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703. Strasse Nach Asien

It’s 1979. The 1960s are over already. Long gone. Get over it. Unless you’re Embryo (German hippies with hot musical chops), in which case, you pile into a bus with a film crew and a load of… 33 weitere Wörter

All Vinyl Apocalypse

Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

So if you can find out whether your unborn child will have a debilitating genetic disorder, would you? What would be the next step? An abortion? 326 weitere Wörter


Sharing the love: Genetic fam meets Jake and Luke

I love how loved my babies are.

Not only are we crazy about them, but their genetic family seems to be pretty keen on them too. 389 weitere Wörter

Another long-necked embryo tritosaur: Li et al. in press

This appears to be
yet another Tanystropheus-like and Dinocephalosaurus-like taxon, yet not closely related to either. Earlier we looked at another similar embryo, still within its mother. 865 weitere Wörter

Reptile Family Tree

Happy Birthday

I turned 34 yesterday. I also started my period that day. Happy 34th to me! I knew going into my birthday that I was unlikely pregnant, but I was still technically in the ‚Two Week Wait‘ (at 16 days past ovulation). 682 weitere Wörter

Not so fast...

If you have ever been through any kind of infertility treatment the testing…oh man the amount of blood draws and ultrasounds is CRAZY! As we learned about the pre-cycle testing for our clinic, there was a test my past clinic never did. 535 weitere Wörter

Our 1st Pregnacy after IVF

When we first found out the news of this pregnancy we had a flood of different emotions. It was both exciting and scary. First of all, we can not begin to describe how thankful and blessed we feel to have become pregnant after our very first IVF cycle. 346 weitere Wörter