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Hungary Takes The Lead

Recent reports show that Hungary is about to take a step that all European countries should take. Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told reporters on Tuesday “We plan to register all migrants regardless of the fact that we are not the first member state they enter. noch 1.230 Wörter


Google accused of rigging search results by India's competition cops

In the competitive playground that is search, Google is the schoolyard bully, 30 companies told the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in response to its recent inquiries. noch 517 Wörter


Is the European Commission the EU's most powerful actor?


The European Commission, or Commission for short, is of one the main supranational institutions in the European Union (EU) and has its headquarters in Brussels. noch 769 Wörter


The never-ending Google anti-trust story: the company could now face civil claims in Europe

It seems Google’s legal woes in Europe will never end. The European Commission has long been running an investigation into whether Google was guilty of anti-competitive behaviour in Europe, which finally resulted in a  noch 265 Wörter

Google Corporate

Learning from Similar Tourism Research (part 3): Collaboration

Previously, we discussed how open data related to accessibility has many benefits for tourism.  In this post, we highlight how collaborative efforts related to tourism can be mutually beneficial, referring to tourism research conducted by the… noch 339 Wörter


Google faces more regulatory woes, this time in India

The hits just keep coming. Having just responded to European regulators about alleged anti-competitive practices there, Google now faces similar formal charges in India.


Google faces more regulatory woes, this time in India

Google is facing new complaints from tech companies and regulators, this time in India, that it is cooking search results to benefit its own businesses to the detriment of competitors. noch 439 Wörter