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Poem - Place

I was not meant to be in this place, at this time.
Distant fields of clover and Indian grass fold
into itself as mountains rise… noch 105 Wörter


Charlie Morton: The Most Average Starter in Major League Baseball

Being the “most average starting pitcher” in major league baseball is a good thing. It means you’re better than half of the other starting pitchers in the best baseball league in the world. noch 258 Wörter

Johnny Cueto's 2014 Season Was One of the Best in Reds History

We all know that Johnny Cueto was fantastic last year. He finished as the runner-up in the Cy Young Award balloting. Cueto’s season line of 20 Wins, 9 Losses, 2.25 ERA, 0.96 WHIP and 242 strikeouts in 243.2 innings was not good enough to win the award in 2014, but it was plenty good enough to win the Cy Young most seasons. noch 1.858 Wörter

Johnny Cueto

Discovery of 500-pound, WWII-era bomb leads to evacuation at U.S. Army base in Germany

From the Washington Post, by Sarah Larimer, Mar 2015

The crews that arrived in Grafenwoehr, Germany, on Thursday were getting ready to work on the construction of a school, … noch 118 Wörter

World At WAR

Race Report: The Willo 75km

The James Williamson Enduro Classic (The Willo) is the opening race for the MTBA XCM series in 2015 – but at the same time, a fitting celebration of the life of Australian and World Champion, James Williamson. noch 990 Wörter

Mountain Biking


Era performing “Voxifera” from their 2003 album The Mass

I’ve been trying to limit myself to one musical interlude per week. But I just love this song. noch 30 Wörter

Musical Interlude