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A Breakthrough in Growing Embryos

Scientists are excited about their findings after leaving embryos to grow past the normal moment they’d be implanted into a womb. There is a legal limit on how long you can allow an embryo to develop outside the womb, 14 days, but even that might soon change as scientists argue it should be extended so they can discover more. noch 176 Wörter

Religious Education

Why weren't there triplets?

Today I was asked

How come I didn’t end up with triplets?

For anyone who doesn’t know my eldest was an ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) pregnancy.

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Abrupt Demise was also playing this night but i was too late to see them unfortunately so i have to catch this Dutch band some other time. noch 357 Wörter


I called the hospital today

and asked how my embryos are. I meant it. I wanted to know how my babies are. It was not a prank call. The nurse laughed. She said see you tomorrow.


On Rights and the Right to be Genetically Engineered

On Rights and the Right to Be Genetically Engineered: A Transhumanist Perspective

Imagine a scenario in which a mother could be given medicine to ensure that her child would be born without debilitating congenital illnesses. noch 6.287 Wörter


Stims, chromosomes, and unexpected news

Brace yourself, I have a lot to get through with this post. Are you sitting down? Good.

My decision to stim again

As of right now we have one frozen genetically normal embryo. noch 525 Wörter


Surprise Update

Today is Day 2.

Dr. L called yesterday to check in. He said we had 11 eggs, 10 mature and 8 fertilized. He sounded optimistic and pointed out that even though we got less than the last few cycles, our numbers are very similar to that of our very first IVF cycle where we actually got something to freeze. noch 172 Wörter