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Top CyberSecurity News For October 27th 2016

  1. Dyn DNS DDoS likely the work of script kiddies, says FlashPointFrom TechCrunch. 

    Business risk intelligence firm FlashPoint has put out a preliminary analysis of last week’s massive denial of service attack against Dyn DNS, and its conclusion is it was likely the work of amateur hackers — rather than, as some had posited, state-sponsored actors perhaps funded by the Russian government.

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18 Year Old - Web DNS

18 Years Old – DNS Software – Earns $600,000

Law-enforcement agencies are trying to keep up. On Sept. 8, Israeli police arrested two 18 year olds, Itay Huri and Yarden Bidani, on suspicion of operating a company called vDOS that sold denial-of-service attacks and earned the pair more than $600,000 over the past two years, according to lawyers for the two teenagers.


Pointing your Domain to a Web Hosting Provider

In order to build a website, one must first have domain name or a web address to go to. For example in, is a domain name. 274 weitere Wörter

Web Development

Good news: The hackers who broke the internet last week are less powerful than originally believed

Dyn, the domain name system provider that was attacked Friday (Oct. 21), has just published new detail on the incident that took down major web services like Github and Twitter. 359 weitere Wörter

Compromised home devices triggered broadband outages: StarHub


SINGAPORE: Web-connected devices bought by StarHub subscribers were the cause of the „illegitimate traffic“ that resulted in the distributed denial of service (DDoS) the telco suffered… 403 weitere Wörter

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Blackout hitting some big ones

Some days ago a coordinated attack has blocked one of the DNS hubs of the Internet, leading to hour-long blackouts of essential services. Some describe it as a test run. 51 weitere Wörter


Broadband service outages due to DDoS attacks: StarHub


SINGAPORE: The two recent broadband service outages that hit StarHub were the result of „intentional and likely malicious attacks“ on its servers, the telco confirmed on Tuesday (Oct 25), adding that the attacks were „unprecedented in scale, nature and complexity“. 404 weitere Wörter

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