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RoTLD anunta introducera taxei de mentenanta annuala pentru domeniile .RO incepand cu 1 martie 2018

Incepand de anul viitor, RoTLD (Registrul Român de domenii .ro) anunta introducerea taxei de inregistrare si mentenanta annuala pentru domeniile .RO. Data de 1 Martie 2018 este data cand va incepe sa functioneze acest serviciu. 374 weitere Wörter


DNSCrypt explained - it won't replace a VPN!

DNSCrypt is a protocol for securing a single hop during a DNS lookup. It allows you to authenticate that the packet you received from the DNS server you connected to is the one that it sent, and also encrypts it over that single hop.  660 weitere Wörter

Funcionamiento de un DNS Round Robin

El DNS Round Robin es un modo de funcionamiento que permite el balanceo de carga en el servicio DNS, es decir, una petición nos envía a una ip y otra a otra ip diferente, repartiendo así la carga de un servidor web, por ejemplo. 34 weitere Wörter


Quick and easy way to have a home DNS server via Pi-hole - part 2

Pi-hole as your local DHCP server. This is very easy. It does not matter what method you would use to login to the Pi as long as you can access and edit the… 195 weitere Wörter


DNS Best Practice

Solving DNS related problems is frustrating because it brings a lot of core infrastructure to a halt when it doesn’t work due to poor DNS configuration and planning. 2.893 weitere Wörter


What DNS data says about Puerto Rico' Internet recovery

TL;DR Very slow.

Queries from Puerto Rico to our Internet Guide recursive DNS service have still not recovered to pre-hurricane levels as is illustrated in the plot below.

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Puerto Rico

Disintegration of the World Wide Web

The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which represent the emerging major economies of the world are planning to create their own DNS routing. 588 weitere Wörter

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