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IE 11: Javascript selectNodes is not working

It seems selectSingleNode() and selectNodes() method for XML document is no longer supported.

Instead use querySelector() and querySelectorAll()

var filterNode = fetchXml.querySelector("Filters");

var attributeNodes = fetchXml.querySelector("Attribute");

Cheers – Sy


Convergence 2015 Recap : Unified Service Desk (USD)

Convergence 2015 has finished recently in Atlanta and Microsoft has revealed a series of exciting features coming in the next Spring release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. noch 641 Wörter

Dynamics CRM

Convert your Windows Server 2012 to a Workstation!

Windows Server 2012 to Workstation Manual


A useful resource to make our VMs more… user friendly!

See on Scoop.itMicrosoft Dynamics CRM On The Road

Dynamics CRM

New Navigation in Dynamics CRM 2015 Spring Release (Online Only)

The Dynamics CRM platform is evolving with each release. This spring we are delighted with a few new features, including themes and a new navigation layout. noch 387 Wörter

Dynamics CRM

A Spring Wave Worth Catching - Improved Navigation for Dynamics CRM

When Microsoft released CRM 2013 and the “re-imagined user experience”, there was mixed feedback with the new top driven, tiled navigation design. It was tough to drill down the menu tree; plus if you added custom entities and solutions to the product, the horizontal navigation was really cumbersome. noch 229 Wörter

Data Encryption CRM 2013-2015

If the Data Encryption is not configured correctly can take to some problems even when you try to configure Dynamics CRM Outlook Client.

You will get this error message when trying to access Settings -> Data Management -> Data Encryption: noch 186 Wörter

Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM hotfix for Chrome users - Dynamics Feed

Many web apps, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM use modal dialogs, so Dynamics CRM users have modified a registry setting to work around this temporarily.

Source: …

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