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One set of trousers - Three Different Styles!

Do you ever think how crazy and beautiful the fashion world is? How all the trends keep coming back and we accept them all with open arms. 487 weitere Wörter


Mini Try-On AND Plus Size Sizing Rant

I never know if all y’all who read the blog actually watch the videos when I share them, so I feel compelled to repeat myself in both so you won’t miss One Sparkling Gem that I have to share. 1.032 weitere Wörter

Plus Size

Black is my Blank Canvas.

If you guys missed it, well head to my previous blog. I dedicated the whole look to Morticia Addams.

I started by label a year back keeping, Wednesday Addams, in my mind. 426 weitere Wörter


NSale Restock

For all my non-card holders and people who just want to keep shopping – here are some of my FAVORITE items from the sale this year that are still in stock or have been restocked. 135 weitere Wörter


Innovation and ethics: activewear with a heart

Flattering, comfortable work out gear makes the world of difference to persuading you to get active. It’s great when it’s the kind of thing you can wear all day, so you can grab a chance to exercise if it comes your way. 362 weitere Wörter