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Solution Entity Segmentation

Hello Friend!!!

This is a tutorial explains an exciting feature on solution management (Solution Segmentation) in CRM 2016.

With solution segmentation we can now export solutions with selected entity assets (fields, forms, views, etc.) rather than entire entities with all the assets. 73 weitere Wörter


Event update conducted on 20th Aug, 2016 on Developing plugin in Dynamics CRM

Successfully completed another webinar on Developing plugins in Dynamic CRM as a part of “Saturday Online”. Thank you very much Roohi Shaikh (MVP) for taking your time sharing the knowledge. 116 weitere Wörter

After Event

CRM 2016 Service Pack 1 (Update 1.0) and Outlook Client added

Hi CRMers!

It’s been a while since the last update to the Dynamics CRM Installation dialog but we were busy tuning AgileXRM for the Cloud (more about that later). 133 weitere Wörter

Dynamics CRM

Open Google from CRM

Hello Friends, This tutorial will tell you how to open an external web page from your CRM system. Here We are customizing a CRM entity with some form script to open the page. 38 weitere Wörter

New Features

CRM 2016 Screen Walkthrough

Hello Friends, This tutorial is a walk though on the options available in new version of CRM 2016. Here we will discuss the the menu options available and the additional options. 21 weitere Wörter


Integration with Dynamics CRM using Azure Service Bus – Part 1

There is a frequent need to integration Dynamics CRM system with another line of business applications. In modern enterprises, systems residing in silos are generally candidates for an uplift or replacement and any new system deployment generally takes integration into account. 875 weitere Wörter

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Help Us Help You

You’re trying to get a Quote out the door in a rush, and suddenly realize that your CRM system is acting up. You don’t have time for this!! 348 weitere Wörter

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