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Exxon Shows The Benefits of Being Big in a World of Low Oil Prices

ExxonMobil is proving that being an integrated energy company might not be such a bad idea after all. The giant oil and gas company reported dismal earnings on Tuesday, down 53% from the same time last year. noch 1.390 Wörter


For Oil Companies, It's a Year of Slashing Costs and Jobs

Over the past several weeks, the world’s biggest oil companies have posted earnings that show just how brutal it is these days to be an oil major. noch 490 Wörter


Facebook Is Now More Valuable Than Exxon

In a move that’s all too indicative of the markets today, Facebook surpassed Exxon in market cap as of midday Monday.

Facebook reached $328 billion, outpacing Exxon’s $315 billion. noch 154 Wörter


Man in surgical mask robs Yorktown Exxon

YORKTOWN, Va. (WAVY) — The York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man they say robbed the Tabb Exxon on Big Bethel Road Jan. 30. noch 76 Wörter


Resurrect the concept of the commons

Dedicated capitalists may find the idea of natural resources belonging to all people and not corporations radical, but it’s nothing new. In 1217 King Henry III sealed the… noch 956 Wörter


Oil will remain world's largest energy source for decades: Exxon

DALLAS – The way oil giant Exxon Mobil sees it, the global energy landscape won’t be radically different in 2040 than it is today.

Oil and gas will remain king, accounting for an even slightly larger share of the energy supply. noch 710 Wörter


Merchants of Doubt

While now the jig is up for the tobacco industry, introducing the concept of “doubt” gave them enough time to secure billions of addicted customers. Documents now prove they knew tobacco caused cancer in the 1950s; in 1960 they realized it caused heart disease and was addictive.  noch 418 Wörter