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DNS Application Partition Contents using Powershell

Hi Friends

I hope this post finds you in good health and spirit. I was busy in some powershell assignment recently, and it gave me good idea to see content of application partition using „powershell eye“. noch 202 Wörter


DNS Server Configuration For Oracle-RAC in RHEL 5/6/7

DNS Configuration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or 6 or 7:

IP Addresses and other settings:

I have configred 4 Machines.

1: DNS+Strorage on a single Machine. noch 3.955 Wörter


Interesting piece on *squatting

The landscape of domain name typosquatting: techniques and countermeasures – Spaulding et al. arXiv upload 9 Mar 2016. We round up our series of posts on internet deceptions by looking at domain squatting.

noch 35 Wörter

DNS tunnel covert channel

When you are located on a network where there are few outbound ports and you need to call home here is one way to do it.  noch 544 Wörter


Adding DNS entries to Block common sites with PowerShell

I used this script to block my child from video sites when she hadn’t been doing her homework. It worked semi well, but it definitely could be taken up a notch. noch 606 Wörter

Windows (General)

Getting PTR records from DNS

To be honest I am only posting this because I just love how the ptr records are tied together. Is that fair? I’m not sure but it’s a great piece of code and I really like it. noch 496 Wörter

Windows Server

ESA (Ironport) SenderBase and DNS. How It Works?

Applies to Cisco E-Mail Security Appliance 9.x.x

Thanks to my colleague Sedat Tavukçu for testing and supporting this post.

SenderBase Documentation:

If you read Cisco Email Security Appliance  documentation, review the pictures for Sender Base process you may think that ESA (Ironport) host connects to Sender Base cloud service directly and queries the Sender Base for connecting IP reputation.  noch 1.365 Wörter

Cisco Email Security