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Can Tho

14 January 2002

Oh, was Ba Chuc grim. Just like at Cheong Ek (“The Killing Fields” in Phnom Penh) the skeletons of the dead people have been cleaned up and put in a glass-walled stupa, but at Ba Chuc there’s a tiny museum containing pictures of the bodies when they were found. 409 weitere Wörter


Transfer day!

After I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen, I actually had an embryo transfer today!

So for those who I haven’t updated, I was in a lot of pain following my egg collection. 1.162 weitere Wörter

It Doesn't Get Better Than This...

That’s what my doctor said to me at our appointment just before transfer yesterday. This has been a phenomenal cycle, the kind I’ve only ever read about before from others… never for me, so I’m a bit in awe that it’s actually happening. 383 weitere Wörter

IVF Round 2 - Suppression Check

I got a call this morning from MK asking if I wanted to come in today because tomorrow they have a ton of girls going in and I would end up having to wait forever. 528 weitere Wörter

IVF Journey

Our little embryo!

On Monday one of our 12 frosties was transferred!  It’s probably too early to be feeling any symptoms but because I’ve been on progesterone suppositories and estrace pills, I have been have mild cramping even before the transfer.   399 weitere Wörter

Are pre-embryos human beings or property in divorce?

Recently, an important Missouri Court of Appeals decision was published on the issue of the possession of pre-embryos.  The case is known as McQueen v. Gadberry… 563 weitere Wörter


Everything you need to know about embryo transfer

Transferring a fertilized embryo to a woman’s uterus is an important part of the in vitro fertilization process.

There are some things to expect during the embryo transfer process, as well as some risks and precautions to consider. 1.286 weitere Wörter