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Wstajesz rano i przeciągając się wyglądasz za okno. Wreszcie ciepło! Zakładasz krótką spódnicę, koszulkę bez rękawów i… spoglądasz –  to na sandały, to na stopy. Znasz to? 442 weitere Wörter

The Top 5 Don'ts of the Interwebs

In the ebb-and-flow of the internet, there are 5 current website fads that really grind my gears.  These items, in descending order, are as follows: 623 weitere Wörter


Finest Birthday Present For Her - DOs and DON'Ts of Birthday Gifts for a Girl

Selecting the best birthday gift for a lady will not be at all times straightforward. Listed below are some ideas that can make it easier to accomplish the duty. 555 weitere Wörter

Cute Gifts For Boyfriend Handmade

Smart Gifting: What's the best gift?

Why the most obvious gifts are not obvious

We can all agree that gifting is an incredibly complicated process, especially if it is for someone that we love. 568 weitere Wörter


Costume: Unforgivable

Hello hello, Weirdos.  As we approach the most spooktacular (oh, fuck me) time of the year, it’s time to round out the finer details of the costume (or three) that will be dawned on the later half of the month.   796 weitere Wörter

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Investing in an Early-Stage Startup: What to Look For and What to Avoid


Investing in a young company is about as high risk, high reward as it gets. It takes guts, enthusiasm and an acceptance that it may not work out as well as you’d hoped. 869 weitere Wörter



Welcome to my website! The purpose of this site is help newcomers of the internet writing world become better writers. Over time I will update this website with tips, suggestions and dos and don’ts for what to do when constructing internet content. 28 weitere Wörter