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Wedding Ready?

‚Tis the season, wedding season and it’s inevitable that someone will ask me, „what do I wear?“. The questions I ask is „What kind of wedding is it? 626 weitere Wörter


Striped Target Skirt

I have been obsessed with the colorful striped trend that’s been happening lately! It just makes me happy! 😊

This skirt I found from Target with an off the shoulder body suit from Forever21. 68 weitere Wörter



Hello everyone, my name is Diana. I have a passion for clothing, thrifting, dogs, food and books.

Welcome to my Blog !
I decided to start a blog because every time I buy something new I am all like: OMG this is so pretty , this is so cute and so on, and I would just spend hours on Pinterest looking for the same item, or thinking of combinations on how to wear that item or what I can do to flip it . 138 weitere Wörter

Flash Back

I have to say…most things we know should just be left in the past. But these tassel earrings are making a comeback and I am here for it!!! 62 weitere Wörter


My Go-to Summer Glow Makeup Routine!

The most common questions I get from people through social media are about my tan, my workout routines, and my makeup. I tend to not wear makeup everyday (especially when i’m in Hawaii due to the humidity), however, when I do- this is my go-to routine! 23 weitere Wörter