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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Upgrade Error

LinkedIn Sales Navigator release an update. We were informed that because of this release, the current version that is installed in our client will stop working on a certain date. 111 weitere Wörter

Dynamics CRM

Can Dynamics CRM understand images? Yes! Using deep learning.

Machine Learning is quite a buzzword these days and we have witnessed how quickly Microsoft and other vendors have made progress in this area. Just couple of years back Microsoft had no product or tool in this space and today they have closer to a dozen. 1.718 weitere Wörter

Dynamics CRM

Solution Component types in Dynamics 365

CRM 2016 brought one great improvement – possibility to choose what subcomponents we want to include in the solution. We can choose single fields, views or relationships for an entity. 1.116 weitere Wörter

Dynamics 365

Why doesn't Microsoft Host Large Events like Salesforce?

A few days ago, I attended for the second time the Salesforce World Tour here in Toronto where the number of attendees exceeded three thousands (3k) people. 498 weitere Wörter

Dynamics 365

Transform your Customer Experience using Dynamics 365

Who will win in the year 2020? We may tend to think what’s probably going to change in three years. But the reality is three years a long period in this rapidly changing fast-paced business world which is continuously disrupted by technology. 1.126 weitere Wörter

Dynamics CRM

Disable columns in editable grid

Editable grids are a long awaited feature of Dynamics 365. Without any fancy coding, they allow to provide users a nice and easy to use interface, for updating multiple records in an Excel-like experience. 280 weitere Wörter

Dynamics 365

Case: Merged vs. Child Cases

We will go back to the basics and see one of the basic features of case entity which is confusing at times to the beginners, Merged Case vs. 379 weitere Wörter