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Hitchhiking from Lindersvold to Tvind

(written by Annelies)

This weekend is a study weekend for our team. We come together in Tvind and we discuss the this that are important to the team in this saving-up period. noch 163 Wörter


Lenovo and Google Websites Hijacked by a DNS Attack

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The redirection of both Lenovo’s website and Google’s main search page for Vietnam this week highlights weaknesses with the Internet’s addressing system. noch 707 Wörter

TECH::There's no place like (But for everywhere else, use DNS.)

One of my favorite IT jokes is “there’s no place like” You can get this slogan emblazoned on t-shirts, welcome mats, etc. is, of course, … noch 1.169 Wörter


Traffic Manager in Azure

There are two level of load balancing available for Azure.
DNS Level; load balancing for traffic to different cloud services located in different datacenters or to different Azure web sites in different data centers or external end points. noch 291 Wörter

Central Adminsitration Site

SharePoint 2013 ADFS 3.0 Prerequisites


This is part 3 in our SharePoint 2013 ADFS 3.0 Installation and Configuration series.  In this article we explain the prerequisites for ADFS 3.0 on Windows Server 2012R2. noch 1.492 Wörter

SharePoint 2013

OpenWRT: Spinning up Authoritative DNS server


During last few months my small home infrastructure has grown in numbers. First there came a beefe virtualization host with 2x AMD Opteron CPUs and 48 GB RAM which runs all labs and is awesome for learning. noch 1.712 Wörter