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Essen Spiel: Part 2

With two weeks to go before Essen Spiel I’ve been keeping track of all the games I’m interested in. I’ve also pre-ordered some for collection. 161 weitere Wörter

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Where to eat in Amsterdam

Auf meiner ersten Reise nach Amsterdam dieses Jahr haben wir einige perfekte Adressen für leckeres Essen gefunden und empfohlen bekommen. Diese möchte ich gerne mit euch teilen :) 245 weitere Wörter


Essen 2017: Most Anticipated

Ladies and gentlemen,
One word has turned from a quiet buzzing to a noisy storm over the past weeks in the board gaming word… and, as always this time of the year, it’s ESSEN! 1.387 weitere Wörter


Top 10 most anticipated games at Essen Spiel '17

The biggest convention of the year is coming up fast! Essen Spiel 2017 takes place on Thursday 26th October – Sunday 29th October and is looking at having over 900 new releases! 1.749 weitere Wörter

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The Role of Joint NATO Air Power in NATO Deterrence provides theme of Joint Air and Space Conference 2017

RAMSTEIN, Germany – The Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) Kalkar, Germany hosted a multinational team of distinguished speakers and panelists at the 2017 Joint Air and Space Power Conference, held in Essen, Germany, October 10 to 12. 396 weitere Wörter

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Our new epic and spiffy logo!

Logo time

With endless pride, we present you our new logo! We are over the moon about it.

It’s playful, it’s colorful, it has… 208 weitere Wörter


Frantz und das Essen

CN Krebs, Tod, Depressionen, Essensstörung(en), Essen, Diät(en)

Bei einem Gespräch über dieses Thema sagte A. „People want things to be ok. Sometimes it’s not ok.“ – „Menschen möchten, dass alles ok ist. 1.328 weitere Wörter