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Birmingham Project

Just a quick one, I’ve noticed my Birmingham images are on the wall at the college. This makes me feel good,as I’ve not had any of my work on display for a very long time. 38 weitere Wörter

Gone (2017)


The State Theater — Stoughton, Massachusetts

The original carbon-arc projector has left the building…

Nikon D800

More of my work can be seen here

State Theater

Robert Marsala



Sunshine © Lynn Wiles 2017
After the storm, the wind stayed strong, but there was brilliant sunshine – something I haven’t seen for awhile. The leaf litter was so vibrant.


Whatever Happened To? 9: The Alternate Dimension Dancing Girls

If you read The Missing – either here (in serial form) or as an e-book – you couldn’t possibly have forgotten…

…the Dancing Girls, who discovered the crashed time ship… 90 weitere Wörter

Digital Photography

Bridge across Marumsco Creek

I think I must have been an explorer in a past life. When odonate-hunting season ends, I like to explore new places to hunt for dragonflies and damselflies during the next year, such as Marumsco Creek, Prince William County, Virginia USA. 214 weitere Wörter

Digital Photography