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EP Initiative Report calls on Commission to take action on ECI

Besides “ONE OF US” there are two other European Citizens’ Intitiatives (ECIs) that have been successful in collecting more than 1 million signatures. One of these is “ noch 605 Wörter

European Parliament

EU to Investigate Transparency of Internet Search Results

Internet platforms such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo will be the subject of a widespread inquiry by European regulators to determine whether they are transparent enough in how they display search results. noch 388 Wörter


Brussels's Achilles Heel

Greece has been a migraine for Brussels since the onset of the financial crisis but it became a very inconvenient headache with the recent election of the Syriza party led radical left wing government of Alexis Tsipras. noch 2.160 Wörter

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EU accuses Google of abusing search dominance, opens Android investigation

As expected, the European Commission on Wednesday accused Google of abusing its status as the 800-lb. search gorilla and has launched a separate investigation into its Android mobile operating system. noch 648 Wörter


Trouble Ahead For Google

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Careful Google, the European Commission are coming after you.

An investigation is being opened into Google’s practices, operations and conduct by the European Commission it has been confirmed. noch 273 Wörter


Consumer Watchdog: The US should follow the EU in scrutinizing Google

Consumer Watchdog’s John Simpson has called for regulators in the United States to follow the European Commission in challenging Google’s practices.

The commission announced earlier this morning… noch 319 Wörter