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Christie denies he swiped at Walker in Florida -- then swipes at Dem leadership over Exxon

Gov. Chris Christie tonight denied that a series of comments he gave in Florida this weekend about politicians “flip-flopping” on issues were directed towards a potential Republican presidential opponent, Wisconsin Gov. noch 402 Wörter

Chris Christie

December 10, 2013: Exxon, Ferrovial Dividend

At last, my first dividend(s) for December. And brace yourself, because from here to the end of the year it will be a nice ride. Today I have two dividends, which make a good beginning. noch 280 Wörter


Oil companies up on Dow Jones

NEW YORK (AP) — Shares of some top oil companies are up at 10 a.m.:

BP PLC rose $.78 or 2.0 percent, to $39.75.

Chevron rose $1.67 or 1.6 percent, to $106.42. noch 19 Wörter


Kuwait: Kami Tidak Memiliki Pilihan Mengenai Output


Harga minyak mentah kembali turun pada hari Kamis, pasca menteri dari Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) mengatakan bahwa OPEC tidak memiliki pilihan terkait pemangkasan produksi minyak karena tidak ingin kehilangan bagiannya di pasar minyak global. noch 87 Wörter


McKeon would rather lose $225 million Exxon settlement

TRENTON — The chair of the Assembly Judiciary committee, after hearing testimony from environmental advocates on the state’s settlement with Exxon Mobil, said he’d “literally rather lose” the $225 million in environmental damage liabilities than set a bad precedent for future polluters. noch 408 Wörter

Lifting US crude export ban would create broad range of jobs: IHS report

The shale oil boom of the last five years has created a surplus and has put pressure on the US government to lift its 40-year-old ban on exporting crude. noch 335 Wörter