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Hiding Business Process Flow on Dynamics 365 Form

At the moment, there isn’t a way to hide a Business Process Flow on a Dynamics 365 form, out-of-the-box.

However, there is a way to do this using xRM JavaScript – this JavaScript will need to be created on the form where the BPF is being displayed. 45 weitere Wörter


Microsoft – Worldwide Data Center Locations

Some may ask, where are all the Microsoft Data Centers located?

Well this blog post contains the recent image of their locations. See below the data centers nearest you.



Greg Olsen

Dynamics CRM

Some emails are not synced to D365

Dynamics 365 and Exchange integration is plug & play with some minor configuration…I just don’t think so.

Lately, I had an issue that emails were not syncing to the Dynamics 365 using Exchange server via server-side synchronization.

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Tip And Tricks

Since last few days I have been trying to delete one Managed Solution, its a Salesforce Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2016). ExactTarget Solution

Here are my notes on approach and resolution… 295 weitere Wörter

Dynamics CRM

Ftp to CRM using Azure Function

New to Azure Function?

Function is serverless offering form Azure. Serverless computing is a way to write code without need to manage infrastructure, application dependencies and other required resources. 619 weitere Wörter

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Create Record in CRM using PowerApps with Microsoft flow


This blog explains how to create Record in CRM using PowerApps with Microsoft flow.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Create Blank App.

2. Insert Label, Text Input and Button controls.(Fields which you want to create in CRM). 111 weitere Wörter

How to Pause SLA in Dynamics 365


This blog explains how to Pause SLA in Dynamics 365.

Steps to be followed:

Only Enhanced SLA can be Paused.

  • Go to Settings –> Administration  –> System Settings –> Service.
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