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The Important Things.....

About 10 years ago I set up a soap business on Etsy and as I was setting it up, I realized I not only did not have a business name, but I knew very little about how to set up a business, how to run a business, or even how to maintain it.   noch 1.186 Wörter


CULTURE: Buddhism

While traveling around the world, you will meet a lot of people, with different cultures. It can be good to be informed about the culture of people, so you don’t make some no-go’s. noch 344 Wörter

Travel Tips

Social Media's Downfalls

This post is about social media and the do’s and don’ts. This is a huge thing in the world right now. Everyone is putting their entire lives on social media. noch 885 Wörter


Let's Talk About Boys...

So, I know this is something weird for most people. Some people may look at this post and think, „Oh my gosh. Another post ranting about how bad boys are.“ Well, I mean I could write about that. noch 696 Wörter


13 Don’ts once you sign up for a Facebook account

After food, shelter and clothes, facebook is slowly becoming a necessity for all and tech addicts. But there are few Don’ts one definitely need to know once you sign up for the Facebook account to save yourself and the world from online torture while scrolling a newsfeed. noch 287 Wörter

Brent Weaver: Financial Do's & Don'ts + Reducing financial stress!

Brent Weaver, a consultant at Investor’s Group Financial Services, did a talk for us where he advised us on taking care of our money. I know what you’re thinking, lots of statistics with boring information right? noch 660 Wörter

Drink Responsibly

Do NOT by any means be „that guest“ at an event that parallels a 16-year old intoxicated for the first time.  It’s not cute, not attractive, and any attention you are getting is the WRONG kind of attention.  noch 230 Wörter