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Dear Life.

Doll Body: *Tentacio* Galatea Doll. Body Skeleton RARE  [Arcade – September]

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Eastern Wind [Arcade – September… noch 27 Wörter

Reborn Toys

I thought I’d talk a bit about what toys my girls have and why I chose those particular ones.

Reborns obviously can’t hold a toy themselves and some don’t have the hands to even pretend hold. noch 323 Wörter


Hello Dolly

This is Dolly.

A year ago, I came home from work to find four tiny puppies barking at me and pooping in my living room.  One of them was Dolly.  noch 132 Wörter


It's September!

 We’ve been very quiet lately due to English summer holidays and kids being off school.

Busy days out the dollies couldn’t tag along to like swimming, shopping and others they did like picnics and bike rides! noch 144 Wörter


Doll Parts.

Wen is wearing:

Skin: Pink Fuel – Vamp [In World]

Hair: .Blue Olive. The Pumpkin Hair – FREEBIE + Bang 1  [Arcade – September… noch 51 Wörter

New Kayak Canoe Jon Boat Carrier Dolly Trailer Tote

Have the Elegant Prada Messenger carrier Coming from Net

Guys messenger carrier are usually considerable section of our own garments plus the method we all need to appear to be. noch 308 Wörter