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IVF: Fertilisation & Egg Retrieval Aftermath

I am so freaking sore! Kicked in the soft parts kind of sore. That said, I’m much better than yesterday, and ten times better than I was on Friday, but still. noch 552 Wörter


The Embryonic Period (continued)

In my last post, I discussed prenatal development up until the development of the three germ layers.I will now continue…

Within 3 weeks, the baby’s brain is diving into three sections: the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. noch 241 Wörter

Embryo Transfer in sight!

The scan went well, all looks as it should and I’m sure the doctor said my lining was already at 10mm.  So, I will continue on 3 Progynova a day, finish the Buserelin in a couple of days, then start the delightful Cyclogest pessaries.   noch 266 Wörter

In-vitro Fertilization in Srinagarind Hospital

Srinagerind is the largest hospital I have ever stepped foot in. I was overwhelmed and was not expecting the level of care that they provided. Despite the hospital’s immensity, the attention paid to the patients seemed to be quite impressive. noch 316 Wörter


44 Days With Blueberry

It never occurred to me, when I got pregnant for the first time, that I wouldn’t have control over the outcome of my pregnancy. I know that seems obtuse, especially with all the challenges I face as a 36-year-old first-time mother, but I honestly and arrogantly thought that if this pregnancy was prematurely terminated, my husband and I would be the ones making that decision. noch 1.821 Wörter


In-Vitro Fertilization in Thailand

In-Vitro Fertilization in Thailand

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a procedure that requires many different processes, hormones, money, and patience. It first began in 1978 with the infamous “test tube baby,” Louse Brown in England, and has continued to develop with more success (Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago, 1996). noch 334 Wörter