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7 Ways to Build a Strong & Lasting Relationship with Your Customers

In the age of automation and innovation, nurturing relationships with your customers and partners will help you grow a successful business. When you want to establish a loyal relationship, you must understand how relationships actually work and how to build them. noch 1.045 Wörter

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Xrm page ui controls is null or not an object

Xrm.Page.ui.control functions only run this actions (onload, onchange, onsave and onkeypress(2016 feature) ) This functions call in action. If it still does not work, try this methods and check fields. noch 14 Wörter

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Enabling Write-in Products on Quotes

Write-in Products are a great way to add a line item to a Quote when the actual product doesn’t exist in the product catalogue.  For example, if you wanted to quote an… noch 72 Wörter


Single Sign On for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Part 2) – Federate Identity Model

In the previous post, we discussed about Synchronized Identity model of Single Sign On with Azure Active Directory and local Active Directory for a Dynamics CRM Online deployment. noch 709 Wörter

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Tigger Rollup from Plugin in CRM

Following code show how to trigger Rollup field from Plugin in Dynamics CRM

protected void triggerRollup(IOrganizationService service, ITracingService trace, String EntityName, Guid ObjectGuid, String NameOfField)
trace.Trace("Inside triggerRollup");
CalculateRollupFieldRequest crfr = new CalculateRollupFieldRequest
Target = new EntityReference(EntityName, ObjectGuid),
FieldName = NameOfField
CalculateRollupFieldResponse response = (CalculateRollupFieldResponse)service.Execute(crfr);
trace.Trace("Inside triggerRollup - Response");
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CRM 2016: Import TimeZone

On a recent project, I was working on importing a list of resources into CRM. We are using Dynamics CRM Service module default Resource entity, and for Resource entity TimeZone field is required. noch 67 Wörter


Calculating 'Days Since...' in Dynamics CRM

A scenario I come across quite often when configuring Dynamics CRM is the need to show the Days Since something occurred or happened.  For example: noch 232 Wörter