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Ink Review - Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine 

Aquamarine was the second of the Edelstein inks which I purchased as a full bottle, having bought samples first of the other colours in the standard range. 642 weitere Wörter


Ink Review - Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz

I got a small sample of Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz shortly after it was released but never actually got around to inking up a pen with it and writing. 639 weitere Wörter


04 Reflection: Thinking Shakespeare Act I

I was introduced to Barry Edelstein’s Thinking Shakespeare in the fall and have since coveted the book and its engaging prose. I immediately wanted a copy of it. 573 weitere Wörter


Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst

Late winter/early spring is probably one of the most anticipated time for fountain pen lovers. Lamy usually announces its limited edition Safari and Al-Star, various brands broadcast new products/lines, and new paper goods also start to surface. 323 weitere Wörter


Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz - Ink of the Year 2017

Pelikan Edelstein line is great proof of Pelikan’s marketing team efficiency. Beautifully packaged inks bear promise of amazing writing experience. The line is popular all around the world and concurs with the likes of Pilot Iroshizuku or Graf von Faber-Castell. 591 weitere Wörter

Ink Review

Pietersit-Mandalas und mehr

Pietersit gefällt mir als Grundlage für Mandalas gut, da er farblich so abwechslungsreich sein kann und zugleich einen tollen Schiller hat.

Übrigens gibt es in der aktuellen Ausgabe (Nachtrag: April 2017) der Herzstück einen Artikel über meine Mandala-Fotos. 22 weitere Wörter