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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday items are: low angle, homemade, light, waiting, and a chore.

A chore:  Every day, I do chores on the farm.  One of those chores is milking twice a day.  noch 196 Wörter


Dolly goes Potty

I apologise for the low quality and bad filming I was trying to hide from big brothers ;)

If you want to make your doll some panties the same as Dolly then follow this tutorial: … noch 38 Wörter


Local Trips Out

This week we’ve taken the girls on two trips. I will admit I hide them when we do. It just isn’t the place here to openly take them out. noch 142 Wörter


Tripod Dolly Wheel Upgrade

I build this tripod dolly from a recycled pallet in 2009. It was the last thing I made from pallet wood, after realising I hated the material and the tawdry up-cycle mentality it seemed to represent and perpetuate. noch 248 Wörter

Film Equipment

The Reconstruction The South So Desperately Needs

(I’m still a white person, so if I misstep, don’t hesitate to reel me in. I just can’t keep this to myself anymore.)

I love the South. noch 883 Wörter