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EU's 'Sharing Economy' Stifled by Petty Rules on Coat Hangers, Light Bulbs

Europe’s bid to champion the „sharing economy“ is being undermined in the short-term rental sector by capitals imposing petty rules such as dictating the number of coat hangers homeowners must provide, a complaint filed to the European Commission says. 248 weitere Wörter


European Union Moves to Normalization with Cuba

On September 22, the European Commission proposed that the European Union member countries adopt the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement with Cuba to normalize relations between the EU and Cuba. 463 weitere Wörter


When is privacy not something to keep quiet about? New EU privacy rules are on the way

Technology advancements have fundamentally altered how organizations collect, use and manage data. In light of this, in 2012 the European Commission embarked on a process to both update, simplify and bolster privacy regulations, and allow EU residents to resume control over their personal data. 99 weitere Wörter


Apple has done nothing wrong

Having read the European Commission’s original ruling, some prior rulings, the Treasury’s white paper about the European Commission’s actions and a lot of… 791 weitere Wörter


Delhomme's Road Safety Campaign


Delhomme’s road safety campaign contains „a manual for designing, implementing and evaluating road safety communication campaigns, an evaluation tool aimed at helping users assessing the campaign’s effectiveness, and a reporting tool that provides clear guidelines for writing a complete and standardized campaign report.“ Delhomme argues that there is no sure way to tell if safety campaigns are effective if there isn’t a guideline to carry them out. 98 weitere Wörter

Juncker & Schulz: The EU’s Problem, not its Solution

Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz, respectively European Commission and Parliament Presidents, have been repeatedly telling anyone who cares to listen that they alone can save Europe from the problems it currently faces. 547 weitere Wörter

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