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EWB Interview: Jean-Eric Paquet, Director for Western Balkans in the Directorate General for Enlargement

This time, European Western Balkans, spoke with Jean-Eric Paquet, Director for Western Balkans in the Directorate General for Enlargement. Mr. Paquet began his career in the European Commission in 1993 in the Directorate-General for Transport, in the International Relations area, and later as assistant to Robert Coleman, Transport Director General. noch 2.343 Wörter


The Desolation of South Sudan

On the eve of the anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, President Obama issued a statement,

“We can offer no solace that fully addresses the pain borne by the victims’ families. noch 1.031 Wörter


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Europe wants to be the world's leading tech power. Andrus Ansip is tasked with making it happen

BRUSSELS—It is easy to get lost in European bureaucratese, with its byzantine designations and overlapping commissioners, vice presidents, and directorates-general. But when it comes to digital policy, the important thing to know is just this: Andrus Ansip is the most powerful person in Europe today. noch 1.459 Wörter

Opinion - EUR315 Billion - Investment Plan - European Commission - John Gelmini

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Dr Alf’s 10 questions are perfectly reasonable but the EU could probably never answer them and provide the assurance that much of the money, once raised would not be siphoned off into the bank accounts of corrupt officials and plutocrats, as allegedly happened with EU subsidies to farmers to grow and not grow things and, of course, to Greece and its leading families. noch 89 Wörter


La Grèce et ses créanciers s’opposent sur le niveau de taxation des plus riches

(By Adéa Guillot – Le Monde)

Vendredi 31 juillet devait être la dernière journée de cette première semaine de négociations techniques entre la Grèce et les représentants de ses créanciers (Fonds monétaire international, Banque centrale européenne, Commission européenne et Mécanisme européen de stabilité). noch 946 Wörter


Bailout Money Goes to Greece, Only to Flow Out Again

(By Jack Ewing and Liz Alderman – The New York Times)

The Greek businessman was nervous as he carried a suitcase stuffed with cash through security at the Athens airport a few months ago. noch 656 Wörter