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Can several wrongs make a right? Gallaher v CMA in the Court of Appeal

When a public body makes a mistake in its treatment of one person, can fairness require it to treat other people in the same way – even if that means amplifying the effects of the mistake? noch 782 Wörter

Competition Law Blog

Pre-Adamite Era

(2 Peter 3:6)

Also refer to CB’s article “In God’s Beginning”

Just so everyone will know and understand this article, God  speaks of two different and separate eras in the early biblical history. noch 1.216 Wörter

For Christians


When the warning came that General Loae’s daughter was missing, Solomon Boa had dismissed the notice, thinking that there was no way she would come into his territory of surveillance. noch 2.069 Wörter


Zona Politics LD9 Interviews: There's a Progressive in the House (video)

Primary races are good for the Democratic Party because they allow different opinions to be heard. Last night while watching the Democratic National Convention (DNC), the value of the Clinton vs Sanders primary was evident. noch 349 Wörter

2016 Election

Idiot of the Week #1 - Phyllis Schlafly

She sits in her wheelchair, this 91-year-old lady, grinning from ear to ear, just happy to be listening to her hero, Donald Trump, accept the nomination of the Republican Party.  noch 990 Wörter

Social Commentary

End of the Season Awards Predictions

A lot of sports media outlets like to make predictions about awards around the mid-point of the season. In this post you’ll find that…I’m no different. noch 568 Wörter


The Era of Agile Talent


More of us are working in organizations employing a mix of freelancers, contractors, consultants, and full-timers, explains Jonathan Younger, coauthor with Norm Smallwood… noch 25 Wörter