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Omni-channel distribution—Moving at the speed of “now”

The pressure is on retailers to deliver anything, anytime, from anywhere. Three experts answer four key questions that will help traditional brick-and-mortar retailers revolutionize their use of WMS and their shipping processes on the way to a multi-channel transformation. noch 22 Wörter

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Amazon's Dash button for consumers

An article in The Verge (March 31, 2015) titled “Amazon Has invented tiny plastic buttons that simplify ordering” describes Amazon’s partnership with 18 manufacturers to supply wifi enabled buttons that, when pressed, generate an order through Amazon Prime.   noch 100 Wörter

Supply Chain Issues

8 Common Myths About Selling Online

If you’re thinking about starting an online business, make sure you review the most common myths below before jumping in!

Myth 1 – The only value of an e-commerce website is to sell online… noch 876 Wörter

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Client side .LESS files in Bootstrap cannot be found

It may be caused by MIME types security at the IIS level. Make sure that your website in IIS manager has “.less” as a registered MIME type (open IIS manager, click your site in left tree panel, look for “MIME Types” item at the right pane, then click it). noch 15 Wörter


Amazon is completely redefining one click buying

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Amazon is completely redefining “one click buying,” making it possible for customers to buy more of an item by clicking a physical button in their house. noch 283 Wörter


Why Jay-Z's Music App Tidal Sounds Doomed

Giving away music is how you get people to pay for it. That might seem crazy, but it’s true, though Jay-Z doesn’t want to listen. He just… noch 100 Wörter