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Day 6 Embryo Status

We received status updates on day 5 and 6. Neither was especially encouraging. As of today, none of the 5 have made it to the blastocyst stage…and they only have 1 day left. noch 72 Wörter

Frozen Embryos: People, Property, or Something In-Between?

While debates over the personhood of fetuses have been raging for years, a new issue has been arising with increasing frequency: what is personhood status of frozen embryos? noch 234 Wörter


The U.S. National Academy of Medicine allows mitochondrial replacement technique for male embryos

The controversial technique could benefit patients and could give us a deeper understanding of cellular behavior. The U.S. NAM has taken a more cautionary approach and is in contrast to the UK’s stance which allows for replacement of mitochondria for both male and female embryos. noch 278 Wörter

Design & Development

Ethicists Say It's OK to Make Embryos From 3 Parents

(WASHINGTON) — Creating babies from the DNA of three people — a man and two women — one day might prevent mothers from passing on devastating genetic diseases, and advisers to the government now say it’s ethical to test the procedure under certain conditions. noch 351 Wörter

The Sensitive Side

The beginning of my desire to become a fertility nurse is close to my heart.  It’s true that I did Google and find my current employer after seeing an IVF nurse on the Bachelor (Best show ever… Olivia drives me crazy this season.. noch 365 Wörter


TTC Old Wives Tales

Over the years I have come across plenty of TTC tales. Just as there are Old Wives Tales when it comes to predicting the gender of a baby, there are ones out there on how to up the chances of getting pregnant too. noch 406 Wörter


UK scientists are getting ready to edit human embryos

Scientists in Britain just got approval to conduct research that involves editing the genetic material of healthy human embryos.

This is a big deal: The UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is the first government agency in the world to endorse research that involves altering the human genome for research — a move that could signal broader acceptance for a promising (but controversial) new area of science.

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