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Top CyberSecurity News For 25th September 2016

  1. The Democratization of Censorship. From KrebsOnSecurity. 

    John Gilmore, an American entrepreneur and civil libertarian, once famously quipped that “the Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” This notion undoubtedly rings true for those who see national governments as the principal threats to free speech.

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Still Report #1210 – 6 Days Until Internet D-Day?

Since ICANN is no longer the only top-level domain name registrar, I doubt that this will be nearly as catastrophic as some predictions. There are several other top-level domain name registrars. 119 weitere Wörter

Science & Technology

How DNS works?

The Domain Name System is used to resolve human-readable host names like into machine-readable IP addresses like  DNS also provides other information about domain names, such as mail services. 672 weitere Wörter


North Korea accidentally lets slip all its .KP domains — and there aren’t many

North Korea is famously secretive and restrictive — the regime goes to great lengths to both prevent the outside world from learning what goes on there and prevent its citizens from learning about the outside world.

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RAC 11gR2: Change SCAN VIP subnet

First of all, check whether your DNS servers is resolving to the new IPs. This is usually done by a network administrator.

$ nslookup rac-scan

Name:    rac-scan.localdomain
Name:    rac-scan.localdomain
Name:    rac-scan.localdomain
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ORACLE Database

AD: _msdcs zone

Okay for some reason in the domain I have recently been working on has lost its msdcs zone and was preventing me from making any changes to the domain nor managing it. 23 weitere Wörter


A little bit wiser...

A little bit wiser after a lot of stupid. Fans of the expression are welcome to write it in the comments below: told you so. 750 weitere Wörter