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QR Codes and Embedding Videos

Week 2

I didn’t write a post for Week 2 but I found it really interesting when we were taught how to create our QR codes for our blog/assignment. 214 weitere Wörter

The Second Children's March

The Children’s March took place in 1963, where kids climbed out of windows and left school to march for Civil Rights in Birmingham, Alabama; one of the most segregated places in the US at that time. 60 weitere Wörter


WTF, seriously?

After the second mock cycle, today was ERA biopsy #2. Took my valium, took my vicodin, popped my ibuprofen, and…my fucking cervix would not open. Now any of you who’ve had your cervix manually dilated know that this is a hell unlike no other. 801 weitere Wörter


Who Knew

Who knew I’d say thank you for a misdiagnosis for my back. Turns out the x-ray report was wrong. I do NOT have pars defect in my spine!!!!! 221 weitere Wörter