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Set Primary and Secondary DNS Settings for Computers in Domain

We needed to change the primary and secondary DNS server settings on the NIC for each computer in the domain. We were also required to provide documentation as we did this. 179 weitere Wörter


Avalanche takedown: Check if you are safe

Earlier this week coordinated law enforcement action took down the Avalanche fast-flux network. For several years, this network has allowed various botnet operators to benefit from an extra layer of protection against takedown and domain blacklisting. 528 weitere Wörter

Security News

Interesting bit on Netgear

Router Land

Sometimes there are folks who camp on ’nearly right‘ names with the intent of capturing your information. It’s very easy to type““ when you ought to type „“ or „“ or „“. 1.912 weitere Wörter

Tech Bits

OpenVPN | clients DNS

dhcp-option DNS $DNS_IP
to clients config.


Static Website Hosting in Azure Storage

Traditional shared hosting providers generally cost anywhere between $8 – $10 USD per month. The reason is you need to reserve some CPU and Memory resources on a VM to host your website. 784 weitere Wörter


Schwedisches TV auch in Deutschland schauen

Als Schwedischlerner vermisst man schon das schwedische Fernsehen aus dem Urlaub, welches einem die unterschiedlichsten Dialekte näher bringt. Die Mediatheken der Sender bieten ihr komplettes Programm (oftmals sogar mit schwedischen Untertiteln) leider nur für „echte“ Schweden an. 420 weitere Wörter

How to find the DNS servers in a Linux system

The traditional way:

:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf

The nmcli tool way:

:~$ nmcli dev show | grep -i dns