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FIFPro challenge the football transfer system

By Nick De Marco & Dr Alex Mills

As the curtains are drawn on the panic-buying of the January transfer window for another year, it is once again difficult not to reflect critically on the football transfer system. noch 2.158 Wörter


Horizon 2020: Do you know a talented researcher who wants to come to the UK?

Picture the scene. You know someone who would be a perfect addition to your research group – they have their PhD* and a good track record, their research is a great fit and they have good links to other organisations (including their current employer). noch 211 Wörter

Funding Opportunities

The beginning of the end of border-free Schengen?

With Austria, Germany and Slovenia reintroducing or rather strengthening border controls amid the refugee and migrant crisis following the suit of other European countries like France, Sweden, Denmark and Norway many of us are now questioning: is this the beginning of the end of border free-Schengen? noch 950 Wörter


Mayer Brown discusses EU and US Agreement on Scheme to Replace Safe Harbor: EU - US Privacy Shield

In October 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) held that transfers of personal data from Europe to the United States made under the so-called US Safe Harbor scheme were invalid as those transfers did not ensure an adequate level of protection under European data protection law. noch 798 Wörter

Finance & Economics

Water UK warns of tighter restrictions under EU Directives and expresses concerns over SuDS

EU to review Water Framework Directive and Drinking Water Directive

Feb 17th 2015

Water UK, the body that represents the interests of all UK water companies, has expressed concerns that a forthcoming review of the EU’s Water Framework Directive “may be taken as an opportunity to seek ever tighter restrictions on water quality, without supporting evidence of the economic and social consequences of such decisions.” noch 691 Wörter


Has Warsaw's new right-wing government violated EU rules? European legal experts will try to find out


Speaking at a joint press conference in Budapest alongside Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban (R), Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo (L) said her government would “pay attention and be very open to the proposals” of the visiting legal experts. noch 375 Wörter

Law and Injustice

In October 2015, the Law and Justice Party in Poland won a clear majority in the Polish government. As it had been the largest opposition party since 2007, this is hardly surprising news. noch 914 Wörter