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A girl walks home alone at night

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„The first Iranian vampire western“. So the critics say.

Oh, well, this independent American film produced by Elijah Wood (very interesting project again) is filmed in black and white and Persian language, it tells the story of a young (and very sexy) female vampire who walks alone at night in an unreal Iranian city is so very unconventional indees, but not quite a western. 90 weitere Wörter

Grand Piano, or: Not the Nicki Minaj Song Actually (Or Is It?)

Please don’t tell this week’s film it was second choice.  I think it already knows, though—a thriller about a piano concert isn’t really anyone’s first choice, is it? 880 weitere Wörter

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CST #375: Shootin' Stuff

We spend Thanksgiving with Mac’s parents, shoot up the place, and catch up with the comet filled classic, Deep Impact. Mac takes the boys to see Fantastic Beasts and we prepare our hearts (and homes) for Christmas. 87 weitere Wörter


Movie Review - The Trust (2016)

Hey 3.5 readers. BQB in captivity here. Just sneaking out of my cage and onto the computer while the Yeti takes a nap.

Money! A heist! 501 weitere Wörter


Conan "Clueless Gamer" O'Brien Rips Final Fantasy XV Apart

Yesterday, Team Coco released another Clueless Gamer episode.  With special guest Elijah Wood, they did Final Fantasy XV.  The results?  Conan O’Brien hates it big time. 183 weitere Wörter


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Review


A quick thought off the top of my head that came to me while I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind that ultimately hit me much harder now, given how I usually live out as a pessimistic soul always living in fear of the worst. 1.299 weitere Wörter

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