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Our Path to Victory, Principle One of Five

Disclaimer: While I will use military terms and the language of war throughout this article, it should be noted that I am not promoting violence. The terminology of war is frequently used both in politics and the study of political science. 2.239 weitere Wörter


Time is Not on Our Side

via Time is Not on Our Side : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

A little over a week ago, a bomb rocked the city of Kabul.  648 weitere Wörter


RCPs as scenarios

Fabius Maximus has a guest post on Climate Etc. in which he focuses on RCP8.5. RCP8.5 is a Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) that leads to a change in forcing of 8.5Wm-2 in 2100. 642 weitere Wörter

Climate Change