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Amazon is making it easier for international customers to order from abroad

Displaying in five new languages and 25 local currencies, with pricing, shipping, import duty estimates, and customs clearance

Amazon is updating its mobile apps with a new International Shopping experience that makes it easier to shop for products on Amazon abroad within the app.Users will now be able to browse Amazon on mobile in five languages (Spanish, English, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and German), and prices can be displayed in 25 local currencies, with a goal of making it easier to browse the app and order products abroad.

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22 Billion Minutes per Month

Americans spent 22 BILLION minutes on Amazon shopping platforms in December 2017 alone. More than the next nine platforms combined.

Interestingly, there is a large gap between time spent and dollars spent on mobile vs. 78 weitere Wörter

e-Commerce- An Emerging System of Business

We all used to went to market and do shopping but now we all have changed our mindset, or we can say the technologies has changed us. 701 weitere Wörter


When do you need an SEO for Your organisation?

When does one precisely need Associate in Nursing SEO for Your Company?

With the rise within the variety of corporations and freelancers within the SEO domain, customers bump into with lots of greedy and unreadable recommendation from them that eventually lead the corporate obscurity. 502 weitere Wörter

Is Amazon the Best Ally for Independent Makers in an E-commerce World? | Architectural Digest

Mary Elizabeth Hining, the painter behind North Carolina–based Mary Elizabeth Arts, doesn’t mince words when describing her experience on the site. “It changed my life,” she tells AD PRO.

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