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The Mentor- Ustinov Studio ***

One of the great true-isms is that those in the industry love work based in their own little bubble. This year La La Land was garlanded for its tale of romance and jazz clubs set in Hollywood. 668 weitere Wörter



We look back on 1984’s Amadeus to commemorate the recent loss of its writer Peter Shaffer (and because the DVD was cheap in Sainsbury’s).

This octuple-Oscar-winning drama tells the story of 18th-century composer Antonio Salieri (F. 398 weitere Wörter


Homeland Hits Home

For me, one of the few “must see” shows on TV at the moment is series six of Homeland, currently running on Sunday evenings on Channel Four. 312 weitere Wörter

The Ritz (1976)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 3 out of 10

4-Word Review: Hiding out in bathhouse.

On the run from is homicidal brother-in-law (Jerry Stiller) heterosexual businessman Gaetano (Jack Weston) decides to hide out inside a Manhattan bathhouse unaware that it’s for gay men only until he’s already stuck inside. 424 weitere Wörter


Amadeus, Sleeping With Other People


Amadeus is a tour de force of film making. It has everything you’d want in a period drama: lush sets, flamboyant costumes, fantastic dialogue, deep drama, scandal, and treachery. 430 weitere Wörter


Review: Thir13en Ghosts (2001)

„The Jackal is the Charlie Manson of ghosts. And if the Jackal is out, screw the kid. We gotta get out of this basement!“

Growing up, this was actually one of my favorite movies. 1.068 weitere Wörter


Composing and Arranging

I showed my students a scene from AMADEUS the other week. Happily, they seemed to enjoy it, but I think I screwed up — I don’t think I pointed out the best thing about it, as a piece of screenwriting. 867 weitere Wörter