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Embryo Adopton?

Randomly looking through the news feed, I came across this news below.

Meet the Families Who “Adopted” Their Kids – As Embryos

After going through three IVFs and knowing how some would have many surplus, I always wanted to know what happened to the embryos they cannot use.  noch 79 Wörter


Primordial cells

  • Cells in most primitive stage
  • Which can lead to sperm / egg
  • When does they occur – early stage of embryonic growth
  • Precisely when embryonic cell start to split…
  • noch 6 Wörter

Fossil of the Week: Pregnant Ichthyosaurs

Long before mammals dominated the oceans the reptiles had their turn. Of all the various species that swam and hunted in the deeps the Ichthyosaurs were particularly well adapted to their aquatic lifestyle. noch 836 Wörter


July 24, 2014 & March 21, 2015 - two dates that changed my life forever

I don’t talk about this much ever since it was such a life changing experience, but looking death in the face has changed me.  Many people do not know that right after the birth of baby Joey I had an internal hemorrhage so bad I almost bled out.  noch 348 Wörter


That Afternoon

My hand on her firm tummy
Her skin, sun-tanned and warm
Our child lively in her belly
One day of love, forever an embryo

Love Poetry

How to build a human

This amazing piece shows the development of a human from fertilized egg to birth. noch 52 Wörter


Transfer number 2!

Transfer 2 is complete!

Sean and I arrived in Philadelphia Thursday evening. We decided to drive this time, which took about 7 hours. Most flights were about 5 hours with a layover, so it actually took us less time to drive. noch 365 Wörter