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Essen, Germany - March 2017

We took the overnight bus from Paris to Essen to visit our friend, Leslie. Fun fact: Essen means food and to eat in German. Taking the bus is okay, but if we had to do it over again, we’d prefer to not take it overnight. 481 weitere Wörter


Essen Spiel 2017

Off to Germany…

I’ve been surprised with the chance to visit Essen Spiel this year so I’m now in the planning phase of what I’m calling „Arfgh, I don’t know what I want or what to see….“ 238 weitere Wörter

Board Games

The Match Review Panel Stinks

Toby Greene last week passed the audition for the Enter The Dragon re-boot

By  The Solution

I could go through in all its baffling detail every decision that the Match Review Panel has gotten wrong over the years. 365 weitere Wörter


Retro Bomber No 3: Steve Copping No. 24 - The First Draft!

Steve Copping – had hands so large, I’m glad I never showered with him

Some background… In 1981 the VFL held it’s first annual draft (and here I was thinking it was 5 years later), it was in November, 1980, the VFL Board of Directors resolved to adopt a totally new approach to the recruitment of interstate players. 681 weitere Wörter


The Blame Hound

Essendon remains the dog under the table that you kick when you fart

By  The Solution

I wrote last week about how Essendon is treated like the… 293 weitere Wörter


The Sunday Breakfast

Last night’s umpiring makes me want to vomit my Pain Au Chocolat

By The Solution


I’ve been accused in the past of banging on about umpires unnecessarily, giving them more attention than they are worth, and generally being a biased, one-eyed fan. 684 weitere Wörter


Snippet: A literary discovery (not Iberian)

While on holidays, on an afternoon trip to Essen, Germany, this blogger discovered an open air bookcase where everyone who passes by can take out books or leave them. 147 weitere Wörter