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So in January 2016 I took the plunge and had my first visit at a Fertility Clinic local to my home town.  On arrival I was impressed by the clinic and decor, something I had not been used to in my local NHS hospital.  3.522 weitere Wörter

Happy News: IVF Update

We are happy to announce our Frozen Embryo Transfer was successful and I am pregnant. My husband and I feel very blessed to have this news after our first IVF cycle. 340 weitere Wörter

Quantum Leap

Julia Hemming, thirty-five years old, sat perplexed in front of the doctor’s large oak desk. Normally, she knew, you don’t get to be in this room unless something very delicate must be explained to you. 3.334 weitere Wörter


Early learning

Love spicy food? Find certain songs calming? You started developing preferences for flavours and sounds while you were still in the womb.  And it’s not just us: many animals begin learning about the world around them before they’re even born. 785 weitere Wörter


Blastocyst cake

I made a blastocyst for a colleague’s leaving cake. For those of you who are not sure what a blastocyst is, it is an embryo that is about 5 days old (humans that is). 57 weitere Wörter


Re: Your Issue With Abortion

Dear Doubting Thomas, I heard that you want to be a Christian, but you do not agree with the Christian opinion on the issue of abortion. 232 weitere Wörter


IVF Transfer Day

Today is our FET (frozen embryo transfer) day! This has been the most exciting day so far along this IVF journey. I was instructed to drink 32 oz of water within the hour prior to arrival at the clinic. 292 weitere Wörter