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Review: Set Fire to the Stars (2014)

Director: Andy Goddard
Starring: Elijah Wood, Celyn Jones, Kelly Reilly
Release Date: 7th November 2014 (UK)

In the trail that poetic genius Dylan Thomas left, all his photographs are in black and white – Director Andy Goddard made the cinematographic decision to make the film black and white. noch 376 Wörter


How To Survive a Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon

Six films, 1171 minutes, nearly 20 hours….the one movie marathon to rule them all. noch 1.150 Wörter


rear windows

//- exciting premise marred by an insane third act.

Airline Review #1: Air New Zealand

Written by: Thomas

We have taken a grand total of 42 flights in the past 8 months. Forty-two! That’s more than enough flying for a lifetime…until the next trip, that is. noch 334 Wörter

Globe Trotting

Jerry Lewis Takes Lead Role In 'The Trust'

EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Lewis has signed on to join Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood and Sky Ferreira in The Trust, a drama that’s shooting in Las Vegas with Ben and Alex Brewer directing. noch 154 Wörter


The Lerman Project

This is the first video I made, and sort of sets the tone of the project as something made by and for young girls (who appreciate Logan Lerman, of course). noch 450 Wörter

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Review

If you could erase the memories of a loved one, would you do it?

That’s the question that director Charlie Kaufman asks of us in his exquisitely-shot film, which is by turns beautiful and psychedelic. noch 1.017 Wörter