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dNS: een persoonlijk manifest

Wat doe je als je de volgende opdracht krijgt:

Als docent heb je er voor gekozen om een specifiek vak te geven. Er kunnen allerlei verschillende drijfveren zijn die er toe hebben geleid dat je voor jouw vak hebt gekozen.

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Azure DNS Web UI, the beginning

I was a bit frustrated to hear that the Azure DNS service didn’t have a UI.

It is however understandable, the main purpose for introducing a DNS service in the cloud environment is primarily around environments that will be run up programmatically (i.e. noch 482 Wörter

Self Signed SSL certificates that don't look self signed

If you’ve ever used a self signed SSL certificate, you’ll know that although the connection is secure, you don’t get the full green padlock in the browser. noch 619 Wörter


Generating reports in PowerShell, part 3

Following on from my previous posts about generating an Active Directory status report webpage or a Server Inventory CSV file, this week I’m dissecting a script I wrote to check the status of servers reported as being non-compliant by our AV management server. noch 1.375 Wörter


Suricata 2.0.10 Available!

The OISF development team is pleased to announce Suricata 2.0.10. This release fixes a number of important issues in the 2.0 series.

A number of other issues were fixed. noch 229 Wörter


Change SMTP mail flow in hybrid scenario

After building a hybrid Exchange environment as outlined in a couple of previous blog posts we have an Exchange 2013/2016 environment where some Mailboxes exist on-premises and some Mailboxes exist in Exchange Online. noch 485 Wörter