selfish Losertarian and evil KKKonservative friends why they’re wrong and contributing to the evil Koch brothers’ conspiracy. noch 76 Wörter


US Court Finds Palestinian Authority Liable in Intifada Attacks on Israelis / Sputnik International

During the Third Intifada between 2002 and 2004, six terrorist attacks killed 33 people and injured 450 in Jerusalem. In a civil suit brought by ten families affected by the attacks, a jury decided on Monday to award $218.5 million in damages. noch 396 Wörter


Verdict against Palestinian Authority could spell trouble for Abbas at ICC

Why would a US ruling on whether the PA was involved in terrorism in 2004, matter in 2015? Because until now, despite Israeli allegations of Yasser Arafat’s involvement in the second intifada violence, the PA has said Hamas performed all the terrorism and that it has been clean since the mid-1990s Oslo Accords.

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Legal Action

In the News: Preparations for Psalm 83?


Psalm 83 is one of the many topics debated today in Bible prophecy circles.  Psalm 83 is a remarkable passage of Scripture that talks about the enemies of Israel conspiring together to make war on Israel, but then are utterly defeated. noch 1.022 Wörter

Signpost #2: Iran

Dear Prospective Parliamentary Candidate... Israel and Palestine

Ok, this is a tough one, and also an area where one must tread carefully considering the political tinderbox that this issue tends to be. I got an email from… noch 1.219 Wörter

Green Party