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The permissbility of human embryonic stem cell research: the moral status of the embryo

The promise encapsulated in the human embryo is extraordinary. The initial cell divisions within of the fertilised egg truly are the first few moments of nascent life that may grow to be a healthy fetus later a newly born infant, maturing into a toddler, adolescent and fully grown adult.  6.295 weitere Wörter


Row over allowing research on 28-day embryos

Scientists will make a controversial call this week to extend the current 14-day limit for carrying out experiments on human embryos to 28 days. The move follows recent breakthroughs that have allowed researchers to double the time embryos can be kept alive in the laboratory. 91 weitere Wörter



I had a panic attack Thursday. A full blown attack.

I was reviewing protocol, doctor appointments, and schedules with Husband on the phone as I drove to work. 343 weitere Wörter

Life as we know it..

You know how life just gets in the way sometimes? Or sometimes you just don’t have it in you to put everything you feel into a blog post so you keep putting it off? 896 weitere Wörter



Oh – and here’s my little lopsided bean. I don’t know much about embryo quality, or cells or any of that stuff. So lets just hope it hatches out nicely and everything is ok!


What’s so controversial about stem cells?

One of the more common ethical controversies of our time relates to stem cells. Many of us have heard that stem cells are controversial, but a lot of us aren’t really sure why these cells are so controversial. 744 weitere Wörter

Stem Cells

The big day

​I got up early Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving to go to the doctor to get my blood drawn to see if our ivf worked. they called me about an hour and a half later with the results and much to my surprise we are pregnant!!! 193 weitere Wörter