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Product Deal Alerts - Way to set deal alerts on specific product

               In this article we will see the product deal alert concept. As an eCommerce user we might be hearing features like instock notifications, Price Alerts. For example, a user is looking at the product to buy, but it is out of stock. noch 511 Wörter


Six Global Trends Shaping Future Omnichannel Supply Chains

Omnichannel retail sales have consistently doubled every 4-5 years since 2001 and is expected to become a $1.8 trillion dollar market by 2016 and then quickly grow to $7 trillion by 2025. noch 874 Wörter


Apple Begins Offering Virtual “Personal Setup” Appointments To New Watch Owners

As a number of early customers will receive their Apple Watch smartwatches today, Apple has also begun to send out email invitations offering “personal setup” appointments that take place via video sessions with an Apple Specialist. noch 479 Wörter


Consumers use 5 devices when shopping

With consumers now using an average of five devices when making a purchase – up from 2.8 a year ago – the need for brands and retailers to offer an omnichannel, multi-screen experience has never been more urgent, a new study has said. noch 233 Wörter


A Great Example of Marketing With an Order Form

It’s not often that an online shopping cart makes you sit up and take notice, in a good way. But that’s exactly what happened recently when I ordered from Road ID. noch 368 Wörter


Virto Commerce 2.0.1 - May 11

Here is our plan for the next Development Sprint scheduled to be completed on May 11. The sprint is about 3 weeks at the end of which we’ll have some new functionality available. noch 360 Wörter