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Mimic (1997)

A series of deaths and disappearances seem to lead back to the release of a batch of genetically engineered cockroaches three years earlier.

The early part of this film seems very much like the usual run of the mill horror film; disappearances in dark corridors, bumps in the night and failing flashlights with the inevitable cop/scientist combo in pursuit. noch 138 Wörter


Shark Swarm (TV 2008)

James A. Contner
David Rosiak (written by)
Matthew Chernov (written by)
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Release Date: noch 50 Wörter

John Schneider

Suddenly I was the man who got the part that every actor in the English language was trying to get. I was really scared. I had talked the talk, and now I had to walk the walk. noch 16 Wörter

F. Murray Abraham

Countdown to Beyond - Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)

What does the ninth Star Trek movie have in common with Apocalypse Now?  Would you believe they were based on the same book?  Those of you who have read Joseph Conrad’s… noch 3.206 Wörter

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Scarface (1983)


Confession time: I first watched Brian De Palma’s Scarface when I was about 16 or 17, at the height of my hormone-fuelled teenage years, and should have been ready and primed to love it…yet I found it boring, inauthentic, and overdramatic. noch 114 Wörter

Film Reviews


Amadeus is the story of two creative geniuses whose overlapping passions forge one of the most interesting and engrossing cinematic rivalries I’ve ever seen – not a result of circumstance or even history, but rather the work of F. noch 213 Wörter

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Enter, for Here Too There Are Gods!

A picture of a decrepit, present-day Jerusalem neighborhood is projected behind the actors, who sit in a row of chairs when they are not onstage.  They begin out of costume and inform the audience they are about to tell a story; during intermission, two perform the Muslim evening prayer.   noch 385 Wörter