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Vectura Group gets €5M upon partner's work in Europe

Vectura Group plc, which specialises in the development of products for the treatment of airways-related diseases, has announced that its undisclosed partner on the VR876 programme has achieved an important development milestone in Europe, which triggered a cash milestone payment of €5m (circa. noch 151 Wörter



As is already well know, in September 2012, the European Commission adopted a strategy for  ”Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe”.

The strategy outlines a wide set of activities that will concur to deliver a realistic acceleration in cloud adoption across all economic sectors until 2020, with initial estimation according European Commission related to opening of 2.5 million new European jobs, and an annual boost of €160 billion to the European Union GDP (around 1%). noch 303 Wörter

☁ Research

Samsung is accused of Volkswagening its TVs to oversell their energy efficiency

In the wake of Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal, the focus is shifting to other devices and their environmentally friendly claims.

An unpublished study by ComplianTV, an EU-funded research group, found that Samsung televisions in Europe use less power when they are being tested for energy-efficiency ratings than during real-world use, … noch 345 Wörter

Germany translates its constitution into Arabic to help refugees integrate — RT News

According to top Russian media outlet, RT, Germany has translated the first 20 articles of the country’s constitution outlining basic rights and freedoms into Arabic to assist the incoming refugees in their integration into the German society. noch 88 Wörter


The Chief Scientific Adviser: Results of an experiment

Yesterday I had the pleasure to give a lecture to the crowd here at the Center for Science & Technology Policy Research. I presented my insights after three years of working with the European Commission’s Chief Scientific Adviser, complementing the… noch 2.166 Wörter


Bombs, nukes & other assorted big boys toys

The Labour party is having its annual conference with a new leader, Jeremy Corbyn and, predictably he has said he would not want to push the nuclear deterrent button, which is causing a great flurry of excitment.  noch 554 Wörter

European Commission unveils plans for Capital Markets Union

Ambitious plans aim to boost infrastructure across the continent by offering small business and savers alternative sources of funding. 

Being a member of the European Union gives Britain many economic benefits. noch 241 Wörter