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RFC 1918 response from Internet for ... 에러

에서 아래와 같은 에러가 대량 발생함.(많게는 1일 100MB이상)

01-Sep-2015 15:16:44.517 security: warning: client RFC 1918 response from Internet for

구글링해보니 DNS서버가 외부에서의 Private IP의 역참조 응답을 하고 있다는 것, noch 66 Wörter


dynamic dns providers for webcams

if your ipcam web cam doesnt have a builtin dynamic dns you may be able to use one of these providers


Installing DNS on CentOS

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  • Sunucu ismi :
  • Sunucu IP :

Gerekli paketleri yükleyelim

# yum -y install bind bind-libs bind-utils

Başlangıçta servisin otomatik çalışması için; noch 257 Wörter


Materi 3 : Membuat Domain ( DNS ) dan Join Domain pada Windows Server 2012 R2

Jadi, ada dua hal yang sering tertukar dan disalahpersepsikan ( gaya bener bahasanye ) . yaitu :

DNS dan DNS Server.

Sebelum ijul jelasin, ijul kasih nih yang bakal dibahas kali ini : noch 2.441 Wörter


C2/Generic-A Detection in Sophos UTM - Advance Threat Protection

Recently I’ve installed Sophos UTM Firewall at one of my customer office (Auditing Firm in KL). Below are the details of the installation:

Model: Sophos UTM… noch 443 Wörter

Sophos UTM

using @ as CNAME

you can’t make the @ record a CNAME without deleting all other resource records for @, and you can’t do that since some (like the NS records) are required for proper DNS functionality. noch 94 Wörter


Finding fast forwarders for your DNS server to speed up internet speeds - John Gamboa

Why do you want the fastest DNS servers listed as DNS forwarders on your domain name server? Mainly, to get your internet experience to speed up. noch 347 Wörter