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Kamerar SD-1 Mark II Slider/Dolly || Review

The Kamerar SD-1 Mark II (2) Slider and Dolly Review. I’ve been testing the Kamerar SD-1 Slider for a few weeks and it’s been an awesome experience. noch 21 Wörter


Kamerar Slider Dolly Mark II >>> will soon be available on

Kamerar’s SD-1 Mark II Slider Dolly features new four ball bearing rollers. With adjustable roller bearings on a frictionless polymer coating, it offers a smooth slide. noch 16 Wörter


my blythes styles

clothes. lots of clothes. lots of tiny clothes.

when it comes to doll clothes I’m a bulk byer I tend to grab at boot sales and think later. noch 64 Wörter

DIY Plywood Camera Dolly Looks Professional

While was poking around the ‘net, he came across a neat little product called a camera dolly. These are used to add an artistic flair to filming. noch 182 Wörter

Digital Cameras Hacks

How to...shoot a trombone shot

This one is a tricky one – and a good challenge to keep you busy!

A trombone shot, or a dolly zoom is a great technique to add some pizazz to a scene where a character experiences something shocking, intriguing, upsetting or just bizarre! noch 221 Wörter


Our Spiritual Home

I’ve just been putting together a collection of finds for my new Etsy shop, you will find the link on the contact page. I decided to sell the items I bought in a house sale which was found by accident. noch 229 Wörter