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First, the book.

You know the type of quizzes such as ‘which animal are you most like’, ‘which celebrity are you’, ‘which Disney princess are you’? 462 weitere Wörter


September 25th, 2017 Movie - Slipstream (1989)

I am going to apologize for the lateness of this post because I fell asleep while watching this movie this morning. This was entirely due to the fact that I got next to no sleep last night and is in now way an indication that today’s movie was bad or boring, which I honestly wouldn’t know since I WAS ASLEEP while it was on. 1.688 weitere Wörter

Movie Review

Drawing: F Murray Abraham in The Mentor

Oscar winner F Murray Abraham returned to the London stage after a 21 year absence in THE MENTOR at the Vaudeville Theatre in June. Written by the German novelist Daniel Kehlmann and translated by Christopher Hampton, F Murray plays a tetchy older author clashing with a younger dramatist in a compelling and humorous study of creative anxiety. 27 weitere Wörter


The Mentor (Vaudeville Theatre)

I caught this on its final day, the matinee performance, having noted some decidedly mixed reviews.

Daniel Kehlmann’s play has been translated from the German by veteran writer and translator Christopher Hampton, and I found it a funny, biting satire on the profession of being a writer. 419 weitere Wörter


The Mentor (Vaudeville)

F Murray Abraham is an Oscar winner. He delivers a remarkable performance as embittered composer Salieri in the film version of Peter Schaffer’s Amadeus (soon to return to the National in January 2018). 211 weitere Wörter

The Mentor

No one deserves this
Bitterness negates ego
Well liked but not loved


The Mentor Review

Quick review: See it, funny but a bit empty

The Mentor by Daniel Kehlmann, translated by Christopher Hampton and directed by Laurence Boswell is a comedy, unsurprisingly, about a mentor. 305 weitere Wörter