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In The 'Weather App Era' Cuts To The National Weather Service Are Dangerous


Increasingly I see inaccurate information posted in social media about potential snow or hazardous weather. Often, it is someone looking at information on a weather app. 1.032 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

Low C: space

You can increase your C: capacity by merging available drives using third party softwares. For example, you may use ‚EaseUS‘ or similar softwares for merging two drives and increasing Hard disk space of C:. 34 weitere Wörter


The Hectic Era

Every one of us, should have the healthy mind just like the stack container. Point of view, conversation, issue, and everything in life is just an addition to the stack. 68 weitere Wörter


404! - The requested resource is not available

This is not a system error. It appears because Contents for the course have not been copied. Copy the contents to ERA Contents Folder and then try logging in. 21 weitere Wörter


How to start HS-CIT Lab and Classroom

Step 1. Download Course ‚HS-CIT Lab“ and ‚HS-CIT Classroom‘ using ‚Download course‘ option in ERA.

Step 2. ‚Download Learner Data‘ by using the given option in ERA. 59 weitere Wörter


Oregon Trail

The Original Oregon Trail computer game, 1985…

📷 Photos 📷

Some silver gril

Mm yes yes credit to original maker of this.