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The New Wave Of Selling On Mobile And Social

The holiday season is here, and shoppers and merchants alike are gearing up for the busiest shopping season of the year. How will technology impact retail this season, and what’s new in 2015 about the ancient “art of the sale”? noch 1.000 Wörter


Amazon Shows Off New Prime Air Drone With Hybrid Design

Amazon delivered a lovely update on its ‘Prime Air’ project today — almost exactly two years after it showed the first iteration of its drone. You know, the… noch 455 Wörter


BMTC Ride in the Night: Where Frustration Reached a New Height

Title: BMTC Ride in the Night: Where Frustration Reached a New Height
Team: Ankit Khandelwal & Ilu the Poet

Last trip of Monday night, arrival of rain is not a good sign… noch 694 Wörter

Fun/Humor/Short Stories

Yayoi Nakanishi intervistata da Franzmagazine

Wazars: tecnica e arte, Oriente ed Occidente

Mauro Sp

Tecniche antiche, saperi moderni per un piacere senza tempo. Apre Wazars store on line, ce ne parla Yayoi Nakanishi. noch 161 Wörter


Snapdeal makes Aamir Khan the 19th most viewed Ad personality.

E-commerce giant Snap deal has helped Aamir Khan to grow his ad volume by 441% in last one year. His rank improved from mere 57th to 19th in terms of total amount of time he was seen in Television . noch 295 Wörter


Here's What Cards Against Humanity Is Doing With The $71,145 They Made On Black Friday

While a lot of the US was out and about shopping for themselves or others for the holidays, Cards Against Humanity ran their own Black Friday campaign… noch 307 Wörter