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Hungary-Russia nuclear power deal faces Brussels roadblock

Hungary’s deal to award up to €12bn in nuclear power contracts to a Russian state-owned company is facing a growing threat from EU regulators who have the power to block the project. noch 558 Wörter


Worldview European Connections - European Commission and Leo Apostel Center

“What if there was a new way into, and through, our most challenging conversations? What if there was a simple guide to learning how?”

These were the calling questions for the… noch 691 Wörter


Zerohedge: Greece Warns It May Default On IMF Loan Next Week

Now that the Greek tragicomedy of the new government “threatening” to leave the Eurozone if it doesn’t get its way, has been postponed for a few weeks, if not months, we can go back to the biggest story involving Greece, one we first covered in… noch 678 Wörter


Energy Union pushes for e-mobility and alternative fuels in transport

The European Commission plans further steps to decarbonise the transport sector through a shift to alternative fuels and electro-mobility, according to the latest draft of the Energy Union proposal, which will be officially presented later today. noch 585 Wörter

EurActiv News Agency

Civil society on regulatory cooperation

TTIP: Regulatory cooperation is the ultimate tool to prevent or weaken  future public interest standards for citizens, workers, consumers, and the environment

Civil society groups denounce “regulatory cooperation” in the TTIP negotiations as a threat to democracy and an attempt to put the interests of big business before the protection of citizens, workers, and the environment. noch 484 Wörter