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Harewood Half Marathon - Sunday 26th Feb

Well this was another one that didn’t happen. I wasn’t very well prepared for this in terms of training but I was looking forward to doing it even though I knew I would be slow. 102 weitere Wörter


VW Fun Cup rFactor mod : first driver suits/premières combinaisons de pilotes.

Good evening ! In this post, I am going to explain you why I am not posting as many skins as usual. The reason is simple : I will have to stop reproducing liveries at one moment, and we are reaching it. 368 weitere Wörter


Setting Static IP in Raspberry PI

Setting static IP for Raspberry PI devices:

  1. Open the interfaces file
    • sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
  2. You will find something written as
    • iface eth0 inet manual
    • change it to – iface eth0 inet static…
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A New Key...

Further to my post on ICANN’s automated KSK testlab, ICANN generated a new key on the 19th, and added it to the test zone that we’re using, and we can see it below: 976 weitere Wörter


The truth and nothing but: 2017 update on my stand-up desk set-up with treadmill and Steppie

It’s been over two years since I decided my bottom was going to spread no further and that it was high time I got off it and started being more active. 1.775 weitere Wörter


VW Fun Cup skin : Jeu Kiplay by DN'S (N°20).

Good morning everybody ! The last time, I promised you a new skin soon. And I made one, but unfortunately I didn’t have any time to write this post…So here you have the N°20 car, which raced under the Jeu Kiplay by DN’S name.  184 weitere Wörter