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10 things...

…which are probably best avoided in the world of dating:

  1. If you’re on a date with someone who is German, do not turn up late. Not even a little bit.
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Top 10 DON’TS for Buying an Engagement Ring

Sapphire Rings
REVEL: Sapphire Engagement Ring (dark Blue, Emerald cut). But without any diamond accents on the band or around the stone.
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Top 10 DON’TS for Buying an Engagement Ring

Engagement Jewelry
Sapphire Engagement Rings Meaning
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Engagement Jewelry Platinum Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring 3 Stone Vintage Blue Sapphire Ring with… 19 Engagement Ring Diagrams That Will Make Your Life Easier Vintage Style Sapphire Engagement Ring, RG-3306j… noch 13 Wörter

Top 10 DON’TS for Buying an Engagement Ring

Sapphire Rings
Amazing collection of sapphire engagement rings + other antique rings
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Sapphire Rings Aquamarine and White Sapphire Cushion Cut Gemstone Ring in Recycled and Tarnish… Ceylon Cornflower Blue Sapphire in White Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Halo Diamond and N… noch 10 Wörter

Do not read this

I tend to mix up do’s and don’ts
Not out of recklessness
Malice or even stupidity
It’s more a second nature
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Buhari reels out his dos and don'ts to Ministers-designate, says all foreign trips must be duty-related

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Posts on Social Media? There Are Dos and Don’ts

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