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Abbas wants Fatah, PLO leadership elections next month

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is pushing for leadership elections in his Fatah movement and the PLO before the end of the year, as part of what senior officials say is largely an elaborate attempt to block the return of an exiled rival backed by several Arab states. 863 weitere Wörter

Daily News

Political disputes postpone Palestinian council elections

Ramallah – Palestinian municipal coun­cillors in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip who had stepped down ahead of local elections sched­uled for early October returned to work after the government post­poned the vote for six months. 804 weitere Wörter


Palestine's lost elections

The Palestinian Authority’s decision to postpone the municipal elections in Palestine reveals how deep the fracture between Hamas and Fatah is and warns about its dangerousness for the future developments of Palestinian politics… 867 weitere Wörter

Middle East

Hamas, Palestinian Authority Target Journalists Ahead of Election

Palestinian journalists are at the top of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas hit-list in the crackdown occurring alongside preparations for the Palestinian local and municipal elections, scheduled for October 8. 137 weitere Wörter


Weekend long read

1) At the JCPA, Yoni Ben Mehachem takes a look at a topic much neglected by the BBC: Fatah’s internal politics.

„The succession battle in the Palestinian Authority has become very elemental since Mahmoud Abbas rejected the request of four Arab states – Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates – to mend fences with his bitter rival Muhammad Dahlan. 646 weitere Wörter


Hamas: Vote for Us or Burn in Hell

It is election season in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Palestinians are preparing to cast their votes in the local and municipal elections, scheduled to take place on October 8. 190 weitere Wörter


Palestinian vote suspended amid deep divisions

Exactly one month before the long-awaited local elections were set to take place across the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian high court in Ramallah suspended the vote – and it is now unclear whether polling will go ahead at all. 709 weitere Wörter