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IVF 101 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1. What is a Fertility Clinic?

A fertility clinic is an institution whose sole purpose is to help couples conceive. The reason fertility clinics have become popular is due to the unique service they offer. 565 weitere Wörter

Customize your baby - GMO

In recent months, science has made giant leaps in eugenics. Eugenics is the division of science that deals with improving the genetic quality of humans. 322 weitere Wörter

Did You Know?

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17 days have passed since I last posted. I do apologize- I have meant to post more frequently, but the „more than one thing“ aspect of my life has really kicked into high gear, and the days have seemingly flown by. 667 weitere Wörter


WWJ: „Legislation requiring a judge to count a fetus as a victim passed the Michigan House this week.
The legislation, introduced by state Rep. Pamela Hornberger, aims to ensure unborn children are considered victims if they are hurt, killed or placed in danger during the commission of a felony.“ 77 weitere Wörter


On the Ethical Issue of Abortion

Last week I went to a church and found out that the church did not only distribute the newsletter but also a statement on abortion to commemorate the 50 years of abortion law in UK. 1.125 weitere Wörter

Screw it

I wasn’t going to post while all this was happening, as some of you who read this know me in the real world, but fuck it. 449 weitere Wörter


Avocado Soup

Preparation for our 9th IVF cycle has well and truly begun. It has been a while. Our last IVF cycle was in February 2016 and it was all a bit last minute so I wouldn’t say I was prepared for that one at all. 1.716 weitere Wörter