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Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons Final Thoughts and Score

And so the sun sets on Sunrises latest Mecha original and what a ride it has been. A great looking show from the out set it was always one of the mecha I was most excited to see this season and by Joe did it not disappoint. noch 1.251 Wörter


Wish you all the best in heaven, our little baby.

“Wish you all the best in heaven, our little baby.” I did not imagine these words will ever come out of my mind and my mouth. noch 832 Wörter

Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons Episode 25: To the End of Time

And here we go Cross Ange’s finale and what a final it is. Sure it’s clichéd and nothing people haven’t seen before but in the sea of edgy half endings that try to leave things open for a sequel Cross Ange ties almost everything in a  knot and puts a bow on it, smiling all the way. noch 871 Wörter


Compassion and Healing

When I talk about healing here I am not talking about corporeal healing of wounds, rather emotional, even spiritual healing. Which leads to the healing of rifts in the web of life. noch 401 Wörter


Evolve to Embryo 

Can’t get small enough.
Is this what dying feels like?
Or is this healing?


Intermediatry: Cross Ange (OST) - Towagatari ~Hikari no Uta

This is the song that Ange and Embryo sing to activate their ragna-mail hidden abilities – the English translation is Eternal story – song of light. noch 54 Wörter