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An Innocent Man (1989)

Now this is pure 80s cheese at its best. You’ve got crooked narcotics cops doing  drug raids to private homes with no apparent warrants or back up and then sniffing coke in broad day light, the title itself is incredibly corny and played entirely straight, and the fashion is, shall we say, dazzling. noch 415 Wörter

Watched Movie


A film by Wes Anderson

Cast: Ralph Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham, Mathieu Amalric

Right the way you see the trailer of this film and you know that is a Wes Anderson film. noch 263 Wörter


Fire Over Israel (2008)

We’re all the same don’t you know? Jews, Arabs, Americans. All the same. All have compassion, all love their families, all fall in love. That is the heart-warming message of political, yes political, action thriller… noch 545 Wörter


The Music Men

Are there any movie genres that are more, well, generic than films about young, struggling musicians (and perhaps sports films)? Even the best films about musicians tend to follow the same story beats: a talented young person’s struggle against all odds, personal sacrifice to reach the top, stern but well-meaning teachers, following your dreams, making it at the big competition, that sort of thing. noch 759 Wörter


"Cheer Off, You Blasted Mud Turtle!"

March 5th is the birth anniversary of actor Rex Harrison, whom many will remember as Doctor Doolittle, or as Professor Henry Higgins, but to my mind he will always be Captain Daniel Gregg.   noch 145 Wörter

El gran estilo de Wes Anderson

por Cristina Rojas

Cuando vemos una película del director Wes Anderson ya sabemos que nos sumergiremos en un mundo completamente creado por él y que ese nuevo universo no dejará de sorprendernos por ser encantador y bizarro al mismo tiempo. noch 379 Wörter


Review of The Grand Budapest Hotel

Get to the Theater

Wes Anderson’s latest is as visually pleasing and fanciful as his other films, but it is also darker and more mature, revealing a bitter and indignant response to fascism. noch 71 Wörter

100-word Movie Review