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Time is Not on Our Side

via Time is Not on Our Side : This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

A little over a week ago, a bomb rocked the city of Kabul.  noch 648 Wörter


RCPs as scenarios

Fabius Maximus has a guest post on Climate Etc. in which he focuses on RCP8.5. RCP8.5 is a Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) that leads to a change in forcing of 8.5Wm-2 in 2100. noch 642 Wörter

Climate Change

Spreading misinformation, intentional or not

Rick Santorum appeared on Bill Maher and, when asked about climate change, claimed that there was a recent survey showing that 57% of scientists don’t agree that CO2 is the main control knob for our climate. noch 599 Wörter

Climate Change

"very likely" versus "extremely likely"

In IPCC land „very likely“ means 90% – 100% probability, while extremely likely means 95% – 100% probability. In light of that, I was wondering if anyone had any insights as to why, in… noch 616 Wörter

Climate Change

Transforming Society

The first prerequisite to transform society is to transform its culture; sap and destroy its belief structure, much as termites gnaw at the foundations of a house, until nothing but a shell is left which can then be collapsed into a pile of dusty rubble with a push. noch 1.540 Wörter

The USA isn't invincible, and never was

 I’ve written several posts pondering why the United States of America, which has the world’s most extensive and expensive armed force, no longer wins wars. noch 907 Wörter

War And Peace