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Christmas is Coming.......

…..and the antics have started.

So I know it still November but we put the tree up. We’ve had a horrible year since last Christmas so this is for ourselves. noch 257 Wörter


30 Days of Thanks Day 24 - Sam and Dolly

I wrote about my amazing parents last year to start my 30 Days of Thanks. My mom, known as Dolly, and my dad, Sam, deserve recognition once again this year. noch 544 Wörter


Dolly Dimples in La La Land

Dolly Dimples in La La Land

Dolly Dimples put on her best taffeta frock and a cupcake in her hair.

“Perfect” she said to her reflection in the fish kettle. noch 172 Wörter


Kisah Burung Beo Eks Gang Dolly

Suatu hari ada seorang ibu pergi ke toko hewan dan melihat burung Beo yang indah. Harga yang ditawarkan pun cukup murah yakni 50 ribu. noch 177 Wörter

Gaze into the blue

I like Tsune’s light blue eyes.  They remind me of the clear blue sky.  I always find looking up at the clear blue sky will lift up my spirit.


No Dyeing II

I didn’t purposely choose radio as a career. I wanted to be a commercial artist. Nearing the end of my first year as an art major at Illinois Wesleyan University, I started looking for a summer job back home in Kewanee, Illinois. noch 284 Wörter

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