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HP Sprocket Unboxing + Setup Guide ~ Camera Mondays Episode 15

hey Guys!

Today  I’m doing an unboxing of the limited edition rose gold HP sprocket and how to set up a HP sprocket.


What is a Sprocket? 344 weitere Wörter

Ei Rajoitettu Rajanikanthin puhuja, sanoo Fan Association

Chennai: Kaikki Rajinikanthin rajapyykkiyhdistys ry sanoi tänään, ettei se ole antanut kenenkään henkilön puhua TV-keskusteluissa sen puolesta. Liitto teki myös selväksi, että ‚viralliset näkemykset tärkeistä asioista julkistetaan vasta sen jälkeen, kun hänen (Rajinikanthin)

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Make your own mark! Steel stamps, Chasing & Repoussé tools & how to use them! 

Steel stamps, Chasing & Repoussé tools & how to use them! Thursday evenings, March 1st & 8th 6:30pm – 9:30pm and/or April 5th & 19th** 471 weitere Wörter

Metal + Glass

Waste not, Want not Turkey gravy recipe

My kids love gravy. Well, my kids ask for gravy if it isn’t made, but if it is made they don’t always notice it. But they definitely wanted it with Thanksgiving dinner. 216 weitere Wörter

Balcony Cafe #DIY 2

Hey dear readers !!

Hope you are doing great !

In this post of DIY I will discuss about decoration of  balcony walls which can be done either by using wooden cardboards (if you have spare one ) or stickers or paintings if you are fond of them.Please note that mostly stuff I have used in my cafe was either spared or trashed, so either I had to make use or recycle it in different way.In my case  I had used a big wooden cardboard to decorate  wall of my balcony because I received it as a trash from my furniture vendor.As a lover of artwork I painted half of the card board as per my choice and on the other half I pasted some stickers . 162 weitere Wörter


Ginger Lemon Tea / Čaj s đumbirom i limunom

Tea is definitely my favorite beverage, even though I’m pretty fond of coffee, too. But I always have multiple pots of tea during the day, so here is a really simple recipe for one of my favorite tasty and healthy combos.My preferred options are either green tea, or herbal teas like chamomile, jasmine and lemon balm (melissa). 263 weitere Wörter