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dynamic dns

Most internet providers, heck, most internet connections are dynamic. Your device gets assigned an IP address when it asks for one. Sometimes it’s the same, but more often than not it might be different. noch 153 Wörter


IP/DNS Management

IP/DNS Management


DNS, DHCP and IP address management solutions help improve network manageability and reliability. IPAM and the requirement to improve DNS and/or DHCP stability are the two most comm…

OS X 10.10.4: big fixes, shame about Apple Music

The cynical might now be asking why Apple didn’t brand 10.10.4 as 10.10.5 or even 10.11, there are so many changes and fixes.

First it is a complicated update. noch 367 Wörter


An Éminence Grise - the DNS

In marriage we need to find a way how to make common decisions. In my case we decided that my wife will make those routine, unimportant decisions as what to cook for a dinner, how will spend a weekend or holidays or what to do with the money we have. noch 1.037 Wörter


OS X 10.10.4 update is now available

Apple has just made OS X 10.10.4 available through the App Store. It is a large download – over 1 GB – and contains many bug and security fixes. noch 43 Wörter


Mobile Wi-Fi Power Tools

As a digital nomad I find myself trying to work among a plethora of WiFi arrangements and issues. One of the most common frustrations is the act of connecting/reconnecting to a network, and had I taken the time a year ago to develop the following scripts, I would have more than made up for the spent time. noch 424 Wörter


New Version of DNS Jumper (V2.0)

Typically, changing your DNS on your computer requires configuration changes, that are actually pretty easy to do; however, most people will not attempt those changes for fear of causing problems with their PCs. noch 224 Wörter