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Rome top 10 DON'Ts. A 3.5★★★ destination.

Just landed home after a third city break to Rome and realizing that I still make the same mistake over and over again. It’s about wanting to see it all in 3 days, by foot if possible… Remember this is a city to come back and rediscover. 225 weitere Wörter


3 Do's and Don'ts When Hiring a Domestic Worker


Just like any employer-employee relationship, your relationship with your domestic worker also has its own set of protocols and etiquettes that are important to maintain. 1.481 weitere Wörter

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Dos and Don'ts Before Doing Vocal Warm Ups

So before doing your warm ups, there’s a list of things that you should do and don’t do, even if it is before a performance. These Dos and Don’ts are highly important to keep in mind because they go hand in hand with the vocal warm ups. 321 weitere Wörter


Athens top DON'Ts. A 3★★★ destination.

Often cataloged just a transit city for the Greek islands either by plane or ferry, I decided one year to stay in for 4 nights. And i still do not regret, although a maximum of 3 nights is enough. 576 weitere Wörter


15 Do's and Don'ts: Japan Edition

In this blog post I’ll be talking about about the do’s and don’t’s of when you’ve finally arrived in Japan. Of course, it’s not a tragedy if you make ‚mistakes‘, you are a tourist after all! 349 weitere Wörter



Customer loyalty programs are a successful to retain and attain customer loyalty through goals and incentive. A loyalty program is a strategy put forth by a company to reward customers who make frequent purchases at their establishment. 285 weitere Wörter