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Too Big to Fail - Redux

Almost two years ago now I wrote a piece entitled “Back to Square One.” (1)  The election was getting interesting.  Lots of charges were flying back and forth.   2.298 weitere Wörter

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Deriving Bitcoin Value From Visa

Here is a short continuation from the previous post. This time it is VISA. Visa is a credit card, payment system, global payment, debit card, system that has constantly risen the past 20 years since their IPO in 2008. 356 weitere Wörter


Biggest Mergers & Takeovers

With Kraft Heinz looking to takeover Unilever, here’s a list of the biggest takeovers and mergers in history. The figures are in billions! They vary depending on which article you read. 56 weitere Wörter

Politics & Current Affairs

Donald Trump allows American oil companies to legally bribe foreign governments

US President Donald Trump has scrapped regulations to enable American oil companies legally bribe foreign governments and secure lucrative mining and drilling rights.

“It’s a big deal,” Trump said to reporters in the Oval Office as he signed the resolution on Tuesday, repealing the Cardin-Lugar regulations. 323 weitere Wörter

Donald Trump

Newsblog 3

Newsblog 3:

The next few posts will be devoted to brief profiles of Trump’s cabinet picks from separation of church and state and science literacy standpoints. 805 weitere Wörter

Despite Countless Warnings, I...

…browsed through the AOL news this morning. I know, I know. My friend Dick Hubbard is shaking his head in dismay if he is reading this right now. 562 weitere Wörter