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Crab Cafe Welcomes New Baker

The Crab Cafe is please to announce the arrival of our new baker Dolly Daydream.

Dolly has many years experience having worked in Paris and New York before returning to her home town. 27 weitere Wörter


20 years on since Dolly - how do we feel about the ethics of cloning now?

Today marks 20 years since Dolly the Sheep was unveiled to the world by British scientists, at BBSRC’s Roslin Institute – which this month welcomed the appointment of a new… 1.383 weitere Wörter


All the Kids

It hit me today that things have been so crazy I don’t think I’ve shown you the Oopsie Kids for a while.  I’m not even sure I’ve told you all of their names.  131 weitere Wörter


What is That?

What were the goats looking at?  (Sorry for the small, crappy cell phone picture, but it’s all I had with me, and I had to hang up on my mom to take these pictures.  94 weitere Wörter


Equipment Used...

Various forms of professional equipment were offered to Emelia and I. Firstly, Emelia and I were given one of the school’s Nikon cameras. These were high quality and fairly easy to use once you had the right idea. 164 weitere Wörter