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Prostitution or Sex Work? Language Matters

The term ‘sex work’ has come to replace the word ‘prostitution’ in contemporary discussions on the subject. This is not accidental. The phrase ‘sex work’ has been adopted by liberal feminists and powerful lobbyists in a deliberate attempt to steer the narrative on prostitution. 1.523 weitere Wörter

Salin sa liham ni Marx kay Engels

Nobyembre 10, 2018


London, 1852

Dear Engels,

Dumating ang iyong sulat sa panahong ligalig. May sakit ang asawa ko at dalawang maliit na sina Jenny at Gene. 387 weitere Wörter


Unpractical, idealistic bosh

I have never seen a class so deeply demoralised, so incurably debased by selfishness, so corroded within, so incapable of progress, as the English bourgeoisie […] For it nothing exists in this world, except for the sake of money, itself not excluded.

232 weitere Wörter

Quote: Marx and Engels on Populism, Hegemony and Ideology

For each new class which puts itself in the pace of one ruling before it, is compelled… to represent its interests as the common interests of all the members of society, expressed in ideal form… The class making a revolution appears from the very start, if only because it is opposed to a class, not as a… 125 weitere Wörter


Morality and/or Hypocrisy? : SUNAND

Moral/Immoral binary has always existed in every realm, in every sphere and at every stage of human civilization. However, what really is ‘Morality’? Most of the moral philosophers see ‘Morality’ as something which is needed to keep human impulses and desires in control.   1.434 weitere Wörter


Environmental Justice is as Much Social as It is Scientific

By Jibran M.

For those that know me well, I spent a lot of time outside this summer. Although I grew up in Maine, it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve made an earnest effort at connecting to nature. 1.544 weitere Wörter


"Marx And Smith": Misrepresenting Socialism and Capitalism

Essay contributed by Comrade Amos
(This essay contains the thoughts and critiques of Comrade Amos, reflecting on a textbook excerpt which caught his attention. In analyzing and confronting the misinformation passed off as fact in this excerpt, Amos brings into direct light the capitalist propaganda within our schools and demonstrates one of the more effective methods by which the Ruling Class deceives us. 4.200 weitere Wörter
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