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What do you do after your Eloqua SmartStart? Part 2

After you have your data clean and your initial nurture programs set up, where do you go with Eloqua? This video talks about sales and marketing alignment and “nurturing” your customers (through onboarding and cross-selling campaigns.

What do you do after your Eloqua SmartStart? Part 1

These are the kinds of plans you ought to have in place before acquiring Eloqua – but what you have here is a great framework for thinking through your first tentative year as a Marketing Automation guru!

4Thought Marketing and Eloqua ‘SmartStarts’

How does 4Thought Marketing help you get started with an Eloqua SmartStart? Amanda does a great job here of helping would-be Eloqua users to understand the process.

Marketer: master of your domain?

In 2015, an expected 87.9 billion consumer emails will be sent and received each day. Who said people are reading less? Maybe people are just so exhausted after reading emails all day that they want to go comatose in front of the T.V., and picking up a book or newspaper is as desirable as cleaning out an inbox after vacation. noch 774 Wörter

Customer Experience

Boost Sales Productivity and Lead Generation with Oracle Cloud Adapters for Sales Cloud and Eloqua by Rajesh Kalra


With the mission to drive sales results, and sell anywhere and anytime, many organizations are adopting Oracle Sales Cloud, a key component of Oracle Customer Experience Solution.  The deal velocity increases along with the productivity of the sales teams with modern selling tools using Oracle Sales Cloud. noch 354 Wörter


Blog Post #5: CRM software: observant to an infinite degree

There exists seemingly miraculous software that is able to track your every move on a website. This kind of software can track if you opened an email, where you clicked on the email, where and what you clicked on a website, what you downloaded, what you watched, and more. noch 586 Wörter


An open letter to Oracle: You conquered Eloqua and broke it, and I don't forgive you

Dear Oracle,

I think everyone will agree that when England plopped their flag on American soil people suffered. They expected the natives who were already there to be grateful to the English for bringing them ‘civilized society’ and pretty bells and whistles. noch 1.005 Wörter

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