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Rebels in Niger Delta cease attacks on oil platforms, agree to peace talks

Attacks on Nigeria’s oil infrastructure have succeeded in reducing its oil production by 700,000 barrels per day. In the past, rebels hinted at secession but now appear to have tempered their demands. 720 weitere Wörter

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Exxon is looking for ways to slash carbon emissions

A new breakthrough in climate-change-fighting technology may come from, of all places … Exxon?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Exxon and other fossil fuel companies are under pressure from lawmakers and stakeholders to publicly own up to its role in causing climate change. 129 weitere Wörter

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Coral „reefs can’t be made whole again: if they recover at all it will be slowly, and in the face of ongoing warming that seems unlikely. 102 weitere Wörter

Exxon Scientists Just Made Tech To Slash Energy From Making Plastic

Scientists at oil giant Exxon and Georgia Tech have created a material that they say can drastically lower the energy use of a key step in the manufacturing of plastic. 293 weitere Wörter


Floods, Fires Oh My...Climate Change

Courtesy US Department of Defense via Twitter

Courtesy USFS

August 17, 2016 (San Diego) You surely have heard by now of the Bluecut fire. This fire has so far burned over 30,000 acres, and displaced 82,000 people. 1.683 weitere Wörter

Exxon at Olympics: #EnergyLiesHere

Exxon is going for gold in irony by running massive advertising campaign at 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio — where global climate crisis has been major theme…Exxon wants to greenwash its image, but we can’t be fooled by expensive ads. 33 weitere Wörter

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I am Mr. Peter Alexandra, representing the operation and corporate affairs in contract related matters of Exxon Mobil in London ( 297 weitere Wörter