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Quick Tip: PowerShell for Testlab DNS Entries

A quick post to cover building up the test lab DNS. Eventually these notes will appear in my test lab build series, but until then, this will give you the gist on how to automate this. noch 419 Wörter


Top CyberSecurity News For 20th July 2016

  1. New DDoS Attack Record Is 579 Gbps, Reported in H1 2016From Softpedia. The new peak value for DDoS attacks has changed yet again, with the new top value being 579 Gbps, recorded by Arbor Networks during the first half of the year. 
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Spreading the love: Load balancing NAS connections in ONTAP

I can be a little thick at times.

I’ll get asked a question a number of times, answer the question, and then forget the most important action item – document the question and answer somewhere to refer people to later, when I inevitably get asked the same question. noch 995 Wörter


Is 2016 Half Empty or Half Full?

Updating passwords is a huge trend in 2016

With 2016 crossing the half way point, let’s take a look at some technology trends thus far. noch 826 Wörter


DNS Disruption & IoT Hacks

IP geo-location issues were brought into mainstream discussion in New Zealand when Bypass & 15 telecommunications companies were served an injunction to stop operating the world’s first wholesale network level geo-location technology. noch 455 Wörter


I Really Can't Rename My Hosts!

Hello again! In this post I will be sharing some ideas about what you can do to solve a complex identity management challenge.

As the adoption of Identity Management (IdM) grows and especially in the case of heterogeneous environments where some systems are running Linux and user accounts are in the Active Directory (AD) – the question of renaming hosts becomes more and more relevant. noch 1.180 Wörter

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Suricata 3.1.1 released!

We’re proud to announce Suricata 3.1.1. This is a bug fix update for the 3.1 stable release.


  • Feature #1775: Lua: SMTP-support
  • Bug #1419: DNS transaction handling issues…
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