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Introducing Miss Dolly Presley

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived… Your sweaty palms clutch to the microphone you’re holding like it is your only lifeline. The butterflies in your stomach won’t stop fluttering.  noch 513 Wörter

Daily Prompts

HPAN Helps Save another Shelter Dog

Dolly was a stray in the community and approached several people for help; however, due to  the condition she was in, no one would help her.  noch 55 Wörter

Helping Paws Animal Network

Jumbo Plush Teddy Rides a Dolly

Here a Shopping Cart is not enough to wheel this Jumbo Plush Teddy to the check stand, a full-blown Dolly is required. Not hard to imagine that this oversize bargain is being merchandised via a Warehouse Store. noch 471 Wörter

Store Fixtures

"Dolphin Lover" now on YouTube

The award-winning 2015 short documentary film „Dolphin Lover,“ chronicling Malcolm J. Brenner’s 1971 love affair with a dolphin named Dolly, is now available on YouTube, the film’s producer said Thursday. noch 462 Wörter


April 12, 2016 - J is for Jackie

When I was growing up and in Jr High School I met my friend Dolly. She was so smart and we had great fun together. She had twin sisters who were in my brothers class. noch 332 Wörter

✿Dakota & Taylor✿

I have mentioned these two girls in another post of mine-

I briefly touched on them and talked about why they had inspired me to create my final collection, and who there where. noch 446 Wörter

Sakura Dream (Project)