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Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 List of Supported Languages

Hi everyone,

This is a quick tip about what languages are currently supported for Dynamics 365 Version 9.0.

This list comes from Dynamics 365 Online and what languages are available to download: 55 weitere Wörter

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Disable Sorting on Grid

Need to update the customization.xml to remove sorting.

1: Export Solution.

2: Update customization.xml

Don’t get confuse you just need to find the <savedqueries> in XML and then search for the required view for which you want to disable the sorting and add the disableSorting=“1″ attribute to the particular cell. 10 weitere Wörter

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Create contact from received Email using Flow

Last week in a meeting client explained requirement:

„.. we receive emails in a mail box, and we manually create contacts in CRM using sender name and address for further processing, we want to automate this..

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Cloning Entity Metadata

XRM Tool Box has this cool plugin to clone entity metadata. I wanted to create an entity similar to the out of the box contact entity. 246 weitere Wörter

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Importing Legacy Users to Dynamics 365 Online


  • Users need to be created in Office 365 and assigned a Dynamics 365 license to be added to Dynamics 365.
  • Migration projects often require historical users created to properly map ownership of historical data.
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IP ranges for Dynamics 365

IP whitelisting (Range) for Dynamics 365.

In one of our recent project we need to call a web service from Workflow and Action from Dynamics 365 online (9.x) . 383 weitere Wörter

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Facts about Dynamics 365 Auto-numbering

Hello readers. In this article, I am going to explain few facts about Dynamics 365 auto-numbering feature. Previously we had to write some SDK code to generate the auto numbering for custom entities. 433 weitere Wörter

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