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What to Wear for Family Portraits - 3 Don'ts & Their Solutions

If you have a favorite pattern, there are ways to incorporate it without it overwhelming the eyes (like this beautiful family did!)

Wrinkled Clothes

The easiest way to avoid this is by doing a little planning ahead.

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Some don'ts in a relationship

I never had the picture perfect relationship in my family to model after. I came from a broken home and so did both of my parents. 381 weitere Wörter


Gym Etiquette: dos and don'ts







All’s fair in love and war…well almost. The past two weeks has been strewn with controversy over gym battle etiquette.  1.157 weitere Wörter


The dos and don’ts of crafting frontier-tech companies


Powerful tools, amazing talent and endless dollars flowing from eager investors makes today an amazing time to start tomorrow’s technology companies. Curious and ambitious founding teams are putting their skills to work toward solving real-world problems. 2.581 weitere Wörter


Photography Do's and Dont's

There are about a million ways to mess up a picture and a million more to make them perfect. These are some of my favorites that I follow when going out for a photoshoot. 331 weitere Wörter


Why I'll always visit Rio de Janeiro, but never moving there

A dream destination – yes. It is better than the pics, it is better than the best postcard you’ve ever seen. I still sense the emotion when landing and looking over the Copacabana beach, the turquoise waters in the bays. 492 weitere Wörter