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Burmarrad Fuel Stations

A letter and joint NGO position regarding planning applications for the development of fuel stations in Burmarrad was sent to the Planning Authority and Environment and Resources Authority. 10 weitere Wörter

Front Harsien ODZ

The End Of An Era For StarCraft and South Korea


Today, the Korean Esports Association announced that the StarCraft ProLeague was ending. The league began in 2003, but this year, its last, brings a fourteen-year run to a close.

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The more she thought about it, the less it made sense to her. Adeleigh Loae paced back and forth in her room, wringing her hands and looking all the angrier as each second paced. 1.633 weitere Wörter


#MicroblogMondays: Fork in the Road

So we have a big decision ahead of us. To go through with another FET right now, or to take a break to do Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) testing. 221 weitere Wörter


The Rest Cure

During the nineteenth century, medical treatment, particularly the treatment of mental illnesses and issues, was severely flawed and lacking in significant scientific and technological research in order to cure illness. 384 weitere Wörter



Never ever get an ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Assessment) without anesthesia. NEVER. I do have a slightly higher tolerance to pain – years of battling sinusitis induced headaches and a shoulder to finger RSI has helped shrug off minor aches and pains. 777 weitere Wörter

11th October - British Industrial Revolution

Mass production and mass consumption introduced with Industrial Revolution (1750 – 1900)

Today’s modern concept of design is based on mass consumption and production. A lot of thought is given to the reproduction of a product rather than the design or function on its own. 381 weitere Wörter