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How To Find My Old DNS Information Or DNS History

Ever been stuck in a situation where you cannot remember what your last DNS* information was? This may happen while migrating a site from one hosting provider to another, a domain from one registrar to another**, or any of the possible playing around you could find yourself doing with your DNS. 327 weitere Wörter


Accessing the websites blocked by your ISP

Today let us see how can you access a website that is blocked by your ISP.

Technical Specialist - Windows Server - Glasgow - £41k

As a Technical Specialist you will work closely with other Technology staff and 3rd parties and will collaborate with project teams to ensure that change within the environment is managed and controlled effectively. 273 weitere Wörter


DNS - Common Issues and Fixes

As we all know DNS is the heart of any organization, if that goes down companies will loose million or billions of dollars, So it is recommended that every organization employ some best practices when it comes to DNS and everyone should be aware of common issues that arise and there fixes, with that attempt I have drafted some for your reference. 714 weitere Wörter


Mythologie des Alltags: Rȁtsel über Rȁtsel

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DNS - Configuring Stub Zone

Configuring Stub Zone

In order to configure Stub zone first, we need to know for which domain we want to create, in this example, I’m going to create a stub zone for Google. 166 weitere Wörter


DNS-Configuring Secondary Zone

Configuring Secondary Zone

Before we begin, let me give you a glance of Configuration details


  • Server OS: Windows Server 2008
  • Domain Name:
  • Primary DNS IP/Host_Name:…
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