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Scarface (1983)

A Cuban refugee is granted asylum in Florida and rises through the ranks of the criminal underworld to become a drug kingpin.

Some films capture the zeitgeist of the time in which they were made perfectly, often regardless of their quality. 147 weitere Wörter


Inside Llewyn Davis (2013, Joel and Ethan Coen)

Just over half way into Inside Llewyn Davis, there’s a moment where lead Oscar Isaac looks into the face of responsibility–weighs it, weighs the consequences of not accepting it, makes his decision. 549 weitere Wörter


The Bonfire of the Vanities Movie Review

For over a quarter century, I’ve known Brian De Palma’s The Bonfire of the Vanities only by its reputation. Its very, very bad reputation. The picture belongs in a category along with Heaven’s Gate, Ishtar, Last Action Hero, Waterworld and others as The Giant Hollywood Bomb. 646 weitere Wörter


▣ A Tale of a Bellboy, a Concierge, a Murder and a Hotel (SPOILERS).

This article is by Gill Jacob of Realweegiemidget, and it’s part of the Wes Anderson Blogathon!

Main Features No 48 ▣ Reviewing The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson’s comic Oscar Winning tale of a famous hotel’s well-loved concierge and his friendship with a bell boy th… 14 weitere Wörter


"There are simply too many notes."

From: Amadeus

Genre: Movies

Who said it?: Emperor Joseph II

The story behind the quote: This week’s quote comes the Academy Award nominated picture Amadeus. The film is about the life and times of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 222 weitere Wörter


Mimic (1997)

A series of deaths and disappearances seem to lead back to the release of a batch of genetically engineered cockroaches three years earlier.

The early part of this film seems very much like the usual run of the mill horror film; disappearances in dark corridors, bumps in the night and failing flashlights with the inevitable cop/scientist combo in pursuit. 138 weitere Wörter



 | Dir: Woody Allen

„If Clint Eastwood wants to be hairdresser then just let him“.

After losing a year long custody battle to Mia Farrow over their two adopted children – and enduring very public allegations of sexual abuse on one of them – you would assume that adoption would be the last thing Allen would want to preoccupy his artistic time on. 916 weitere Wörter