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Solution to LinuxMint 15 installation and slow graphics.

This computer had LinuxMint 13 Cinnamon i.e. Nadia installed and had a smooth run for almost an year. Suddenly Cinnamon crashed and x-window fell back upon classic genome 2.0. noch 291 Wörter


Debian upgrade test using a chroot environment

Sometimes for peace of mind it is safer to go though an upgrade in a chroot environment first. This enables one to work out any potential issues which may arise while performing the upgrade. noch 425 Wörter


Ubuntu dist-upgrade to 12.10 stops at nautilus-dropbox configuration

I was trying an update of the Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS installation on my Lenovo T61. Everything was OK, but when the process reached the configuration of the  noch 134 Wörter


Automated Ubuntu Release Upgrade

Ever wondered how to do a Ubuntu release upgrade from command line automatically so that it doesn’t ask any questions during the upgrade process? It really gets quite boring to answer those questions if you’re upgrading multiple machines. noch 251 Wörter


Upgrading to Lucid Lynx

Every once in a while, if you’re not using a rolling release distro like, say, Arch Linux, you have to dist-upgrade your machines. Dist-upgrading consist in upgrading pretty much everything on your computer to the new version sets that correspond to the next distro. noch 327 Wörter

Life In The Workplace

APT- Get Error - Dynamic MMap ran out of room

Put the following in  /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/70debconf

APT::Cache-Limit “141943904”;