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El gran estilo de Wes Anderson

por Cristina Rojas

Cuando vemos una película del director Wes Anderson ya sabemos que nos sumergiremos en un mundo completamente creado por él y que ese nuevo universo no dejará de sorprendernos por ser encantador y bizarro al mismo tiempo. noch 379 Wörter


Review of The Grand Budapest Hotel

Get to the Theater

Wes Anderson’s latest is as visually pleasing and fanciful as his other films, but it is also darker and more mature, revealing a bitter and indignant response to fascism. noch 71 Wörter

100-word Movie Review

Amadeus (1984)

This film was music to my ears, it was quite enjoyable for the most part. This is the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, maybe you’ve heard of him… but it was also the story of Antonio Salieri (you probably haven’t heard of him) and that’s the point of this film. noch 176 Wörter


The Grand Budapest Hotel - 2014

It amuses me a lot that Wes Anderson has become a kind of running joke among cinema buffs and creative types in recent years – Saturday Night Live provided one of the… noch 581 Wörter



The devastating reality is that Salieri absolved neither himself nor audiences of their mediocrity. We’re all confronted by our limitations and powerless to overcome them. God just smirks at our longing, and like Salieri we stare out through the bars of those meticulous dreams at absolute and unattainable beauty.

Movie Responses

Exquisite times at The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel    ★★★★☆    dir. Wes Anderson

Let Ralph Fiennes lead you through the lobby for a romp around the rooms of this funny and sweet comic caper. noch 332 Wörter


A Little Review of "A Little Game"

In general, a movie about chess would not normally motivate me to write a review.  But, “A Little Game” starring Ralph Macchio, Janeane Garofalo, … noch 349 Wörter