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Corral 01 by Rokobilbo

Corral castellano. Santiago de la Puebla.

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Black And White

The end of an era.

I cannot believe that 2015 is well and truly over. Feels like a life time ago right?! I mean how did it get to February already?! noch 457 Wörter


The end of an era?

TMMI recently announced that it is dropping its lawsuit against Dimension regarding ownership of fractal video technology, because it is pursuing a different approach.

This is a welcome development, and hopefully Dimension will follow suit and also cease promoting fractal technology, as it has long been known to be stillborn, especially for video. noch 265 Wörter

464 Era - Wess and Dori Ghezzi (Italy, 1975)

Now we come to Italy, originators of the San Remo music festival in 1951 which provided the inspiration for Eurovision. The Italians were present for the very first contest in 1956 but, despite a string of decent results, by the early 1990s they had lost interest in the competition and appeared only once – in 1997 – between 1994 and 2010. noch 131 Wörter

Eurovision Countdown

Tool #45: Relish the Acceptance of Our Age

We live in a time that is quite accepting of other musics.  Whether it is uncovering the past works of early music and its predecessors, to new scholarship on the common practice period, to the ubiquity of 20th century music in today’s conservatories, to the inclusion of popular and non-Western musics–not to mention technology’s influence on electronic music and its progress–we live in an age that accepts into our daily lives all kinds of classical and non-classical musics. noch 354 Wörter

Tools For Composers

Use Your Words

I realise how vague Christian writing can be sometimes, especially testimony sharing found in short posts on blogs/Instagram/Facebook about how God moves in our lives and is so very real (and, you know, not an imaginary concept we force into existence). noch 359 Wörter