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HubSpot vs. ?

Interestingly enough, when you google something like HubSpot a number of alternative (re:competitive/similar) solutions pop up.

In a previous employ I used extensively integrated to… 53 weitere Wörter

What to Tell Your Design Agency when Designing Emails for Oracle Eloqua

First and foremost, a good design agency is the best gift a marketer can be given. Designers are your friends – they take the ideas that you’ve scribbled down on notepads or have attempted to draw in Word and make them beautiful, magnificent works of marketing art. 41 weitere Wörter


Oracle Data Cloud: What Oracle knows about you..

As described in a previous article, many website connect and forward visitor information to other Parties in order to Analyse and Understand the Website visiting pattern. 151 weitere Wörter


What is Oracle Eloqua?

Eloqua is a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), owned by Oracle. This product is utilized by advertisers, principally B2B advertisers, to help mechanize the lead generation process. 402 weitere Wörter


Three Sources for Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

During the last several years, the field of marketing has rapidly changed from traditional marketing to digital focused marketing – becoming… 532 weitere Wörter


Updating images

You can replace an image that is shared and used across multiple assets (emails, landing pages, and so on).

Important: There are two requirements for updating an image: 206 weitere Wörter


Building a custom Eloqua component with Sites Cloud Service

In this post, we will see a custom component example to integrate Eloqua with Oracle Sites Cloud Service.

Oracle Eloqua is a Marketing Automation Tool to manage data and customer experiences. 1.847 weitere Wörter