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Holocaust archive online portal unveiled

A news alert from the European Commission Research and Innovation Press Centre may be of interest to anyone studying the Holocaust’

“A gateway to our memory: the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure opens its online portal… noch 77 Wörter

European Commission

An interesting question

With regard to the UK’s decision to allow the fabrication of “three-parent-babies”, 56 MEPs from 6 political groups (excluding only the Greens, but including even the radical left) have submitted the following… noch 72 Wörter

European Parliament

H2020 Brokerage Event - Nanotech, materials, biotech, manufacturing and processing

The Commission have announced a brokerage event to launch the 2016/17 priorities for Key Enabling Technologies, which will take place on 6 October 2015 in Strasbourg. noch 150 Wörter


Commission-funded homo lobby calls Lithuanian Constitution "infamous"

Is the funding of hate-campaigns against Member States and their constitutions really an appropriate activity for the European Commission?? On the website of ILGA-Europe, a notorious pro-sodomy and anti-family group that… noch 352 Wörter

LGBT Propaganda

Hungary bows to EU pressure on nuclear fuel deal

Hungary has agreed to EU demands that it diversify its nuclear fuel supply away from Russia, removing one of the main obstacles to the Kremlin-backed expansion of a landmark atomic power plant. noch 434 Wörter


TRNC News Today 25th March 2015 - Bilgic: “We maintain our determination for a solution”

TRNC News Today 25th March 2015

Bilgiç: “We maintain our determination for a solution”

Spokesman of Turkish Foreign Ministry Tanju Bilgiç evaluated the statements regarding resumption of negotiations in Cyprus. noch 789 Wörter

North Cyprus

Deterioration of EU-India relations would have 'dire' consequences

UK Socialist MEP Neena Gill has said parliament’s EU-India delegation had ‘to fend off accusations’ a summit was cancelled because of the ‘future personal ambitions’ of the EU foreign affairs chief. noch 7 Wörter

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