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Frozen Embryos and Surgery Scheduled

Today is day 5 for our little embryos and 8 of the 10 makes it to freeze.  We are really excited that 8 of the 10 made it.   noch 304 Wörter



It’s twins, Beatch!

(…and a shadow of something that could either be nothing or a triplet, cheers!)


…and, just did some research.  In order for it to be a diamniotic/dichorionic twin, it would have had to have split at day 2-3 and they were 6 day blasts.  noch 45 Wörter


I am....or am not....pregnant

I thought the two week wait was bad..but this is so much worse.

On my official test day, I got a POSITIVE pregnancy test. I was so excited, but then I started to bleed. noch 401 Wörter


Day 2 Embryo Update

Good morning,

It has now been two days since my egg retrieval.  All 10 embryos are still growing.  My clinic stated that they should be between 2 and 4 cells.   noch 97 Wörter


Egg Retrieval Completed

Yesterday, Sunday August 23rd, I had my egg retrieval.  I was so nervous to have it done.  It took 3 tries to get the IV in.   noch 59 Wörter


That precious moment. 

Here’s the scary yet fun part of it all:

We all literally start with zero! You go from parents having sex, to a sperm cell, to morphing into a zygote, embryo, fetus, etc. noch 144 Wörter


I offer anyone in their low infertility place to just ignore this whole post. I know I would.

So, we had a deal.  DH and I.  noch 393 Wörter