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In the last six years of being a licensed Esthetician (which, just to clarify is not to be confused with a statistician or Obstetrician…yup, that’s happened…

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Diets are hard aren’t they?! It’s far easier said then done you know ‚eat less move more.‘ I totally appreciate that’s the way to do it however that’s not what’s put me in this position of wanting to lose weight so it clearly isn’t my life motto!🙈 There’s nothing more frustrating then being friends with people who don’t have these same weight issues like it’s clearly in your jeans. 556 weitere Wörter

5 Do's & 5 Dont's of Event Planning


  • Do have a Plan B or Solutions Kit – always assume something will go wrong and have a contingency plan in place! 

The Cheapest Way to Fly

So, it is currently 7:07 AM on a Monday morning and I am drinking some raspberry hibiscus tea and I should really be getting ready for school… however, that is not what I am doing as you can see. 331 weitere Wörter


Dos and don'ts of handling raw meat


Reader Woo Ming See wrote in to ask if it is necessary to wash raw meat before cooking. She says that the practice in her household is to rinse raw meat with salt under running water before cooking. 246 weitere Wörter

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Do's And Don'ts For Pulling An April Fools' Day Prank

Here are a few tips for pulling a good April Fools‘ Day prank.

Here are a couple do’s and don’ts for pulling off a solid April Fools‘ Day Prank tomorrow… 143 weitere Wörter