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Crisis of Democracy and Development: A talk by Sudeep Chakravarti

Sudeep Chakravarti is the author of critically acclaimed books – „Red Sun: Travels in Naxalite country“, „Highway 39: Journeys through a Fractured Land“ and recent „Clear Hold Build: Hard Lessons of Business and Human Rights in India“. noch 277 Wörter


Günter Grass: Man Muss ins Herz Treffen

This interview with Grass, conducted by German newspaper, Die Zeit, is entitled „Man Muss ins Herz Treffen.“  Roughly translated, this means „One Must meet the Heart.“  Consequently, this interview is deeply personal and involves, among other things, the writing of Grass‘ first full novel,  noch 37 Wörter

Günter Grass

Il mio reportage di Cosenza su Die Zeit

Su Die Zeit di questa settimana, c’è in allegato un interessante Magazine dedicato alla scoperta di luoghi citati in poesie importanti. Io mi sono occupato del reportage su… noch 69 Wörter


Candidate for the 17th Karmapa OTD, says he did not want to be the Karmapa as a child.

This article interviewing Orgyen Trinley Dorje or OTD appeared in Die Zeit a weekly German newspaper founded in 1946. I find it surprising for several reasons. noch 1.313 Wörter


Illustrations by Sergio Membrillas

Sergio Membrillas just keeps on knocking out visual puns that layer both meaning and subtle shades to great effect. His recent work has included posters for Julie Byrne and Gun Outfit that feature sassy ladies with carefully placed locks, a man who appears to be trapped in a pizza slice and characters in the midst of scientific research; as well as many other commissions for the MIT Technology Review, Die Zeit and Wired. noch 65 Wörter


Die Reisereportage der „Zeit“. Umrisse eines Genres

Die Zeit-Reisereportage ist ein journalistisches Genre, das, ähnlich wie die Literaturkritik, bestimmten, unveränderlichen Gesetzen folgt. Im Folgenden ein Umriss.

Grundsätzlich sind zwei Subtypen der Zeit-Reisereportage zu unterscheiden: In… noch 596 Wörter