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Wilfred (Pilot) | Happiness

Major Cast: Elijah Wood as Ryan Newman; Jason Gann as Wilfred

Year(s) Running: 2011-2014

Runtime: 22-30 minutes

Where You Can Watch: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu… noch 463 Wörter

Five Stars

Where did Too Young to Die go?

Behind the scenes of a momentary movie misadventure.

After we wrote Too Young to Die in 2013 we started looking to get the movie made and created a couple of teaser trailers, posters and various other bits and bobs, doing interviews with online magazines and blogs and radio shows and promoting ourselves all we could. noch 1.066 Wörter


Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood look remarkably similar and people can't handle it

A gif showing Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood’s faces merging together has sent the internet into mind-meltdown.

As well as being the two leading youthful faces of opposing blockbuster franchises, in Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings, the world has just discovered a stunning similarity between the two actors. noch 336 Wörter


Former child stars say Hollywood pedophilia is "a growing problem, not a shrinking problem"

For years, pedophilia and sexual assault of minors has been a substantial issue circling around Hollywood. This week, the topic returned to the forefront through unlikely circumstances. noch 1.074 Wörter


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People Lose It in Every Language over This Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe Look-Alike GIF

Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe look a lot alike, but a new GIF proves it in an oddly uncanny and almost downright creepy way. In fact, people are freaking out in every language about the morphing image. noch 653 Wörter


Corey Feldman reacciona tras declaraciones de Elijah Wood sobre pedofilia en Hollywood

Luego de que Elijah Wood indicara que en Hollywood había un problema de pedofilia en una reciente entrevista, Corey Feldman decidió hablar nuevamente sobre este tema, ya que como ha indicado en ocasiones anteriores, tanto él como el fallecido actor infantil… noch 353 Wörter