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Trailer: Cooties

Probably one of the creepier scenes in any zombie movie is the inevitable moment that a kid zombie appears on screen and the protagonists have to try to take out the little flesh eater. noch 54 Wörter

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Pop-Kultur Berlin

Pop-Kultur is a new festival in Berlin. For three days, from August 26th to 28th 2015, Berghain will be the centre of Berlin’s music and creative scene. noch 251 Wörter


Movies You Need To Know About: Cooties

Rainn Wilson (The Office) leads the charge in this brand new take on Zombie movies. That’s right it’s another zombie movie which means half of the people reading this just rolled their eyes, the other halve’s are wide open. noch 132 Wörter


Trailer Feedback: Cooties

In our youth, there was once an invisible disease all little boys and girls had at some time in their lives called “Cooties.”

Essentially a warped version of tag, cooties could be brought on at a moment’s notice when one child would yell that another “had cooties”. noch 200 Wörter


First Cooties trailer drops online

If you are a school teacher who gets sick and tired of dealing with kids day in and day out, Cooties may just be your new favourite film. noch 97 Wörter


Maniac: I Don’t Know What to Make of This

By Vince Gaetano

What was the point of Maniac? I have to believe that the point was to make the audience uncomfortable. Well, in this it succeeds. noch 342 Wörter