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Emotional Rollercoaster

These past few days have been rough. It all started with me forgetting to take my Bromocriptine on Friday night. I hated to bother my doctor so I decided to not worry about it and take it like normal starting Saturday. noch 758 Wörter

Our Fertility Process

The Verdict

Just finished pregnancy checking a few cows, including my recip (recipient) cows.  Remember that 10 cows were implanted with Aberdeen-Angus embryos on the 24th and 25th of September.   noch 231 Wörter


Embryo Transfer Day

Today was the big day! This morning we received a call from the nurse, who gave us the great news that all nine of our embryos were still alive and doing well. noch 786 Wörter

IVF, disappointments and a story still to tell.

In July 2015 I snatched back control of this life of mine. I feel like I have been playing tug of war with something unseen for years now, so it felt oh so good to flex those muscles and do some thing that would bring us the closest we have been in a long time to the “p word”. noch 1.387 Wörter

Day 3 Embryo Report

This morning we got our call from the nurse, bright and early, with our three-day embryo report. She had good news for us! Here’s the breakdown of this cycle: noch 384 Wörter

My First Week in France

So my first week in France with work is almost over. At a very difficult time in France it has been a week filled with mixed emotions. noch 358 Wörter


Liaoning bird embryo IS a Chinese Archaeopteryx

Updated 11/22/2015 with high rez data sent by Dr. Zhou. A new analysis nests the embryo with the holotype Archaeopteryx lithographica, the London specimen, a basal enantiornithine bird.  noch 953 Wörter

Reptile Family Tree