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Talking Feminism with a Professor

By definition, feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Our culture must be using a peculiar dictionary to arrive at some of the thwarted perceptions currently being viewed as feminist ideology. noch 1.064 Wörter

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Dining Room Furniture | Sourcing Our Your Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture – In the era of space saving furniture, you may also choose to look for a dining table with a lot of storage space. noch 11 Wörter

New Artwork for Zenia...

Updating artwork for Myfonts’ latest specifications…  This 2:1 aspect ratio takes some getting used to!


An attempt to draw !

From the people around us, we can learn many things and be inspired. It isn’t necessary to be influenced by prominent figures who lived in another era or are living now in different world than ours. noch 62 Wörter


Power Prop: Flying Gliders (fighter jet)

Merk mainan: Flying Gliders (fighter jet)
Perusahaan: Power Prop
Jenis mainan: glider / pesawat-pesawatan
Bahan material: styrofoam / busa
Buatan: China
Detail: panjang (19 cm), lebar sayap (18,5 cm) noch 13 Wörter


welcome to peda!


Today it the first day of PEDA.

Post Every Day (in) August.

This was inspired by Dodie Clark and Dottie James on YouTube.I feel like if I post something every day,I might be able to sort out what I need to do (does that make sense I do not know I am so tired.)Last time I did this it was in March (pedim?)and if you know me personally,you know some stuff happened.Magic powers and all that.So,yeah peda (like pee-da or pe-da i honestly don’t know). noch 48 Wörter