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Resco CRM and Resco Mobile CRM are not the same

Discover the use case scenarios for Resco CRM

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Compelling reasons to use ADX Studio for your portal solution

Creating an external facing web portal for your external users is a pretty common requirement these days. Whether they be potential customers, recurring customers, partners or other external parties that you want to empower to self-serve and manage information stored in your Dynamics CRM based system you’ve got a couple of approaches available to you: noch 656 Wörter


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is Coming - Get a First Look

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 will soon be available. Microsoft released the preview guide for the new release this month, and we broke it down for you.

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Dynanics CRM–Dependent Lookup

Usually we come across with the situation when we need to have secondary lookup record list based on selected first lookup. Microsoft has recognized this problem and provided new feature from CRM 2013 to add the prefetch filter. noch 498 Wörter

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CRM 2013 Plug-in Regsitration Tool Fails to Connect - IFD

MS Dynamics CRM 2013/15 Plug-in Regsitration Tool Fails to create a connection to an IFD – Error “404”

Recently I came up against an issue where the CRM 2013/2015 Plug-in registration tool from the CRM SDK couldn’t connect to an IFD CRM instance – throwing a “404” exception even though I knew I was using the correct connection details and credentials. noch 315 Wörter

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Introduction to Case management


If you are an ‘average’ CRM user, you’ll probably don’t use it for following up complaints, inquiries, … . As this is the case (pun intended), you might want to check out the “Service” part of Dynamics CRM as it offers some easy, practical, solutions which allows you to use CRM for more than only sales related actions such as leads and sales opportunities. noch 597 Wörter


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015: Year End Review!

Microsoft is all set to launch the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 in this quarter. This means there will be a transition and we’ll be gradually moving on from the… noch 313 Wörter

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