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By reneflindt



Finally up and running!

Hello from not-so-sunny London! Ok, so it took longer than I anticipated but this blog is now alive and active. The below entry was something I wrote on the train between Brussels-Dusseldorf 2 days ago but never got around to posting until now (whilst sick in bed…) noch 824 Wörter


Week 37 : Ankor Wat (Cambodia)

This week we visited another West German restaurant as we have almost run out of local options. Ankor Wat is situated in Eastern Moabit which is supposed to be the new up and coming area in Berlin apparently. noch 314 Wörter


**DIE ultimativen Backpacker Regeln

Also hier erstmal die ersten #22 Backpacker Regeln. Im Laufe meiner Reise werde ich sie bestimmt öfter erweitern oder sogar verbessern, also werde ich sie höchstwahrscheinlich öfter hier posten. noch 220 Wörter


Week 36 : Restaurant Macedonia (Macedonia)

After a trip to the beautiful Schlachtensee lake we stopped off at Restaurant Macedonia on the way home out in Steiglitz. This part of Berlin is very West Berlin and very suburban. noch 430 Wörter

Week 38 : Tierra Colombiana (Colombia)

This particular visit was not going to be allowed to happen without a special guest in attendance; my best friend Stephanie who is from Medellin in Colombia. noch 410 Wörter