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As Health Worsens, Israeli Intelligence Sees the Beginning of the End of Abbas’ Rule

Claims that the Palestinian president was suffering from pneumonia have been rejected, but Israel believes the 82-year-old’s time in charge is drawing to an end… 991 weitere Wörter

Hamas chief visits Egypt ahead of US embassy move to Jerusalem

Hamas‘ political chief Ismail Haniya arrives in Cairo to discuss ‚developments‘ in Palestine and the region.

A Hamas statement on Sunday said the delegation had accepted an invitation extended by neighbouring Egypt… 410 weitere Wörter

Palestinian leader Abbas offers apology for remarks on Jews (But Israel doubts sincerity)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday offered an apology after he was accused of anti-Semitism for suggesting that historic persecution of European Jews had been caused by their conduct, not by their religion. 666 weitere Wörter

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas re-elected as chairman of PLO executive committee -- Despite heat over anti-Semitic remarks

Abbas is thought to have achieved most of his goals at the meeting. Palestinians show no sign of wanting genuine peace accord with Isreal. Hamas, Hezbollah still considered terrorist groups by many… 401 weitere Wörter

After Hard Ball With North Korea and Iran, Trump Administration Peace Plan for the Middle East: Something For Both Israelis and Palestinians

Israeli official says Israel should welcome Trump peace plan

Aron Heller (Associated Press) – May 1, 2018 – 2:27am

JERUSALEM — A top Israel official said yesterday that his government has never had a more favorable ally in the White House than Donald Trump and therefore it should welcome his administration’s forthcoming peace plan regardless of its content. 456 weitere Wörter

Israel says 15 Hamas operatives arrested in West Bank raid

JERUSALEM: The Israeli military says it has arrested 15 Hamas operatives in an overnight West Bank raid.

The military says Sunday those captured are suspected of collaborating with a well-known Hamas operative from Gaza to spread its activities to the West Bank, which is governed by the rival Fatah movement. 231 weitere Wörter

PA official: Egypt asked Hamas to stop Gaza protests


PA official: Egypt asked Hamas to stop Gaza protests

Envoys from Cairo said to worry about potential for ’serious deterioration‘; official in the Strip vows to continue demonstrations…

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