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Gravediggaz - Dangerous Mindz (1997)

20 years ago, RZA was the king of the world. Providing the soundtrack to the Wu-Tang was one thing but RZA always seemed to have the best lines and the greatest intensity of any of those rapping as well (check… noch 103 Wörter

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Lore - The Great War: War of the First Men and Ilvari

The War of the First Men and Ilvari, or simply “The Great War”, was the first major War of recorded History in the World of Ea, and is considered to be the catalyst of all future, world-changing events by many Eaian Historians. noch 1.373 Wörter


The Post-Relationship Era: Will traditional relationships disappear?

The main character of LovePlay and his colleague IM about the post-relationship era.

“The chat unfolded as follows:

Hey, Rick. If you’re there, let’s talk. noch 1.651 Wörter

Rodric Stark

Lore - Third Era and Fourth Era

The Third and Fourth Era are, in effect, separate Eras from the previous due to the nature of the Shattering. The Shattering will be expanded upon in another post, but its safe to say this event caused the World of Ea to change as everyone knew it. noch 587 Wörter


DIY recycle old frame to vintage victorian era frame

I’ve recently been obsessed with fixing old frames and restyling them since I realised I have old and ugly unused frames laying around.

I have so far restyled 2 frames and this one is the Victorian style frame. noch 311 Wörter


Review : Ronnie Flex - Album Tour 14/02/2015 @ Melkweg Amsterdam

[Lees de Nederlandse versie hier]

It’s Valentines-Day 14 February 2015 in Amsterdam, when Dutch artist Ronnie Flex kicks of his album-tour for his debut album in a venue called “Melkweg”. noch 684 Wörter


Lore - First Era, Second Era and the times before

Within the World of Ea, the time-line is split up into “Era”s of time, in which significant events prior to the start of an Era determine its name, and other significant events signal its end. noch 1.000 Wörter