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End #Wanderlust, Begin #Wanderbox

Earlier this month I wrote about Pelikan’s Wanderlust Project, a concept based around a joy of ink and fine writing instruments, married to social media (#Wanderlust).   noch 566 Wörter


Pelikan Wanderlust Celebration

Forty years after the company that we know today as Pelikan came into existence, a new word of German origin came into use; wanderlust. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines wanderlust as a “strong desire to travel.”  Perhaps not used as much in today’s vernacular, during 2013 the creative minds at Pelikan conceived an interesting idea for which that word was well suited.  noch 466 Wörter


From the Desk of an Addict - Volume One

The Crown Jewel 

I’ve collected pens for nearly seven years – spending four of them working in a fountain pen store.  I cared for the specimens day after day, able to get a feel and appreciation for just about every brand out there.   noch 658 Wörter


Melody Super Seven

wird dieser Stein genannt, da er aus 7 verschiedenen Mineralien besteht (Amethyst, Bergkristall, Cacoxenit, Goethitnadeln, Lepidocrocit, Rauchquarz und Rutilquarz).


News: Ink of the Year 2015 - Amethyst

This week has been very exciting as Pelikan rather unexpectedly announced two new pens to be released in 2015.  The new products coming out of Hanover aren’t limited to pens though as they have also announced the Edelstein (pronounced EY-dell-shtine) 2015 Ink of the Year.   noch 227 Wörter


Pelikan Edelstein Ruby Ink Review

Edelstein is German for gemstone, and on the box you will find the caption ‘extra soft ink’. To me this is a contradiction. When I think of gemstones, in particular the ruby which this ink is named after – I think this translucent, vibrant, rich deep red and sparkly.  noch 439 Wörter