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The DOs And DON'Ts Of A One Night Stand

Ah, the one-night stand…bravely teetering on the line between awesome and awkward. It’s hot and heavy one moment, silent and strange the next. You might be moaning and swapping spit, but you don’t even know this person’s name. noch 614 Wörter


How To Wear A Pregnancy With Style

If you’ve opened Facebook or your favorite fashion site at least once these days, then you’ve seen Blake, the star of Cannes Festival. She’s been rocking jumpsuits, Cinderella gowns, sexy, nude dresses all while… being pregnant (I mean, it’s not confirmed but c’mon – you can see the baby bump!). noch 407 Wörter


Dos and Don?ts of Going to Nepal

Have you attempted visiting Nepal and its surrounding areas such as Bhutan? Going to Nepal is not like going to your preferred tourist spot in another state. noch 24 Wörter

Makeup Do's and Dont's

Tons of beauty tips fill the pages of fashion magazines, YouTube videos as well as beauty blogs. However, sometimes, these “advice” can be completely impractical and complicated. noch 311 Wörter


The Important Things.....

About 10 years ago I set up a soap business on Etsy and as I was setting it up, I realized I not only did not have a business name, but I knew very little about how to set up a business, how to run a business, or even how to maintain it.   noch 1.186 Wörter


CULTURE: Buddhism

While traveling around the world, you will meet a lot of people, with different cultures. It can be good to be informed about the culture of people, so you don’t make some no-go’s. noch 344 Wörter

Travel Tips

Social Media's Downfalls

This post is about social media and the do’s and don’ts. This is a huge thing in the world right now. Everyone is putting their entire lives on social media. noch 885 Wörter