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‘My picture is proof that healthcare professionals lie in benefit assessments’

The DWP are notorious liars, the ATOS nurse that did my husband’s assessment told that many lies about my husband I thought that they’d sent him the wrong letter, she was under investigation by the NMC at the time of the assessment.

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Another registrar rejects The Daily Stormer as Coinbase blocks transfers

First, GoDaddy kicked the neo-Nazi blog The Daily Stormer from its domain-name registry. Then, right after the site appeared to stage a fake hack by Anonymous, Google did the same. 465 weitere Wörter

Hi! My name is Mantvydas and I come from Lithuania.

Born in 1992 and joined DNS team in 2017.

After graduating high school I decided to study energy engineering in the university.

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How to setup and configure Infoblox vNIOS in EVE-NG/Unetlab

  1. Place the Infoblox DDI KVM image in the below path in EVE-NG.
  1. Fix permissions
/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions
  1. Open a new lab and add the linux-vInfoBlox-NIOS-8.1.2 node in EVE-NG and assign resources:
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DWP ‘is using lost benefit assessment letters to cut spending’

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is using lost appointment letters for face-to-face assessments as an excuse for turning down disabled people’s benefit claims, to help it cut spending on social security, it has been claimed. 965 weitere Wörter


ANOTHER PIP ATROCITY: PIP report ignored near-fatal attacks, overdoses and blackouts

Recordings prove PIP report ignored near-fatal attacks, overdoses and blackouts

A nurse failed to mention a disabled woman’s near-fatal asthma attacks, accidental overdoses and repeated blackouts, in one of the clearest examples yet of a dishonest benefits assessment report, secret recordings have revealed. 1.030 weitere Wörter


„Freedom is not an empty space but participation.”

Trying to know myself, searching for the space that will become my temporary place and piece of exciting peace, I decided to revolve.

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