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Getting secret EU trilogue documents: a case study / Peter Teffer in EU Observer

If there is one thing that those representing the EU say they want citizens to do, it is to be interested and get involved in EU lawmaking. 1.149 weitere Wörter

Access To Documents

European Citizen's Initiative to address concern about use of toxic pesticides

Growing concern has been mounting among citizens of the EU on the use of toxic pesticides and their effect on people and the environment. This led to a… 461 weitere Wörter

European Union

The EU is vulnerable to secret lobbying / Transparency International EU

There is no mandatory regulation on reporting or registering lobby activities. Registers provided by lobbyists’ organisations in the EU are voluntary and incomprehensive and do not provide much information on the specific interests represented or how it is financed. 663 weitere Wörter

Transparency Register

EU-Institutionen start negotiations on a common lobby register / LobbyControl

Am 16. April 2018 war es endlich so weit: Die Verhandlungen zwischen EU-Kommission, Parlament und Rat über ein gemeinsames EU-Lobbyregister haben offiziell begonnen. Bereits 2014 hatte Jean-Claude Juncker vor seinem Amtsantritt als Kommissionspräsident ein verpflichtendes Lobbyregister aller EU-Institutionen versprochen. 354 weitere Wörter

Transparency Register

15 years ago - The EU Big Enlargement Signed and Delivered

The 16 of April 2018 marks the 15th anniversary of the signing of the accession treaties of Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, which was held during the Informal European Council of Athens. 222 weitere Wörter

Geo Politics

MSCA Grant Award: Digital Forensics in the Historical Humanities

Time for a grant announcement. Last summer Thorsten Ries and I had a crazy idea: to apply to the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) – a programme of grants run by the European Commission – so that we could combine of interest and expertise in digital forensics to do something awesome. 461 weitere Wörter


The sands of time

I know everyone laughs about jargon – business bingo, anyone? – but I think we’re all guilty of it to some extent.  I know I expect everyone to understand me when I talk about AML, MLROs and the regulated sector, and the other day my cycling-mad husband accused me of “half-wheeling” him – walking just in front of him, thus forcing him to accelerate.  329 weitere Wörter

Money Laundering