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Life cycle: embryo to adult

As part of the medicine society at school, I organised a talk from Dr Iain Keenan last week, who lectures in anatomy for first year medical students. noch 511 Wörter


A New Month Begins, and Another Door Slams Shut

Got the “official” MRI reading back from my RE late this afternoon. Here is what she sent me:

As you can see, not the best news. noch 364 Wörter


A Hard Choice? Really?

The right-wing is trying like hell to do a number on the minds of American women. You know that thing about abortion being the hardest choice a woman will ever have to make, or the one she most regrets? noch 506 Wörter

US Politics


So we’re just 4 sleeps away from our test day. This cycle has been very different from cycle 1. When we started, neither of us were looking forward to it and we both felt quite negative about possible outcomes after the roller coaster of disappointment last time. noch 320 Wörter


A Response to Bill Nye's Video on Abortion

Bill Nye (AKA The Science Guy) is famous in the US for promoting science and he recently produced an ‘educational’ video where he defends abortion and claims to debunk prolife arguments against abortion. noch 1.642 Wörter


Make Beautiful

Make everything beautiful
Make your face beautiful,

Make your body beautiful,

Make your hair beautiful,

Make your home beautiful,

Make your smile beautiful,

Make your garden beautiful, noch 53 Wörter

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