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Reasons to move to Dynamics 365 Online from On-Premise (Part 1)

This blog posting is the first in a summary from sessions that I presented at D365UG and Extreme365 on migrating from on-premise to cloud based Dynamics 365 CE (Dynamics CRM). 555 weitere Wörter

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Things noticed on upgrading from v8.2 to v9.0 - Part 2


Hope everyone is doing awesome.

I believe everyone read my previous post.

If you haven’t read that, here it is Things-noticed-on-upgrading-from-v8-2-to-v9-0-part-1/

As part of upgrading, We tried importing of v8.2. 253 weitere Wörter

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Set custom icon for Case Source (CaseOriginCode)

Case view displays different icons depending on the case source as displayed in red circle below.

There are a number of default icons, however custom value for CaseOriginCode will show the Yammer logo with red cross. 77 weitere Wörter


Dynamics 365 Server-side validation

Defining required and optional fields are always an important part of every Dynamics 365 project that I have ever worked on. Have you ever thought properly about the server-side validation on that matter? 442 weitere Wörter

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Filter a Dynamics 365 Portal Entity List

When deploying a Dynamics 365 Portal, there are many use cases where you only want to show data related to the authenticated portal user.  Items such as registrations, invoices and other private data should only be accessible by the appropriate user. 620 weitere Wörter

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Using Node and RequireJS with CRM

It is a good practice to separate your script into separate files to improve re-usability, maintainability, readability, and other-abilities. Traditionally, you would add the scripts into CRM form in order that they need to be loaded, CRM would then load them all before it executes anything. 214 weitere Wörter