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The Do's and Don'ts of Tinder

As a Tinder Warrior-Princess I am here to guide you through the harsh dating world of our beloved app. I have witnessed the horrors of ‘profile pictures,’ the awkward flirting, and even the start of perpetual stalking. noch 649 Wörter


Do's and DON'TS part two!

As promised here is part two of my post… the DON’TS for a first date!

1.DONT put pressure on a person to see you again and it’s a first date don’t say things that may scare them off, don’t come off creepy cause that will send them running for the hills! noch 392 Wörter

Cons And Kids

First off I want to point out I, myself, do not have children. But I am not inexperanced. I have over 29 younger cousins, most I’ve babysat many times or helped out with. noch 571 Wörter


Do's and don'ts

Ever been to someone’s house and it looks more like a museum? Everything is beautiful, pristinely maintained, expensive looking? The person doesn’t want anything touched, anything moved out of it’s place. noch 1.011 Wörter

Do's and Dont's: Commenting

Part of owning a social media account is commenting. But you have to know what you can AND CANNOT comment. This is super important so you may wanna read this. noch 107 Wörter


The Do's and Don'ts of Boot Camp

If you’re reading this, I can only assume you have a loved one currently going through boot camp. First off, congratulations! You’re about to embark on one of the most amazing and thrilling journeys you could ever imagine. noch 2.166 Wörter

Successful Blogging

In this class, blogging plays a very big and important role. We keep our blog up to date weekly and it is a large, contributing factor to our grade. noch 243 Wörter