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I Miss My Plattenbau

seen on Prenzlauer Allee, Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg, Germany.



So I went to Berlin at the beginning of the month as everyone kept telling how great it was. It seems they they were all right! noch 131 Wörter



Street art by El Bocho. Lippmannstraße. Hamburg-Sternschanze, Germany.

It’s not that long ago that I blogged another photo showing some of El Bocho’s artwork, but when I heard about the… noch 382 Wörter

Human Beings


Street art by El Bocho. An der Spandauer Brücke. Berlin-Mitte, Germany.

As much as I enjoy the rollercoaster, sometimes I miss the cotton candy life. noch 181 Wörter

Human Beings

Day 48

I saw bits of street art today.

One place I stopped by Haus Schwarzenberg, which was a small alley in a rather commercial area that was filled with street art: noch 281 Wörter

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