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Color terminology that really grinds my gears.

People. A „shade“ or a color is not a different variant of a color. When you say, „Oh, I really like that shade,“ did you know that you’re actually incorrect? 165 weitere Wörter

Designers: Stay off Pinterest

While I agree that keeping up-to-date on the latest trends is absolutely a great idea- don’t base your entire skill set on whatever’s trending at the moment. 143 weitere Wörter

The Do's and Don'ts of Band Members

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Band members. We love them. They introduced us to our new favorite band, hell, maybe they are a part of our favorite band. 465 weitere Wörter

The do's and don'ts of a one night stand

Casual sex can be super fun, but there are some unwritten rules to really make sure that your one night stand goes smoothly… Here are my top tips for the most successful night and ensuring you walk out of there with a stride of pride and not so much a walk of shame! 463 weitere Wörter

One Night Stand

Lose 10 lbs. in 7 days...and then gain 20 lbs. back in 5.

The fine print at the bottom of the infographic should be enough to tip you off that this is NOT a healthy diet. Although the creators claim that they saw results, the amount of weight expected to be lost at such a fast rate is not a diet that can be justified as actually helpful. 148 weitere Wörter


Cykl "don'ts" - Pedicure kwasowy

Wstajesz rano i przeciągając się wyglądasz za okno. Wreszcie ciepło! Zakładasz krótką spódnicę, koszulkę bez rękawów i… spoglądasz –  to na sandały, to na stopy. Znasz to? 442 weitere Wörter