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Why should I use XRM?

I described what the term „XRM“ means in my last blog post. In this post we will see why should anyone use MS Dynamics XRM as a platform for developing their business application. 886 weitere Wörter

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Dynamics xRM, a whole other world of opportunity

There are a couple of different definitions for XRM. One is that the “x” stands for extended, as in extended relationship management. The other definition is that the “x” is a variable, and means “anything” relationship management, such as partner relationship management, constituent relationship management, employee relationship management, etc. 396 weitere Wörter

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How to Install CRM Developer Toolkit

CRM Developer Toolkit is the standard way for development and customization in MS Dynamics CRM. You can find basic information about the toolkit in this… 413 weitere Wörter

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After long back..

Hope everyone had wonderful New year and Pongal celebrations. Hoping for the next year (2018)  Pongal celebrations  with full fledged government support  for conducting… 147 weitere Wörter

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Dynamics CRM Database Structure

Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses metadata driven architecture to provide the flexibility to create custom entities and additional system entity attributes. This structure also makes upgrades and the transportation of customization easier. 659 weitere Wörter

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Dynamics CRM - Multi-Tier Application Structure

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a web-based application that uses a multi-tier architecture enabling the platform to be extended and scaled. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built on the following components; 233 weitere Wörter

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - An Introduction

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (MSDCRM) is a software product developed and maintained by Microsoft. As the name indicates, this product mainly focuses on Sales, Services and Marketing. 157 weitere Wörter

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