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pink ink

I’ve talked about this ink before in the blog. It’s discontinued and that fact makes me happy to own one bottle of it. Strangely enough, it also makes me a little hesitant to use it which is plain stupid. 172 weitere Wörter


News: Ink of the Year 2017 - Smoky Quartz

Çelik Kalem, a major distributor for Pelikan pens in Turkey, follows up their announcement of the M101N Bright Red from yesterday with news of yet another upcoming release.   390 weitere Wörter


neue Steinbilder

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Honigcalcit mit Lichtbrechung:

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Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine Pen and Ink Review/Ink Giveaway!

I received a request to review my Pelikan M205 Aquamarine, so I figured why not also review the ink and do a giveaway ^_^. So lets begin! 594 weitere Wörter

Ink Review


Can’t say I’ve had much luck with purple inks. Tried J. Herbin’s Violette Pensée … it just never dried, and I’m left handed. It looked stunningly beautiful while wet! 139 weitere Wörter