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FET #4 Diaries CD5.

Plan dates.

So as some of you may know – my last cycle was a disaster from the start. Well I felt it was anyway. And I’m 99% sure my clinic forgot I had started a cycle, seeing as I had NO plan dates until the day of whatever was happening. 114 weitere Wörter


Halcyon Genetics for Louise Hartley

Here at Halcyon, we were as heartbroken as many people throughout the country to hear about the passing of such an inspiring and passionate person, Louise Hartley. 148 weitere Wörter


First Flush

So, a few days ago Halcyon Missouri Froukje came to the end of her dual-flush programme to ABS Mayday and Bomaz AltaTopshot. Froukje managed to produce 32 eggs with 19 pregnancies confirmed, we’re over the moon. 13 weitere Wörter


Cloning, a yugas-old concept!

While cloning of a mammal was new for many until it was first implemented in 1980s in case of sheep, human cloning has been a long debate. 92 weitere Wörter

Do You Know?

Dear Embryos,

This is a very hard post to share with you all but I have had so much support my whole Infertility journey and after talking to so many people (I hope I’ve helped you all), I wanted to share the end of our story. 475 weitere Wörter

A Modern-Day Holocaust

As a former peer counselor at a Woman’s Pregnancy Care Center, the center helps to lead women choose life for their baby rather than abortion. We help them by offering material items as well as spiritual needs while they navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy. 1.736 weitere Wörter



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As a Supplement to the foregoing and a Preliminary to childhood preparation for regeneration we add that even at birth the very initial of this preparation has already been taken, by influx of innocence and peace from the LORD through heaven into the infant during the entire period of gestation. 594 weitere Wörter