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Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Royal Embryo

Sherlock Holmes read a most alarming story in the papers today. Apparently, there is some rumor going around that Charles and Diana have a “secret daughter”.   noch 391 Wörter

Malpighi - Neural Development

Change of pace, today.

Many of my posts lately have been devoted to creativity and the visual arts. I am also working on an introductory volume of neuroanatomy with my colleague, Andrew Lautin, MD. noch 326 Wörter


High people are always there!!!!


Human embryo me editing karenge scientist bole

Kyun karrae ho yaar…isme editing ki kya zarurt hai…kya banaenge ye log editing karke ..shaktimaan…ghumega gol gol..kidhar bhi pahoch jaaega..kuch b karega…high banda nai karega ye editing embryo me..haan blog zarur karega…

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Scientists Genetically Modify Human Embryos

Confirming rumors that had been spreading since last month, Chinese scientists have reported they have modified human embryos genetically.

Obviously there are ethical implications of such endeavors and the debates have been raging since the rumors started. noch 448 Wörter

Science News


Well it could still be embryo but we are confirmed for transfer tomorrow! They couldn’t confirm how many embryos we actually have but (in her words) after a quick check all 3 are looking on track. noch 155 Wörter


China isn't the only one playing God

News this week that China has genetically altered a human embryo has sent the internet commenting world into a frenzy.  Most comments appear to say something along the lines of ‘We should not be playing God.’  Yet, we do; all of us from time to time. noch 269 Wörter