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PGS - Preimplantation Genetic Screening

PGS, PGD, CGH – they do all actually mean something different and are used in different cases but essentially they also all refer to the same outcome and that is the genetic testing result of an embryo. noch 1.018 Wörter


US wants to ban embryo editing

After the UK voted to legalize the editing of embryos in February and chinese reasearchers have announced in April that they have used non viable embryos for genome editing, the US House of Representatives wants the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to prohibit the use of embryos for such purposes, and to create an ethical committee to evaluate the case. noch 148 Wörter


Carry On Doctor


It’s almost 6 weeks since we had our negative result from our first cycle of IVF. It’s been a strange time. For a start, there’s no immediate explanation as to why things didn’t work. noch 1.019 Wörter

Money Well Spent

As the clock ticks down on my fertile period, I feel fortunate that I am able to afford and am given the opportunity to have PGS on my little guys.  noch 1.062 Wörter


Day 3 Update After Embryo Transfer

Well…here I am. Day 3 after the FET and I am feeling great!

I’m not familiar with terminology but I think you all use 3dp5dt (3 days past a 5 day transfer??), did I do that right?! noch 203 Wörter


Embies First Pictures

Just wanted to show you guys quickly as I had just received the picture from the embryologist of the two embryos we transferred today.

As I opened the email I was a bit shocked. noch 45 Wörter


Welcome To The Womb, Embies

Well, today arrived and here I am this afternoon laying in the couch bed the husband set up for me. Not even able to comprehend that I have two sweet potential babies hanging out with me. noch 183 Wörter